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Oran M. Roberts

Oran M. Roberts

Chapter 440

United Daughters of the Confederacy®

Houston, Harris County, Texas

of the
16th Annual Convention of the Texas Division
United Daughters of the Confederacy

Houston, Texas
5th - 8th December 1911

Mrs. Hal W. Greer, President
Mrs. Chas. Leland Hamil, Secretary

Oran M. Roberts Chapter
R. E. Lee Chapter

Oran M. Roberts Chapter, No. 440, Houston, Texas

In Memoriam [p. 38]

Mrs. M. H. Guinn
Mrs. C. W. Black

Chapter Report [p. 110-112]

The Chapter reports with pleasure the celebration of all anniversaries, with appropriate exercises. It was our privilege to bestow upon twelve of the beloved Veterans of Dick Dowling Camp the Cross of Honor.

In order to raise money to defray the expenses of the Veterans to the Little Rock Reunion, May 14, 1911, the Chapter sold small Confederate flags upon the streets of Houston with Mrs. J. M. Gibson, the capable and willing First Vice President of the Chapter as Chairman, assisted by an able corps of ladies. The neat sum of 585.85 was raised, being quite sufficient to send the entire Camp. Thus, of course, was a great pleasure and gratification to the Chapter.

Made wreaths on Memorial Day and distributed them at the different cemeteries.

A box of money was sent to our dear old ladies at the Home.

One transfer has been made during the year. Our Registrar reports 248 members in good standing.

Send $1 for Reagan fountain.


Mrs. Will Hansen - President
Mrs. J. M. Gibson - First Vice President
Mrs. Hattie S. Hatch - Second Vice President
Mrs. Uvalde Burns - Third Vice President
Mrs. S. H. Huston - Fourth Vice President
Mrs. E. S. Reichardt - Recording Secretary
Mrs. B. B. Knolle - Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. W. L. Worsham, Treasurer
Mrs. S. T. Steele - Historian
Mrs. J. Hyndman - Registrar
Mrs. Whit Boyd - Musical Director
Mrs. H. Dean - Directress, E. B. Bates Auxiliary
Mrs. F. L. Kaufhold - Curator
Mrs. J. S. Hoover, Critic
Miss Myrtis Karr - Flag Bearer
Mrs. A. McClelland, Parliamentarian

Honorary Members:

Mrs. F. R. Noble
Mrs. Oran M. Roberts
Mrs. T. W. House
Mrs. M. A. Percy
Mrs. Geo. A. Perry
Dick Dowling Camp, UCV

Members Who Married:

Mrs. Louis S. Silver – nee: Louis Stuart
Mrs. H. Koenig – nee: Freddie Kayhold
Mrs. Otis Payne – nee: Lovie May BattlerV Mrs. N. J. Norris – nee: Mabel Steele
Mrs. W. Stinnet – nee: Irby Steele


Mrs. Duncan Gordon

Membership Roster

Adams, Katy Lee, Mrs.
Albert, F. H., Mrs.
Allen, Oscar L., Mrs. (nee: Jessie Gordon)
Anderson, Laura T., Mrs.
Arnold, A. C., Mrs.
Atkinson, E. A., Mrs. (nee: Bettie Guill)
Atkinson, Margaret (George)., Mrs.
Attman, S., Mrs.
Baird, Rosa, Mrs.
Baker, Mabel, Mrs.
Ballard, May, Miss
Ballew, Annie, Miss
Bastian, Mamie S., Mrs.
Bates, Eliza Bennett, Mrs.
Beall, Mary L., Miss
Beavens, Louisa, Mrs.
Beavens, Massey, Mrs.
Bedford, R., Mrs.
Birmingham, F. R., Mrs.
Bishop, Anna, Mrs.
Black, Aline, Mrs.
Black, H. C., Mrs.
Blaffer, Lucie, Mrs.
Bonner, B. F., Mrs.
Bordenhamer, Bettie, Mrs.
Bottler, Will, Mrs.
Boyd, M. J., Mrs.
Boyd, Whitt, Mrs.
Breedlove, Stella O., Mrs.
Brown, Edna R., Mrs.
Brown, S. A., Mrs.
Bruce, Annie, Miss
Bruce, Sydney, Mrs.
Bruce, Virginia, Miss
Bruner, Jennie, Miss
Bullard, L. H., Mrs.
Bullitt, A. C., Miss
Burns, Uvalde, Mrs.
Burns, Lula R., Miss
Bushey, Lizzie, Mrs.
Byrnes, May, Mrs.
Caldwell, S. A., Mrs. (Nee: Fannie Oliver)
Calvert, Lucie G., Mrs.
Cameron, C. C., Mrs. (nee: Jessie Oliver)
Campbell, J. W., Mrs.
Carlisle, M. D., Mrs. (nee: Shirley Gordon)
Carter, Edna, Mrs.
Carter, S. F., Mrs.
Cleveland, J. W., Mrs.
Coffman, Irene, Mrs.
Collins, M. H., Mrs.
Colllins, Maggie, Miss
Collins, Nettie T., Mrs.
Conway, M. A., Mrs.
Cook, J. W., Mrs.
Corrigan, Mattie, Mrs.
Cotney, H., Mrs.
Cotney, Susie A., Mrs.
Craig, Lelia, Mrs.
Daniels, Maggie, Miss
Daniels, T. V., Mrs.
Davidson, B. L., Mrs
Davis, C. E., Mrs.
Davis, L. A., Mrs.
Day, Ballard, Mrs. (Clio)
Dean, H. A., Mrs.
Demen, Francis Wooten, Mrs.
DeMoss, L. W., Mrs.
Dorris, Willie A., Mrs.
Draper, Bessie Bottler, Mrs.
Dunlap, Jewel, Mrs. (nee: Jewel Schiller)
Dunnem, Julia, Miss
Dusenberry, J. W., Mrs.
Eagenhouse, J. J., Mrs.
Eldridge, Armentine, Mrs.
Erichson, Oscar, Mrs.
Evans, Ruby, Mrs.
Farmer, Lucile, Miss
Fergerson, Mary, Mrs.
Fergerson, Robert, Mrs.
Foote, Lillie Day, Miss
Forbis, S. H., Mrs.
Foster, G. W., Mrs. (nee: Kate Stephens)
Francis, Mollie, Mrs.
Gambatti, Mary, Mrs.
Garratt, Edna B., Mrs.
Garrison, Beatrice, Mrs.
Garrott, Margaret, Mrs.
Gay, Margie, Mrs.
Gibson, J. M., Mrs.
Gordon, C. C., Mrs.
Gregory, Will, Mrs.
Griffiths, F. B., Mrs.
Hafernan, Bell Nelson, Mrs.
Hamilton, Geo. H., Mrs.
Hansen, Kate, M. Mrs. (Will)
Hardy, Fannie, Miss
Harris, Glendora R., Mrs.
Harris, Mamie, Mrs. (Geo.)
Haskell, E. W., Mrs.
Hatch, Hattie S., Mrs.
Hennessy, May, Mrs,
Herbert, G. B., Mrs. (nee: Andrey Olley)
Hess, Maud, Mrs.
Hobby, Edwin, Mrs.
Hoover, Beverly, Mrs.
Hoover, Florence, Mrs.
Hoover, M. L., Mrs.
Huey, C. L., Mrs.
Huey, J., Mrs.
Hughes, Lola K., Mrs.
Hunnicutt, Annie Gray, Miss
Hunnicutt, J. D., Mrs.
Hunnicutt, Kate, Miss
Hunnicutt, May Dell, Miss
Hunter, Evelyn McGaw, Mrs.
Huston, S. H., Mrs.
Hutchison, C. M., Mrs.
Hyndman, Annie, Mrs.
Iankes, Annie, Mrs.
Irion, Caroline, Mrs.
ones, J. Gordon, Mrs.
Johnston, A. S., Mrs.
Karr, J. S., Mrs.
Karr, Myrtis, Miss
Kaufhold, Bettie, Mrs.
Kindred, Weyman, Mrs. (nee: Pearl Sparaks)
King, N. J., Mrs.
King, W. B., Mrs.
Knolle, B. B., Mrs.
Koening, H., Mrs. (nee: Freddie Kaufhold)
Lanson, Mollie, Mrs.
LaRue, E. D., Mrs.
Laws, Loolah, Mrs.
LeClere, H., Mrs.
Love, William P., Mrs.
Lovell, W. T., Mrs.
Macatee, W. L., Mrs.
Mathe, Hattie Aubrey, Miss
Mathe, W. A., Mrs.
Martin, Minerva, Mrs.
Mathews, S. P., Mrs.
McCall, Fannie S., Mrs.
McCardell, Mamie, Mrs.
McClellan, Britta, Mrs.
McComie, George, Mrs.
McCure, M., Mrs.
McDonald, Elinor, Mrs.
McGarvey, Kate, Mrs. (nee: Kate Ligon)
McKee, James, Mrs.
McLaughlin, Mary, Miss
McWortie, Drulie, Mrs.
Meckles, Velma, Mrs.
Miller, H. C., Mrs.
Montgomery, Dora, Mrs.
Moore, Annie B.,
Napier, W. S., Mrs.
Nevill, T. J., Mrs.
Niel, Caroline, Miss
Noble, R. F., Mrs.
Noland, Maud, Mrs.
Norris, N. J., Mrs. (nee: Maybell Steele)
Ollie, T. J., Mrs.
Otto, W. D., Mrs.
Patrick, Kate, Mrs.
Patrick, W. S., Mrs.
Patrick, Z., Miss
Patton, Samuel, Mrs.
Payne, Otis, Mrs. (nee: Lovie May Bottler)
Pendleton, T. S., Mrs.
Perkins, Gertrude, Mrs.
Phelps, Fannie, Mrs.
Phelps, Fannie, Mrs.
Phillips, Bruce Lee, Miss
Poston, A. F., Miss
Preston, S. E., Mrs.
Prince, E. G., Mrs.
Pyle, Ingram, Mrs.
Quarrels, C. B., Mrs.
Reichard, E. C., Mrs. (nee: Elbertine Mathews)
Reymond, Lelia, Mrs.
Richardson, Dora, Mrs.
Riney, J., Mrs.
Roberts, J. C., Mrs.
Rook, Henry, Mrs.
Rugely, Anne, Mrs.
Ryan, John F., Mrs.
Sandal, Zevena, Mrs.
Sayers, Tom, Mrs.
Sayless, H., Miss
Schiller, M. O., Mrs.
Schultz, Mae, Mrs.
Scott, Victoria T., Mrs. (nee: Victoria Thacker)
Seiler Louise, Mrs. (nee: Louis Stuart)
Shapler, Emma, Mrs.
Shepler, C., Miss
Shields, Martha, Mrs.
Shotwell, William I., Mrs.
Smith, Dan, Mrs.
Smith, Dixie J., Mrs.
Somnen, Eva, Mrs.
Spann, John G., Mrs.
Spence, A. H., Mrs.
Staples, Angelina, Mrs.
Steele, S. T., Mrs.
Staples, Mary V., Mrs.
Stevens, Bettie T., Mrs.
Stinnet, W., Mrs. (nee: Irby Steele) Stone, Florence, Mrs.
Stuart, Carrie E., Miss
Stuart, Mary H., Miss
Stuart, R. S., Mrs.
Swisher, Imogene, Mrs.
Swope, Mary, Miss
Tarver, Nettie Harris, Mrs.
Thompson, Elizabeth, Miss
Thompson, Ethel, Mrs.
Thompson, J. H., Mrs.
Thompson, Neta V., Mrs.
Towles, Alfred, Mrs.
Towles, Bertha, Miss
Turner, R. S., Mrs.
Tyron, Caroline, Miss
Washiehek, Emma, Mrs.
White, Lotta, Mrs.
White, Lottie, Miss
Whitmarsh, De Etta, Mrs.
Whitsee, A. H., Mrs.
Whitten, Aubrey, Miss
Whitten, Mattie B., Mrs.
Williams, J. P., Mrs.
Williams, Madie, Miss
Williams, Mannie E., Miss
Wilson, Jennie, Mrs.
Wing, William, Mrs.
Witt, Eloise, Miss
Woods, Maud Lee, Miss
Worsham, W. L., Mrs.
Zumwalt, M. A., Mrs.

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