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Oran M. Roberts

Oran M. Roberts

Chapter 440

United Daughters of the Confederacy®

Houston, Harris County, Texas

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of the
65th Annual Convention of the Texas Division
United Daughters of the Confederacy

Austin, Texas
3-5 October 1961

Oran M. Roberts Chapter, No. 440, Houston, Texas
Chartered 1901

In Memoriam [p. 26]

Mrs. J. E. Buchannan
Mrs. T. P. Franklin
Mrs. W. T. Roberson

[ Chapter Report p. 124-125]

Members at last report - 58
Members transferred - 2
New members - 1
Members reinstated - 4
Deceased members - 3

Present membership - 58

Honorary members - 8

Time of regular Chapter meetings: Fourth Thursday


Mrs. R. R. Bender - President
Mrs. R. P. Sutton - First Vice President
Mrs. Robert Martin - 2nd Vice President
Mrs. Preston Boyter - Recording Secretary
Mrs. Corinne Gant - Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. R. P. Stoltje - Treasurer
Mrs. Earl Maughmer - Historian
Mrs. R. M. Bellew - Registrar
Mrs. T. C. Jester - Recorder of Crosses
Mrs. Viola Heiman - Custodian

Honorary Members

Judge Ewing Boyd
Mrs. Ethel Bruce
Mrs. Laura Dennis
Mrs. J. L. Estes
Mrs. A. B. Lawrence
Mrs. Earl Maughmer, Sr. (acting Privileges)
Mrs. Effie Neville
Mrs. F. C. Nolen

All dues and assessments paid by March 1st. $20 given to have names of 4 deceased members in Memory Book.

Ten Historical meetings held, using Historian General’s program outline.

Confederate Memorial and all other Honor days observed; 6 historical talks given at schools; 3 Historical Books Reviews; public invited. 30 publicity articles published; contacted Park Dept. and hand Terry’s Texas Rangers monument restored to upright position, placed flowers and Confederate Flags on it, the Dick Dowling monument, Veterans and deceased members graves after Memorial Day service.

Set of 5 silk Confederate Flags, size 15" x 20" with all bracket for Museum; 9 silk (50 Stars) U.S. Flags, size 12" x 18" to school, one for each room; to Austin Museum, collection of old Division Annuals; to Archives Dept. of Houston Public Library, “History of the Sixteenth North Carolina” (a true relic) and 2 original research articles; to schools and one Church library, 6 books on Southern subjects using UDC bookplates; 2 prizes awarded in Essay Contest with Silver Trophy to school of 1st winner; 2 Confederate widows remembered with gifts and cards on special occasions; flowers or memorials given for deceased members and UDC Flags displayed at their funerals. 6 ne3w UDC magazine subscriptions. 1 new member by transfer; 4 members reinstated; 3 prospective members papers being processed.

Chapter has Yearbook. Participated in activity of 5 Patriotic organizations.

3 members attended District meeting. At Division Convention, Chapter complied with regulations in making report.

Mrs. Lloyd T. Crowell, President


Ainsworth, W. H., Mrs.
Baney, H. B., Mrs.
Baynes, Ethel, Mrs.
Beard, Lena, Mrs.
Bell, Jim, Mrs.
Bellew, R. M., Mrs.
Bender, R. R., Mrs.
Boyter, Mrs. Preston (Grace)
Branum, W. C., Mrs.
Brown, Mildred, Mrs.
Buckley, Jim, Mrs.
Calnan, R. E., Mrs.
Cotton, Edna, Miss
Cotton, George, Mrs.
Cotton, Kathryne, Miss
Cotton, Margarete, Miss
Cox, R. L., Mrs.
Crowell, Lloyd T., Mrs.
Davis, Mary L., Mrs.
Eberspacher, Fred, Mrs.
Fennekohl, D. R., Mrs.
Frazer, Julia B., Dr.
Gant, Corinne, Mrs.
Gazette, Frank, Mrs.
Gordon, Ben, Mrs.
Hammack, E. H., Mrs.
Hartman, J. P., Mrs.
Heiman, Piola, Mrs.
Hobbs, Inza, Mrs.
Inge, J. E., Mrs.
Jester, T. C., Mrs.
Knolle, John B., Mrs.
Koenig, Freddie, Mrs.
Kucera, C. M., Mrs.
Kurtz, P. M., Mrs.
Laseter, Caddo, Mrs.
Lowery, W. W., Mrs.
Martin, Robert, Mrs.
Maughmer, Earl, Sr., Mrs.
McGlohm, L. C., Mrs.
Miller, Nita, Mrs.
Muery, L. J., Mrs.
Pierson, L. L., Mrs.
Robinson, H. C., Mrs.
Sandel, Morris, Mrs.
Sandland, H. G., Mrs.
Savells, H. B., Mrs.
Schegel, Grace, Mrs.
Shepard, R. E., Mrs.
Simon, L. F., Mrs.
Sink, Claude, Mrs.
Stoltje, R. P., Mrs.
Sutton, R. P., Mrs.
Trotter, W. T., Mrs.
Watson, C. E., Mrs.
Whatley, R. A., Mrs.
Whitten, C. P., Mrs.
Wyse, Azalee, Mrs.

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