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Oran M. Roberts

Oran M. Roberts

Chapter 440

United Daughters of the Confederacy®

Houston, Harris County, Texas

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of the
104th Annual Convention of the Texas Division
United Daughters of the Confederacy®

Omni Bayfront Hotel - Corpus Christi, Texas
6-8 October 2000

Mrs. Deena Harrison Dark, President
Mrs. Sandi Sprawls, Recording Secretary

Oran M. Roberts Chapter, No. 440, Houston
Chartered 19 February 1901

Number of members: 19


Mrs. Carolyn Farmer - President
Mrs. Len Hicks - Vice President
Mrs. Beth Nolan - 2nd Vice President
Mrs. Minalee Ferguson - Recording Secretary
Mrs. Marie McDaniel - Treasurer
Mrs. Carolyn Farmer - Registrar
Mrs. Janet Cain - Historian
Mrs. Patsy Silva - Recorder of Military Service Awards
Mrs. Gem Smith - Chaplain

Per capita taxes paid by Feb. 1, reports submitted by Sept. 1, Chapter lost one member to death and one dropped for non-payment.

Ch Historian General's program is presented at each meeting.

Scholarship donations of $10 to District I and Division funds. Contribution of $5 to district I Randolph Relief Fund. $10 contribution to Division Museum Fund.

The District I Workshop was co-hosted by the Chapter with one member attending. The Chapter conducted a memorial service for deceased members of District I during the past year.

A birthday card with $1 enclosed is mailed to each Randolph Relief recipient and a card with $1 enclosed is mailed to each Real Daughter.

Confederate and U.S. Flags marked 5 graves on 5 holidays. 5 members flew U.S. Flag on 5 holidays. Valentine cards mailed to veterans at V.A. Hospital.

Chapter has Yearbook and scrapbook.

Chapter looks forward to celebrating 100 years of service to the UDC in February 2001.

Carolyn Farmer, President

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