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Oran M. Roberts

Oran M. Roberts

Chapter 440

United Daughters of the Confederacy®

Houston, Harris County, Texas

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of the
26th Annual Convention of the Texas Division
United Daughters of the Confederacy

Fort Worth, Texas
17-19 October 1922

Oran M. Roberts Chapter, No. 440, Houston

[p. 75]

In Memoriam

Mrs. V. E. Eidman
Mrs. Louisa Beavens

[Chapter Report - p. 37-38]

Mrs. F. I. Neville - President
Mrs. B. B. Knolle - 1st Vice President
Mrs. Hattie S. Hatch - 2nd Vice President
Mrs. B. J. Heiman - 3rd Vice President
Mrs. F. L. Kaufhold - 4th Vice President
Mrs. Irma Cook - Recording Secretary
Miss Merle Nevill - Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. R. H. Jackson - Historian
Mrs. W. N. Grafius - Treasurer
Mrs. M. E. Davis - Registrar
Mrs. Z. J. Henderson - Custodian

Honorary Members

Dick Dowling Camp, U.C.V.
Mrs. E. B. Bates
Miss Florence Thornton

Members Changing Names

Miss Eleanor Powers to Mrs. Robert E. Arner

Members at last report, 128; members demitted, 4; new members, 45; honorary members, 4; present membership, 140; per capita tax paid state division, $28; per capta tax paid general U.D.C., $28; Texas museum tax, $1; Texas room tax $1; total tax sent state treasurer, $58; total contributions to all funds, $126.

Chapter held nine regular, six historical and four called meetings; has assisted sister chapters in the observance of all anniversaries; has given monthly birthday dinners to dick Dowling Camp, entertaining 25 to 50 each time; observed the anniversary of the Battle of Sabine Pass with a basket picnic; have paid all pledges sent $32 to the Jefferson Davis Monument fund; $25 to the Woodrow Wilson Foundation Fund; $10 to the Texas University Scholarship Fund; $1 to Courtland Graves.

Ministered to sick members and veterans, sending flowers and evergreens; gave financial assistance to an old lady said to be a relative of Jefferson Davis; bestowed nine Crosses of Honor; bought 50 Annuals; organized a David O. Dodd Chapter, Children of the Confederacy, and now have 16 registered members, who are doing good work under their able director, Mrs. J. P. Rogers.

Received by transfer from the Children of the Confederacy, Miss Merle Nevill, who was elected corresponding secretary of this Chapter, the youngest officer being just 18 years of age.

Have 20 registered members between the ages of 18 and 30 years.


Ames, Ellen G., Mrs.
Ammons, Annie Lee., Mrs.
Anderson, Allie P., Miss
Arner, Robert E., Mrs.
Arnold, Margaret, Miss
Arnold, Vic G., Mrs.
Baines, M. A., Mrs.
Baines, W. H., Mrs.
Baker, Mabe, Mrs.
Baugh, J. T., Mrs.
Beardsley, Caperton, Miss
Behrens, Nannie A., Mrs.
Bentley, Ellen N., Mrs.
Bottler, William, Mrs.
Boyette, Lucy E., Mrs.
Branum, Bessie Lee, Mrs.
Bray, Gussie Mae, Mrs.
Brinswain, Susie Kerr, Mrs.
Brown, Florence Portia, Miss
Brown, S. A., Mrs.
Bruns, Emma, Mrs.
Burns, Lula R., Mrs.
Campbell, Carrie B., Mrs.
Carlisle, Marshall D., Mrs.
Cassell, Lucy L., Mrs.
Chatham, L. W., Mrs.
Collier, Jennie, Mrs.
Cook, Irma, Mrs.
Cox, Hildegarde S., Mrs.
Crawford, Neil, Mrs.
Curson, Marion B., Mrs.
Davidson, Della, Mrs.
Davis, Eric, Mrs.
Davis, Mary E., Mrs.
Dean, Nela, Miss
Dirr, Leonora, Mrs.
Dortic, Catharyn, Miss
Dyer, Alma, Mrs.
Eberapacher, Fred, Mrs.
Erwin, M. S., Mrs.
Gallatin, Stella W., Mrs.
Gardner, V. P., Jr., Mrs.
Gibbs, Ella, Miss
Gibbs, Julia, Miss
Gordon, C. C., Mrs.
Grafius, W. N., Mrs.
Grassmuck, Gertrude, Miss
Green, Joe M., Mrs.
Greer, Hallie Read, Mrs.
Hamblett, Dora W., Mrs.
Hawkes, Mary Lee, Mrs.
Heiman, Viola, Mrs.
Henderson, Z. T., Mrs.
Hennessy, May, Mrs.
Herbert, Tom, Mrs.
Heyne, Frankie, Mrs.
Heyne, W. C., Mrs.
Hill, Tanthe M., Miss
Hill, Trixie W., Mrs.
Hobbin, Irene F., Mrs.
Holcomb, Mary Gray, Mrs.
Holland, M. L., Mrs.
Howard, T. M., Mrs.
Howell, Percy, Mrs.
Hunter, Evelyn, Mrs.
Hyndman, Annie, Mrs.
Jackson, R. H., Mrs.
James, Edna Woodward, Mrs.
Johnson, Mary F., Mrs.
Jones, Artenize T., Mrs.
Jones, Fannie, Mrs.
Kaufold, Bettie, Mrs.
Kennedy, Ada M., Miss
Kennedy, Annie, Mrs.
Kennedy, Katherine, Miss
Keyton, Frances Rose, Mrs.
Kindred, W., Mrs.
King, William B., Mrs.
Knolle, B. B., Mrs.
Krick, Louise, Mrs.
Long, Minnie H., Mrs.
Markley, Harriett, Mrs.
McCaine, Estelle B., Mrs.
McCaine, Fannie, Miss
McClellan, A. F., Mrs.
Merrill, Mary H., Mrs.
Meyers, Frank W., Mrs.
Morris, Martha T., Mrs.
Mullinix, S. O., Mrs.
Nevill, F. I., Mrs.
Nevill, Merle, Miss
Nolan, F. C., Mrs.
Northrup, Lazelle L., Mrs.
Perry, Hettie Herbert, Mrs.
Phillips, Kathleen, Mrs.
Powers, Ira T., Mrs.
Quinn, J. J., Mrs.
Rettig, Minnie, Mrs.
Reynolds, Minnie, Mrs.
Reynolds, W. R., Mrs.
Rice, H. B., Mrs.
Robinson, Josie, Miss
Robinson, Mary Jo, Miss
Rogers, Jane, Mrs.
Scardina, Maud, Mrs.
Schaub, Mae, Mrs.
Schmidt, Vada S., Mrs.
Shaffer, Helen Co., Miss
Shaffer, Maree W., Miss
Shattuck, Bertha, Miss
Simon, L. F., Mrs.
Southward, Sina E., Mrs.
Spiller, Samuella, Dr.
Staples, Tom C., Mrs.
Steele, B. W., Mrs.
Tarver, Nellie H., Mrs.
Taylor, D. T., Mrs.
Taylor, W. W., Mrs.
Thayer, Isabella C., Mrs.
Wallace, Amelia, Mrs.
Warfield, Virginia, Mrs.
Weddington, Florence, Mrs.
West, Dorothy, Miss
Wilkins, Jessie M., Miss
Wilkinson, Minnie M., Mrs.
Williams, Annie, Mrs.
Williams, J. P., Mrs.
Wilson, Tom, Mrs.
Winfree, Jessie M., Mrs.
Woolridge, Minnie, Miss
Zumwalt, M. A., Mrs.

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