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Oran M. Roberts

Oran M. Roberts

Chapter 440

United Daughters of the Confederacy®

Houston, Harris County, Texas

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of the
47th Annual Convention of the Texas Division
United Daughters of the Confederacy

Austin, Texas
12-14 October 1943

Oran M. Roberts Chapter, No. 440, Houston

[In Memoriam - p. 84]

Mrs. Mary Calvert
Mrs. M. A. Zumwalt (Honorary)
Mrs. J. J. Thrailkill
Mrs. Tom Wilson (Honorary)
Mrs. Nonnie Scott (Honorary)

[Chapter Report - p. 121-122]


Mrs. Earl Maughmer - President
Mrs. W. T. Roberson - 1st Vice President
Mrs. H. G. Sandland - 2nd Vice President
Mrs. Fred Eberspacher - 3rd Vice President
vacant - Recording Secretary
Mrs. Inza Hobbs - Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. A. F. McClellan - Treasurer
Mrs. R. T. Hopkins - Historian
Mrs. E. P. Krick - Registrar
Mrs. Jim Buckley - Custodian
Mrs. E. P. Krick - Recorder of Crosses
Mrs. A. B. Lawrence - Poet Laureate
Mrs. Laura Dennis - Parliamentarian
Mrs. B. B. Knolle - Chaplain

Honorary Members:

Mrs. J. W. Wilkinson
Mrs. T. B. Herbert
Mrs. George McCaine
Mrs. C. C. Cameron
Mrs. Amelia Wallace
Mrs. George Perry
Mrs. Ethel Bruce
Mrs. W. S. Webb
Mrs. J. W. Sampson
Judge Ewing Boyd
Hon. Lon Smith

Members at last report, 42; new members, 1 (reinstatement); deceased members, 4 honorary & 1 active; honorary members, 11; present membership, 45; per capita tax paid state division, $22.50; per capita tax paid General, $9.00; Curator tax, $6.75; Texas museum tax, $1; Texas room tax $1; total tax and dues sent Treasurer, $38.25; total contributions to all funds, $234.77.

The Chapter purchased $50 additional War Bonds. Having our name inscribed on Memorial Book for the new Cruiser Houston. Membership purchased $50,000 and $13,150 worth of War Bonds sold by our Chairman on recent Bond Drive.

We assisted in entertaining last December with a reception honoring Mrs. Edith Brockett, a National Officer.

Contributed $2 towards the Christmas party for Disabled War Veterans' Children, and gave a needy widow a large basket of groceries.

We wrote numerous letters to the Governor and six Representatives relative to the pension bill for Confederate Veterans and widows. Favorable replies were received by all.

Annually, we observed Robert E. Lee's birthday with the awarding of the $50 Oran M. Roberts Scholarship at the University of Houston. A granddaughter of a Confederate soldier won it this year, Miss Melva Joyce Matejek. [1]

In May, at the Stonewall Jackson Jr. High School, our Silver cup was presented to Miss Jeanette Morgan [2] for the best essay on "The Destiny of Two Great Men, Stonewall Jackson and Douglas MacArthur." Our committee addressed the entire student body on why we kept the memories and deeds of our Southern heroes before the youth of today. This occasion was most impressive as we shared a program with the American Legion. The Boy Scouts and band music prevailed.

A U.S. Flag was given to the Stephen F. Austin Sr. High School and a copy of Jeb Stuart's life to their Library. One copy of "Wave of Gulf" was given to the University of Houston Library.

When the S.S. Oran M. Roberts [3] was launched at the Houston Shipbuilding Co. members of our Chapter were special guests and later a presentation of magazines and books, including a History of Texas, given us by Mrs. Roberts, was made to the Captain for the ship's library.

The Honor Roll of our Chapter bears 50 red stars, for relatives serving in the armed forces. A bushel of old fur was gathered for the Merchant Marine and a quantity of junk jewelry for the Army. Wool clothing was gathered and made into quilts, one large one for the U.S. Marines and four smaller ones for the Red Cross. Other articles made were 48 knitted garments, two baby quilts, three lap quilts and 398 sewn garments and kit bags. We gave $3 cash and 17 copies of the Reader's Digest to fill kit bags for servicemen; also $5 for the Blood Plasma Bank. We meet one day a week to sew for Red Cross. Have over 1,000 hours in various services. Our members are all busy on defense or War work. We sent 15 bundles of magazines to Merchant Marine seamen.

We have participated in every patriotic activity called upon, such as Armistice Parade, Bond Drives, etc. Four Honor Days have been observed, and on Confederate Memorial Day, April 26th, an impressive service was held at Woodland Christian Church, afterward the flower-filled wreath was placed at Dick Dowling's Monument, to honor all of our Confederate dead. The husband of our Past President, Mrs. Lawson Pool, died.

Obligations to our Veterans and widows are not forgotten. We visited and cheer them, remembering their birthdays and Christmas with cards and gifts. Cards and flowers are always sent to our sick and bereaved members and the President visits all of them as much as possible. Have held 10 business and eight historical meetings (combined).

New Members

Buchanan, J. E., Mrs.
Clark, A. F., Mrs. (reinstated)
Harris, P. B., Mrs.
Lawrence, C. V., Mrs.
Poole, F. M., Mrs.
Robinson, H. C., Mrs.
West, Laura, Mrs.


Baugess, M. C., Mrs.
Bender, J. K., Mrs.
Bevell, Frank, Mrs.
Binde, Martha, Miss
Bray, J. W., Mrs.
Brown, Frank, Mrs.
Buckley, Jim, Mrs.
Cotton, G. E., Mrs.
Dennis, Laura, Mrs.
Eberspacher, Fred, Mrs.
Elliott, M. E., Mrs.
Guild, Charles, Mrs.
Hammack, E. H., Mrs.
Hobbs, Inza, Mrs.
Hopkins, R. T., Mrs.
Hyndman, John, Mrs.
Joines, A. C., Mrs.
Kennedy, C. P., Mrs.
Krick, E. P., Mrs.
Larimer, C. R., Mrs.
Lawrence, A. B., Mrs.
Lee, Paul, Mrs.
Maughmer, Earl, Mrs.
McClellan, A. F., Mrs.
Nolen, F. C., Mrs.
Pool, Lawson, Mrs.
Roberson, W. L., Mrs.
Rogers, Jane, Miss
Sandland, H. G., Mrs.
Simon, L. F., Mrs.
Sink, Claude, Mrs.
Shepherd, R. E., Mrs.
Staples, A. J., Mrs.
Stevenson, J. E., Mrs.
Turner, Claude, Mrs.
Waddle, H. A., Mrs.
Whatley, R. A., Mrs.
Williams, J. C., Mrs.


[1] Melva Joyce Matejek was born on 25 May 1924 in Harris Co., TX and was the daughter of August and Maggie Matejek. She died on 23 May 2006 in Houston, Harris Co., TX. She retired from Houston Independent School District after teaching 33 years at the elementary school level. In 1950, she was married to Henry L. Shrake, Jr.

[2] Jeanette Pauline Morgan was born on 29 Aug 1929 in Harris Co., TX and was the daughter of Lawrence Alfred and Nellie Lea (Garren) Morgan. She died on 16 Oct 1999 in Houston, Harris Co., TX. She never married.

[3] S.S. Oran M. Roberts (Hull Number 1940) was a Liberty Ship that was laid down on 4 June 1943 and 15 July 1943. In 1974, the ship was sank to became a reef off the Alabama coast.

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