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Oran M. Roberts

Oran M. Roberts

Chapter 440

United Daughters of the Confederacy®

Houston, Harris County, Texas

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of the
40th Annual Convention of the Texas Division
United Daughters of the Confederacy

Brenham, Texas
20-23 October 1936

Oran M. Roberts Chapter, No. 440, Houston

[Chapter Report - p. 133-135]


Mrs. H. G. Sandland - President
Mrs. Laura Dennis - 1st Vice President
Mrs. A. C. Goines - 2nd Vice President
Mrs. E. P. Krick - 3rd Vice President
Mrs. Earl Maughmer - Recording Secretary
Mrs. Ruby Marrett - Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. Lawson Poole - Historian
Mrs. C. P. Kennedy - Treasurer
Mrs. J. C. Williams - Registrar
Mrs. M. E. Elliot - Custodian
Miss Martha Weaver - Recorder of Crosses
Mrs. J. W. Wilkinson, Parliamentarian

Honorary Members:

Mrs. M. A. Zumwalt
Mrs. B. B. Knolle
Mrs. J. W. Wilkinson
J. W. Wilkinson
Mrs. S. L. Mullenix
Mrs. Scott
Mrs. C. A. Erwin
Mrs. J. W. Sampson
Mrs. W. S. Webb
Mrs. A. Bruce
Mrs. E. Bates
Mrs. Florence Thornton
Mrs. E. C. Staples
Mrs. Lon Smith
Ewing Boyd
Mrs. A. L. Knolle
Mrs. Jane Rogers

Members at last report, 56; member demitted, 1; new members, 8; honorary members, 16; present membership, 59; per capita tax paid state division, $16.80; per capita tax paid General, $11.20; Curator tax, $8.40; Texas museum tax, $1; Texas room tax $1; total tax and dues sent Treasurer, $38.40; total contributions to all funds, $383.

Last October at the State convention we one two prizes from the Texas Division. Mrs. Lawrence, as our Poet Laureate, was privileged to accept permanently, the medal for her lovely poems, Old Love Letters. Mrs. Bray, as our Historian, received the $10 cash prize and donated it to the Stratford Fund, honor our own Mrs. Wilkinson.

Later in the year we were informed our annual report had been second in work achieved, and stood third in new memberships.

As has been our annual custom we assisted in procuring money for our Veterans' Reunion transportation and have visited them when ill. A tea for General Harless was tendered him by his staff in the early springs and on all occasions our Veterans are honored guests of the Chapter.

In order to keep the names of our Southern Heroes green in the garden of memories for our growing generations, we have joined our local U.D.C. Chapters in writing letters and visiting city and school officials, urging that the name of Dick Dowling [1] be given one of the new schools. We also requested the name of Oran M. Roberts [2] be considered. We now have a new elementary school by that name and the old Sam Houston school will be renamed Dick Dowling. We were assured by County and City Commissioners the name of Jefferson Davis would be retained for the new hospital.

This year our silver cup was bestowed to a pupil of Stonewall Jackson Junior High, who wrote the best essay on Dick Dowling, which was this year's subject.

During the holiday period we found much joy in entertaining the Veterans, sharing expenses with other Confederate organizations jointly at Dick Dowling Camp, and later at Mrs. J. W. Wilkinson's. We donated $5 to the Confederate Woman's Home for the Christmas Cheer and $2.50 to the Christmas party for the disabled War Veterans' children in Houston.

We have given $8 towards the relief of one of our oldest members who was in need. We sent $10 to the Randolph Relief Fund and $2.50 to the Katie Cabell Muse Fund. Each year we give $3 to the Boy and Girl Builders a worthy youthful organization. We gave $10 towards the beautiful pioneer log cabin erected in Herman Park by the D.R.T. and $1 to the Lee Chapel Memorial Organ Fund at Stratford.

Three Jefferson Davis Highway Maps were procured and are being framed for bestowal to schools in the near future.

Last February, the Oran M. Roberts Chapter celebrated the 35th anniversary with a lovely tea at the home of Mrs. Sandland, our President.

During the program, which was presented, anecdotes of early U.D.C. activities were related by Charter members and valuable heirlooms were displayed. We had two of Oran M. Roberts' granddaughters as honored guests.

Memorial services were held on April 26th with Dr. William States Jacobs as guest speaker. Eight Crosses of Military Service were bestowed to World War Veterans at this time.

During the year, we gave 12 radio addresses, participated in Armistice and Centennial Day parades. Loaned our costumes and Chapter Flag to several schools representing the Confederacy in Centennial programs.

At the pageant which was presented August 26th and sponsored by the U.D.C. of Houston and Webster, several of the members took part and we again loaned our costumes and flag, and also assumed our share of production costs.

Mrs. T. B. Herbert and Mrs. A. J. Staples were active in having the pageant presented as the U.D.C. contribution to Houston's Centennial and they were joined by our President, Mrs. Sandland, and other Chapter members who worked untiringly to make it a success.

We have presented 26 booklets on Dick Dowling, written by Mrs. Francis Sakett, to schools, Rice Institute and the Library.

New Members

Fuller, Lelia Lea, Mrs.
Hammack, E. H., Mrs.
Hinsley, Ben, Mrs.
Meyers, F. W., Mrs.
Rogers, Jane, Mrs.
Sayre, F. A., Mrs.
Stephenson, P. E., Mrs.
Weaver, Martha, Mrs.


Ayers, J. K., Mrs.
Barrett, C., Mrs.
Bauguss, M. C., Mrs.
Bender, J. E., Mrs.
Bevell, Frank, Mrs.
Brady, F. E., Mrs.
Bray, J. W., Mrs.
Burch, J. K., Mrs.
Carter, H. P., Mrs.
Carter, N. S., Mrs.
Dennis, G. A., Mrs.
Elliott, M. E., Mrs.
Gordon, C. C., Mrs.
Guild, Charles, Mrs.
Herbert, T. B., Mrs.
Heyne, W. C., Mrs.
Hyneman, John, Mrs.
Joines, A. C., Mrs.
Kennedy, C. P., Mrs.
Knolle, B. B., Mrs.
Krick, E. P., Mrs.
Larimer, C. R., Mrs.
Lawrence, A. B., Mrs.
Machin, H. L., Mrs.
Mack, J. C., Mrs.
Marrett, F. J., Mrs.
Maughmer, Earl, Mrs.
Monroe, R. H., Mrs.
Nevill, F. I., Mrs.
Nolen, F. C., Mrs.
Perry, George, Mrs.
Pool, Lawson, Mrs.
Sackett, L. W., Mrs.
Sandland, H. G., Mrs.
Schafer, Clara, Mrs.
Scherffius, H. E., Mrs.
Shafer, Marie, Mrs.
Simon, L. F., Mrs.
Sink, Claude, Mrs.
Smith, E. F., Mrs.
Staples, A. J., Mrs.
Tarver, Charles, Mrs.
Thraekell, J. J., Mrs.
Turner, Claude, Mrs.
Waddle, H. A., Mrs.
Wilkinson, G. W., Mrs.
Williams, J. C., Mrs.
Wilson, Tom, Mrs.
Zumwalt, A. C., Mrs.


[1] DOWLING MIDDLE SCHOOL - 14000 Stancliff, Houston

Richard W. Dowling (1838–1867) was a Confederate army officer who defended Fort Griffin at Sabine Pass from the Union fleet in 1863. The school named for him was built in 1968.

[2] ROBERTS ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - 6000 Greenbriar, Houston

Oran Milo Roberts (1815–1898) made many contributions to Texas’ early statehood. After serving two terms as governor, he became the first administrator of the University of Texas in 1883 and taught law there for 10 years. The school that bears his name was built in 1936 and was enlarged in 1948.

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