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Oran M. Roberts

Oran M. Roberts

Chapter 440

United Daughters of the Confederacy®

Houston, Harris County, Texas

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of the
28th Annual Convention of the Texas Division
United Daughters of the Confederacy

Houston, Texas
2-4 December 1924

Oran M. Roberts Chapter, No. 440, Houston

[p. 80]

In Memoriam

Mrs. Ellen Ames
Mrs. S. B. Seaman

[Chapter Report - p. 180-181]


Mrs. J. J. Quinn - President
Mrs. Mary E. Davis - 1st Vice President
Mrs. Hattie S. Hatch - 2nd Vice President
Mrs. Jane Rogers - 3rd Vice President
Mrs. Amelia Wallace - 4th Vice President
Mrs. Betty Kaufhold - Recording Secretary
Mrs. B. B. Knolle - Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. T. B. Herbert - Historian
Mrs. Viola Helman - Treasurer
Mrs. M. E. Davis - Registrar
Mrs. Martha L. Morris - Custodian

Honorary Members

Dick Dowling Camp, U.C.V.
Mrs. E. B. Bates
Miss Florence Thornton
Lon A. Smith
R. F. Noble
Daniel Garrett
J. C. Foster

Members at last report, 109; members demitted, 49; new members, 9; honorary members, 7; present membership, 71; per capita tax paid state division, $13.80; per capta tax paid general U.D.C., $13.80; Texas museum tax, $1; Texas room tax $1; total tax sent state treasurer, $29.60; total contributions to all funds, $39.60.

Chapter held 10 regular, one called and eight historical meetings; have assisted in observing all honor and memorial days; paid state and general dues; contributed $10 to Jefferson Davis Highway fund; $1 to Texas Museum; $1 to Texas Room.

Have placed evergreen wreaths on the graves of all departed veterans and sent flowers to sick and bereaved members of chapter; have given a birthday dinner once each month to our veterans; presented eight Crosses of Honor; helped entertain veterans on Sunday afternoons.

The chapter and the Children of the Confederacy gave a Christmas party for the veterans, each veteran receiving a gift. Donated two copies "Women of the South in War Times," one to the library of Rice Institute and one to Central High School. [1] [2]

Mrs. J. J. Quinn, president, met with the presidents of other chapters to help select a suitable inscription for the table which the Sons of Confederate Veterans will erect in the new city and county hospital, which will be named the Jefferson Davis Hospital.

Held a memorial service for our departed third vice president, Mrs. Ellen Ames. Mrs. M. E. Davis, sister of Mrs. Ames, presented all of Mrs. Ames books on Southern history to the chapter library.

Have sent 12 papers of World War Veterans, descendants of Confederate veterans to be registered.

Received telegram from Sons of Confederacy in Brownsville asking daughters to meet train and assist an old veteran, who was ill, change trains. Mrs. J. J. Quinn met the train and saw that the old gentleman had breakfast and fruit, then helped him on the right train.


Arnold, Margaret, Miss
Arnold, W., Mrs.
Backus, Edna C., Mrs.
Bono, Mrs.
Brown, S. A., Mrs.
Burns, Emma, Mrs.
Campbell, Carrie, Mrs.
Carlisle, M. D., Mrs.
Cheatham, Richard, Mrs.
Collier, Jennie, Mrs.
Cook, Irma, Mrs.
Cooke, Ada, Mrs.
Cox, Audry, Mrs.
Davidson, Della, Mrs.
Davis, M. E., Mrs.
Dortic, Catherine, Mrs.
Erwin, M. S., Mrs.
Gallatin, Stella, Mrs.
Grafius, W. N., Mrs.
Guinn, Margaret, Miss
Harris, Glendon, Mrs.
Hatch, Hatie S., Mrs.
Hebblin, Irene, Mrs.
Heidelberg, F. T., Mrs.
Heiman, Viola, Mrs.
Henderliter, P. E., Mrs.
Henderson, Z. J., Mrs.
Hennesy, May, Mrs.
Herbert, Alma, Mrs.
Herbert, Tom, Mrs.
Heyne, W. C., Mrs.
Hill, Ianthe, Miss
Hill, Trixie, Mrs.
Hyde, W. J., Mrs.
Hydman, John, Mrs.
Jackson, R. H., Mrs.
James, Edna W., Mrs.
Kaufhold, Bettie, Mrs.
Kennedy, Ada, Miss
Kennedy, Annie, Mrs.
Kennedy, Katherine, Miss
King, W. B., Mrs.
Knolle, B. B., Mrs.
Lakenmacher, Anmetta, Miss
Lakenmacher, D., Mrs.
Lang, Winifred, Mrs.
Markley, Carma, Miss
Markley, Harriet, Mrs.
McClaine, E. B., Mrs.
McClellan, F. A., Mrs.
Meyers, F. W., Mrs.
Morris, Martha, Mrs.
Mullinix, S. O., Mrs.
Nelson, Josephine, Mrs.
Nevill, F. I., Mrs.
Nevill, Merle, Miss
Nolen, F. C., Mrs.
Ollre, F. J., Mrs.
Perry, George H., Mrs.
Quinn, J. J., Mrs.
Robinson, Josie, Miss
Rogers, Jane, Mrs.
Schindler, Effie, Mrs.
Schmidt, Vada, Mrs.
Simon, L. F., Mrs.
Talbot, Ben, Mrs.
Tarver, Nellie, Miss
Wallace, Amelia, Mrs.
Wilkerson, Minnie, Mrs.
Wilson, Tom, Mrs.
Zumwalt, M. A., Mrs.

[1] In 2008, there was a copy of this book at the Clayton Library for Genealogical Research, Houston Public Library and the Fondren Library, Rice University (formerly known as Rice Institute).

[2] Andrews, Matthew Page, Women of the South in War Times. Baltimore, MD: The Norman Remington Co., 1920.

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