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Oran M. Roberts

Oran M. Roberts

Chapter 440

United Daughters of the Confederacy®

Houston, Harris County, Texas

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of the
45th Annual Convention of the Texas Division
United Daughters of the Confederacy

Houston, Texas
14-16 October 1941

Oran M. Roberts Chapter, No. 440, Houston

[In Memoriam - p. 84]

Mrs. A. L. Jackson
Mrs. Edith Rudersdorf (Honorary)

[Chapter Report - p. 133-134]


Mrs. Earl Maughmer - President
Mrs. Laura Dennis - 1st Vice President
Mrs. W. T. Roberson- 2nd Vice President
Mrs. Fred Eberspacher - 3rd Vice President
Mrs. E. H. Hammack - Recording Secretary
Mrs. Inza Hobbs - Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. A. F. McClellan - Treasurer
Mrs. R. T. Hopkins - Historian
Mrs. E. P. Krick - Registrar
Mrs. Mary E. Calvert - Custodian
Mrs. B. B. Knolle - Recorder of Crosses

Honorary Members:

Mrs. M. A. Zumwalt
Judge Ewing Boyd
Mrs. Nannie Scott
Mrs. C. C. Cameron
Mrs. J. W. Wilkinson
Mrs. W. S. Webb
Mrs. Estelle McCaine
Mrs. George Perry
Hon. Lon Smith
Mrs. Ethel Bruce
Mrs. Amelia Wallace

Members at last report, 60; new members, 2; deceased members, 2; honorary members, 11; present membership, 57; per capita tax paid state division, $25; per capita tax paid General, $10; Curator tax, $7.50; Texas museum tax, $1; Texas room tax $1; total tax and dues sent Treasurer, $44.50; total contributions to all funds, $349.28.

Chapter held nine business and five historical meetings and two radio programs. The memorial program which is an outstanding event of our Chapter was held in the home of Mrs. J. W. Wilkinson and directed by our Chaplain, Mrs. E. P. Krick.

A Cross of Military Service was awarded at that time, being one of three we have awarded this year.

An essay contest with the subject, "My Favorite Southern Hero and Why," was sponsored in the city schools, with a silver cup and medal as the award. It was won by Joseph Nelkin [1] of Thomas Edison School [2] and presented with an appropriate program before five hundred children.

The most outstanding work of the year was the award of a $250 cash scholarship to the University of Houston, payable $50 a year for 5-years. Miss Ruth Sims, a lovely Southern girl, was the recipient for this year.

Our Chapter presented tobacco and post cards at a cost of $9.72 to 50 white and negro boys leaving from Draft Board No. 7 in March.

Copies of three books: "The Wave of the Gulf" by Jesse Ziegler; "The Brimming Cup" by Mrs. A. B. Lawrence and "Dick Dowling" by Mrs. L. W. Sackett, were presented to Baylor University in Waco and to Thomas Edison School in Houston. Pictures of President Davis were presented to the same two schools, with one of General Robert E. Lee to Baylor and a small Confederate Flag to Edison. [3]

Many attractive social affairs are given each year, our Christmas party at Mrs. J. W. Wilkinson's and installation of officers at the Women's Federation Club House were the two outstanding. Flowers and gifts were given to the Mothers of our Chapter at Christmas time and on Mother's Day. We attended the Christmas party for the Veterans, giving each one a box of candy.

We take two subscriptions to the "Bulletin." One of our members, Mrs. H. G. Sandland, was appointed by our Division President as Chairman of District 1 and we had 10 representatives at the District meeting in Beaumont. The Chapter participated in the Armistice Day parade and sponsored a musical at the Rich Hotel.

We have given to the following: Muse Scholarship, $5; Julia Bounds Scholarship, $5; Community Chest, $5; flowers, $26; Randolph Relief, $5; Confederate Home, $5; Beauvoir home, $10; Jefferson Davis Highway, $1; pictures, $19.21; books, $12; total, $349.28.

New Members

Binde, Martha, Miss
Hopkins, R. F., Mrs.


Baugess, M. C., Mrs.
Bender, J. K., Mrs.
Bevell, Frank, Mrs.
Bray, J. W., Mrs.
Brown, Frank, Mrs.
Buckley, Jim, Mrs.
Calvert, William, Mrs.
Cotton, G. E., Mrs.
Dennis, Laura, Mrs.
Dortic, Katherine, Miss
Elliott, M. E., Mrs.
Foote, Alfred, Mrs.
Garrett, T. W., Mrs.
Gilbert, Elizabeth, Miss
Gilbert, Gertrude, Miss
Guild, Charles, Mrs.
Hammack, E. H., Mrs.
Hayne, W. C., Mrs.
Herbert, T. B., Mrs.
Hobbs, Inza, Mrs.
Hyndman, John, Mrs.
Joines, A. C., Mrs.
Kennedy, C. P., Mrs.
Knolle, B. B., Mrs.
Krick, E. P., Mrs.
Larimer, C. R., Mrs.
Lawrence, A. B., Mrs.
Mack, J. C., Mrs.
Marrett, F. J., Mrs.
Maughmer, Earl, Mrs.
McClellan, A. F., Mrs.
Monroe, R. H., Mrs.
Neville, F. I., Mrs.
Nolen, F. C., Mrs.
Pool, Lawson, Mrs.
Roberson, W. L., Mrs.
Rogers, Jane, Miss
Sandland, H. G., Mrs.
Shaffer, Clara V., Miss
Shaffer, Marie, Miss
Simon, L. F., Mrs.
Sink, Claude, Mrs.
Shepherd, R. E., Mrs.
Staples, A. L., Mrs.
Stevenson, J. A., Mrs.
Stevenson, P. E., Mrs.
Thrailkell, J. J., Mrs.
Turner, Claude, Mrs.
Waddle, H. A., Mrs.
Whatley, R. A., Mrs.
Williams, J. C., Mrs.
Wilson, Tom, Mrs.
Wright, Roxy, Mrs.


[1] Joseph William Nelkin was born on 10 July 1927 in Harris Co., TX and was the son of Max and Mollie (Granader) Nelkin. In 2007, he was living in Baltimore, MD.

[2] Edison Middle School - 6901 Avenue I - This school began as Park Junior High and was renamed in 1932 for renowned inventor Thomas Alva Edison. Edison is most famous for his invention of the incandescent light bulb and the phonograph. Edison was awarded a Congressional gold medal for “development and application of inventions that have revolutionized civilization in the last century.” The original Edison Middle School building was completed in 1925.

[3] In 2008, all three books were listed in the Baylor University Library Catalog.

Ziegler, Jesse A, Wave of the Gulf: Ziegler's Scrapbook of the Texas Gulf Coast Country. (San Antonio, TX: Naylor Co., 1938).

Lawrence, Varuna Hartmann, The Brimming Cup. (Dallas, TX: Tardy Publishing Co., 1937).

Sackett, Frances Robertson, Dick Dowling. (Houston, TX: Gulf Publishing Co., 1937).

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