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Oran M. Roberts

Oran M. Roberts

Chapter 440

United Daughters of the Confederacy®

Houston, Harris County, Texas

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of the
43rd Annual Convention of the Texas Division
United Daughters of the Confederacy

El Paso, Texas
10-12 October 1939

Oran M. Roberts Chapter, No. 440, Houston

[In Memoriam - p. 93]

Mrs. C. C. Gordon
Mrs. Jane Rogers

[Chapter Report - p. 157-158]


Mrs. Lawson Pool - President
Mrs. Earl Maughmer - 1st Vice President
Mrs. Laura Dennis - 2nd Vice President
Mrs. E. H. Hammack - 3rd Vice President
Mrs. C. R. Larimer - Recording Secretary
Mrs. H. G. Sandland - Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. A. F. McClellan - Treasurer
Mrs. Roxie Wright - Historian
Mrs. J. W. Bray (Irma) - Registrar
Mrs. J. K. Burch - Custodian
Mrs. T. B. Herbert - Recorder of Crosses
Mrs. A. B. Lawrence - Poet Laureate
Mrs. J. W. Wilkinson - Parliamentarian
Mrs. E. P. Krick - Chaplain

Honorary Members:

Mrs. M. A. Zumwalt
Mrs. B. B. Knolle
Mrs. J. W. Wilkinson
J. W. Wilkinson
Mrs. Scott
Mrs. J. W. Sampson
Mrs. W. S. Webb
Mrs. A. Bruce
Mrs. E. Bates
Mrs. F. Thornton
E. C. Staples
Hon. Lon Smith
Judge Ewing Boyd
A. L. Knolle
George Bailey
Mrs. W. T. Roberson
Mrs. Estelle McCaine
Mrs. Edith Rudersdorf
Mrs. Harry White
Mrs. Tom Wilson
Mrs. J. J. Thrailkill

Members at last report, 67; new members, 2; deceased members, 2; honorary members, 21; present membership, 55; per capita tax paid state division, $28; per capita tax paid General, $11.20; Curator tax, $8.40; Texas museum tax, $1; Texas room tax $1; total tax and dues sent Treasurer, $49.60; total contributions to all funds, $265.49.

The Chapter has had a busy and successful year. We held 10 business meetings and eight historical meetings. Each meeting was opened with the reading of the Ritual and Salute to the Confederate Flag. We held five benefit parties (two card parties, two book reviews and one musicale), and three social affairs. We had a beautiful Christmas party at the home of Mrs. J. W. Wilkinson which is an annual affair. A birthday party for General Harless was held at the home of Mrs. Laura Dennis. Mrs. Estelle McCain, official mother of the Chapter, was honored with a birthday party at the home of Mrs. Lawson Pool.

Our installation of officers and tea in September is the outstanding social event of our chapter. During the summer we held a picnic at the Bayshort home of Mrs. H. G. Sandland.

Through the efforts of our President, Mrs. E. P. Krick, and at a cost of $80, beautiful yearbooks were issued to each Chapter member. We had the honor of having our President, Mrs. Krick, appointed to serve for life on the Staff of General J. M. Claypool, Past Commander-in-chief U.C.V.

On April 26th we held an appropriate Memorial Service at the Baptist church in memory of our departed Veterans and placed flowers on their graves. We assisted other local Chapters with a Christmas part for the Veterans.

We had a monthly radio program over Station KTRH.

We attended the District Meeting held in Galveston during the spring.

At a cost of $6, we presented the book "Memoirs of the Confederate War of Independence" to the Houston Library. [1] We placed one framed map of Jefferson Davis Highway and eight copies each of "Dick Dowling" by Mrs. Sackett [2] and "The Brimming Cup" by Mrs. Lawrence [3] in school libraries and donated $1 to Lucy L. Anderson for literature to be sent to places where there are no Chapters. We sent a year's subscription to "Farm and Home" to the Indian Reservation at Livingston.

We shared our part of the expense with other local chapters for the Magnolia tree planted at the San Jacinto Battleground in memory of Confederate Veterans taking part in the battle of San Jacinto.

We presented two service Crosses and placed Markers on two Veterans' graves.

We have an active children's Chapter and our members took an active part in the children of the Confederacy Convention held in Houston, Sept. 8th.

We assisted the other local Chapters in entertaining with a tea at the home of Mrs. I. B. McFarland in honor of the Daughters of the Republic of Texas while in Convention in Houston.

We will present to the Texas Museum at the Convention in El Paso a medicine chest that Jefferson Davis used during the War Between the States.

We observed all Confederate holidays and took part in the Armistice Day parade.

We have given as follows: $5 to a blind ma; $5 to Julia Bounds Found; $2.50 for Service Crosses; $5 for Davis Statute, Montgomery, Ala.; $5 to Cornelia Branch Stone Fund; $5 to Katie Cabell Muse Scholarship; $2.50 for Disabled War Veterans' Christmas party and a number of smaller donations for U.D.C. purposes. Our total expenditures amounted to $265.49.

New Members

Brown, Frank, Mrs.
Garrett, T. W.


Baugess, M. C., Mrs.
Bender, J. K., Mrs.
Bevell, Frank, Mrs.
Bray, J. W., Mrs.
Buckley, Jim, Mrs.
Burch, J. K., Mrs.
Carter, H. P., Mrs.
Carter, N. S., Mrs.
Dennis, Laura, Mrs.
Dortic, Katherine, Miss
Elliott, M. E., Mrs.
Foote, Alfred, Mrs.
Gilbert, Elizabeth, Miss
Gilbert, Gertrude, Miss
Guild, Charles, Mrs.
Hammack, E. H., Mrs.
Heyne, W. C., Mrs.
Herbert, T. B., Mrs.
Hinsley, Ben, Mrs.
Hyndman, John, Mrs.
Jackson, A. L., Mrs.
Joines, A. C., Mrs.
Kennedy, C. P., Mrs.
Knolle, B. B., Mrs.
Krick, E. P., Mrs.
Larimer, C. R., Mrs.
Lawrence, A. B., Mrs.
Machin, H. L., Mrs.
Mack, J. C., Mrs.
Marrett, F. J., Mrs.
Maughmer, Earl, Mrs.
McClellan, A. F., Mrs.
Monroe, R. H., Mrs.
Nevill, F. I., Mrs.
Nolen, F. C., Mrs.
Poole, Lawson, Mrs.
Rogers, Jane, Miss
Sackett, L. W., Mrs.
Sandland, H. G., Mrs.
Scherffius, H. E., Mrs.
Shaffer, Clara V., Miss
Shaffer, Marie, Miss
Simon, L. F., Mrs.
Sink, Claude, Mrs.
Shepherd, R. E., Mrs.
Staples, A. L., Mrs.
Stevenson, J. A., Mrs.
Stevenson, P. E., Mrs.
Thrailkell, J. J., Mrs.
Turner, Claude, Mrs.
Waddle, H. A., Mrs.
Whatley, R. A., Mrs.
Williams, J. C., Mrs.
Wilson, Tom, Mrs.
Wright, Roxy, Mrs.
Zumwalt, A. C., Mrs.


[1] von Borcke, Heros, Memoirs of the Confederate War for Independence (First published in 1866; reprinted, 1938) 2 vol. --- In 2008, the book was in the collection of the Houston Public Library [Call Number: 973.78 B726].

[2] Sackett, Frances Robertson, Dick Dowling (Houston, TX: Gulf Publishing Co., 1937). --- In 2008, the book was in the collection of the Houston Public Library [Call Number: B D75S].

[3] Lawrence, Varuna Hartmann, The Brimming Cup (Dallas, TX: Tardy Pub. Co., 1937). --- In 2008, one copy was found in the World Cat system at the San Jacinto Museum of History, San Jacinto Battlegrounds, LaPorte, Texas.

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