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Oran M. Roberts

Oran M. Roberts

Chapter 440

United Daughters of the Confederacy®

Houston, Harris County, Texas

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of the
51st Annual Convention of the Texas Division
United Daughters of the Confederacy

Dallas, Texas
17-20 September 1947

Oran M. Roberts Chapter, No. 440, Houston
Chartered February 20, 1901

In Memoriam [p.121]

Mrs. J. K. Bender
Mrs. C. O. Williams
Mrs. Ruby Marett (honorary)

[Chapter Report - p. 121-122]


Mrs. W. E. West - President
Mrs. R. T. Hopkins - 1st Vice President
Mrs. F. C. Nolen - 2nd Vice President
Mrs. R. P. Stoltje - 3rd Vice President
Mrs. Fred Eberspacher - Recording Secretary
Mrs. W. T. Roberson - Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. A. F. McClellan - Treasurer
Mrs. R. A. Whatley - Historian
Mrs. Earl Maughmer - Registrar
Mrs. Viola Heiman - Custodian
Mrs. E. H. Hammack - Recorder of Crosses

Honorary Members:

Mrs. E. C. Brock
Judge Ewing Boyd
Mrs. T. B. Herbert
Mrs. R. A. Handy
Mrs. A. B. Lawrence
Mrs. Ruby Marett
Mrs. Margaret McCutcheon
Mrs. F. I. Neville
Mrs. George Perry
Mrs. J. W. Sampson
Hon. Lon Smith
Mrs. W. T. Roberson
Mrs. W. S. Webb
Mrs. J. W. Wilkinson

Have held 10 meetings historical and regular combined. Sent representatives to Victoria and to the Houston district meetings. Have contributed to the Randolph, Indian Relations and Jefferson Davis Highway. Give 1-day each week to making surgical dressings.

Gave two of Mamie Wynee Cox flag books [1] to our public libraries. Participated in celebrating Robert E. Lee's birthday with the Robert E. Lee Chapter. Held memorial services April 26th with other Chapters attending.

Have 17 subscriptions to the UDC Magazine with two subscriptions to the 1950 Club. Our dues and subscriptions sent to Division Treasurer before March 1st. Salvaged and disposed of various articles for charity. Gave Confederate Museum at Austin a copy of the Muster Roll for the 4th Alabama Regiment [2] by Mrs. Earl Maughmer; also an old letter written by a Confederate soldier.

Opened all meetings with the UDC Ritual, salute to the US, Texas and Confederate flags. Closed our meetings by signing Dixie.

We have a Penny March to make gifts o the Chapter "shut-ins" such as candy, cards, subscriptions to the UDC Magazine. We sold tickets to the Spring Flower Show and made a small percentage, which was added to the penny collections.

In the Texas City Disaster, we donated $5. Six members worked San Jacinto Day for the Red Cross sorting and folding clothing. One member worked all day at one big grocery store collecting donations. In all, 33 hours for the Red Cross. Members gave $21.50 and the chapter gave $250. These donations were to the Cancer Research and to furnish a room in the hospital for cancer patients honoring the Confederate Soldiers. Held a rummage sale.

New Members

Martin, Robert, Mrs.
Stoltje, R. P. Mrs.


Bender, Emma, Mrs.
Beville, Frank, Mrs.
Bindi, Martha, Miss
Bottler, Elizabeth, Mrs.
Branum, W. C., Mrs.
Bray, Erma, Mrs.
Brown, Mildred, Mrs.
Buckley, Jim, Mrs.
Buchanan, J. E., Mrs.
Campbell, Frank, Mrs.
Clarke, W. F., Mrs.
Cotton, Edna May, Miss
Cotton, Katherine, Miss
Cotton, George E., Mrs.
Cotton, Marguerite, Miss
Crawford, Lillian, Mrs.
Dennis, Laura, Mrs.
Eberspacher, Fred, Mrs. Elliott, M. E., Mrs.
Foote, Fred, Mrs.
Gazette, Frank, Mrs.
Gordon, Ben, Mrs.
Guild, Charles, Mrs.
Hammack, E. H., Mrs.
Harris, Para Baker, Mrs.
Heinan, Viola, Mrs.
Herbert, T. B., Mrs.
Heyne, W. C., Mrs.
Hobbs, Inza, Mrs.
Holeman, R. F., Mrs.
Hopkins, R. T., Mrs.
Huston, Louise, Mrs.
Hyndman, John, Mrs.
Knolle, B. B., Mrs.
Krick, Susan, Mrs.
Lawrence, A. B., Mrs.
Lawrence, C. V., Mrs.
Maughmer, E. P., Mrs.
McClellan, A. F., Mrs.
Neville, Effie, Mrs.
Nolan, F. C., Mrs.
Poole, F. M., Mrs.
Prewitt, F. B., Mrs.
Roberson, W. L., Mrs.
Robinson, H. C., Mrs.
Rogers, Jane, Miss
Sandland, H. G., Mrs.
Schultz, Berta, Mrs.
Simon, L. F., Mrs.
Sink, Claude, Mrs.
Sink, Claud, Mrs.
Smith, Fred, Mrs.
Stoltje, R. P., Mrs.
Triplett, R., Mrs.
Turner, Claud, Mrs.
West, W. E., Mrs.
Whatley, R. A., Mrs.

[1] Cox, Mamie Wynne, The Romantic Flags of Texas. (Dallas, TX: Upshaw & Co., 1936) [Houston Public Library Catalog: 929.9 C877 - two copies - Texas Room & Central Library]

[2] This item is now located in The Texas Confederate Museum Collection at the Haley Memorial Library History Center in Midland, Texas.

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