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Oran M. Roberts

Oran M. Roberts

Chapter 440

United Daughters of the Confederacy®

Houston, Harris County, Texas

of the
15th Annual Convention of the Texas Division
United Daughters of the Confederacy

Marlin, Falls County, Texas
6, 7, 8 & 9 December 1910

Mrs. A. R. Howard, President
Mrs. Effie P. Taylor, Secretary

Oran M. Roberts Chapter, No. 440, Houston, Texas

In Memoriam [p. 56]

Mrs. Mary Blaney (honorary)
Miss Helen Soles

Chapter Report [p. 116-117]

Celebrated the birthday of Lee and Jackson by attending th exercises of the R. E. Lee Chapter. June 3rd was recognized by a beautifully prepared program by Mrs. Sidney Huston, our anniversary chairman and Mrs. T. C. Rowe, musical director. Twelve Crosses of Honor were bestowed on this occasion.

In May the Chapter entertained the Mexican war veterans, assisted by R. E. Lee and Dick Dowling Camp UCV.

Paid State and General dues; sent delegates to both Conventions; raised over $300 to help defray expenses of Confederate Veterans to reunion. This was done by Mrs. J. M. Hoover and committee and was ably assisted by the children of E. B. Bates Auxiliary.

Paid our pledge of $100 to Confederate Woman's Home.

Presented portrait of General Lee to Lamar school; this was done through Mrs. J. W. Gibson, who is a member of State Committee to place pictures in school. She had another to present but it did not come up to the standard of our Art Committee.

Celebrated Texas Heroes' Day by the children of E. B. Bates Auxiliary giving program. Celebrated Judge Reagan's Birthday jointly with Dick Dowling Camp. Twelve Crosses were presented.

Memorial Day was jointly celebrated with R. E. Lee Chapter and veterans. Three hundred wreaths were made and placed on the graves of our dead soldiers. R. E. Lee Chapter gave a program on this occasion, assisted Confederate Veteran and wife. Mrs. Sidney Huston, a member of our Charity Committee, raised money and a pass for our old lady - Mrs. Maples - in Confederate Woman's Home to visit Palestine.

Made R. F. Noble an honorary member for courtesies extended Chapter.


Mrs. Wharton Bates - President
Mrs. J. M. Gibson - First Vice President
Mrs. Hattie S. Hatch - Second Vice President
Mrs. R. F. Noble - Third Vice President
Mrs. J. W. Hoover - Fourth Vice President
Mrs. E. C. Reichardt - Recording Secretary
Mrs. B. B. Knolle - Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. W. Worsham, Treasurer
Mrs. S. T. Steele - Historian
Mrs. Will Hansen - Registrar
Miss Annie Ballow - Flag Bearer
Mrs. T. C. Rowe - Musical Director
Mrs. H. Dean - Directress, E. B. Bates Auxiliary
Mrs. J. Hyndman - Curator

Honorary Members:

Mrs. F. R. Noble
Mrs. Oran M. Roberts
Mrs. T. W. House
Dick Dowling Camp, UCV

Members Who have Changed Their Names:

Mrs. Jesse Crump is now Mrs. O. L. Allen

Membership Roster

Adams, Nate Lee, Mrs.
Albert, F. H., Mrs.
Aldridge, A., Mrs.
Allen, O.L., Mrs.
Altman, S. A., Mrs.
Anderson, Laura, Mrs.
Arnold, A. C., Mrs.
Atkinson, E. A., Mrs.
Atkinson, Geo., Mrs.
Baird, T., Mrs.
Ballard, May, Miss
Ballow, Annie, Miss
Bastian, M., Miss
Bates, E. B., Mrs.
Beall, Mary L., Miss
Beavens, Louise, Mrs.
Beavens, M., Mrs.
Bedford, R., Mrs.
Birmingham, F. R., Mrs.
Black, C. W., Mrs.
Blaney, M. A., Mrs.
Bonner, B. F., Mrs.
Bottler, Lorie May, Miss
Bottler, Will, Mrs.
Boyd, M. J., Mrs.
Breedlove, S., Mrs.
Brown, Edna, Mrs.
Brown, S. A., Mrs.
Bruce, Annie, Miss
Bruce, Sydney, Mrs.
Bruce, Virginia, Miss
Bruner, Pennie, Miss
Bryner, May, Miss
Bullitt, A. C., Miss
Burke, Lindley, Mrs.
Burns, Lula, Miss
Burns, Uvalde, Mrs.
Byrne, Mary, Miss
Carter, Eddie, Miss
Coffman, Irene, Mrs.
Collins, Nettie Taylor, Mrs.
Cook, J. W., Mrs.
Craig, Lelia, Mrs.
Criswell, Jennie, Miss
Davidson, B. L., Mrs
DeMoss, L. W., Mrs.
Draper, Bessie B., Mrs.
Duenbery, J. W., Mrs.
Erichson, O., Mrs.
Evans, Ruby, Mrs.
Farmer, Lucile, Miss
Foote, Lillie Day, Miss
Fronic, Mollie, Mrs.
Furgerson, Mary, Mrs.
Furgerson, Robert, Mrs.
Gambatti, Mary, Mrs.
Garrison, Beatrice, Miss
Garrott, Margaret, Mrs.
Gay, Maggie, Miss
Gibson, J. M., Mrs.
Gordon, C. C., Mrs.
Gregory, Will, Mrs.
Griffiths, F. B., Mrs.
Guinn, May H., Mrs.
Hamilton, G. H., Mrs.
Hansen, Kate, Mrs.
Hardy, F., Miss
Harris, Mayme, Mrs.
Haskell, E. W., Mrs.
Hatch, H. S., Mrs.
Heffernon, Bell, Mrs.
Hobby, Edwin, Mrs.
Hobby, Laura, Miss
Hoover, Florence, Mrs.
Hoover, B., Mrs.
Hoover, M. L., Mrs.
Huey, C. L., Miss
Hughes, A., Miss
Hughes, Lola, Mrs.
Hunnicutt, Annie, Miss
Hunnicutt, J. D., Mrs.
Hunnicutt, Kate, Miss
Hunnicutt, Maydell, Miss
Hunter, E., Mrs.
Huston, S. H., Mrs.
Hutchison, C. M., Mrs.
Iankes, Annie, Mrs.
Irion, Caroline, Mrs.
Jones, J. G., Mrs.
Johnston, A. S., Mrs.
Karr, J. L., Mrs.
Karr, Myrtle, Miss
Kaufhold, Freddie, Miss
Kaufhold, Willie, Mrs.
Kavanaugh, Lola Reed, Mrs.
King, M. J., Mrs.
King, Will, Mrs.
Knolle, B. B., Mrs.
LaRue, E. D., Mrs.
Liggins, Kate, Mrs.
Love, Will, Mrs.
Machatee, W. L., Mrs.
Martin, M., Mrs.
Mather, Hattie, Miss
Mather, W. A., Mrs.
Matthews, S. P., Mrs.
McCall, Fannie, Mrs.
McClellan, Brettia, Mrs.
McKee, James, Mrs.
McLaughlin, Mary, Miss
McWhorter, D., Mrs.
Miller, H. C., Mrs.
Mitchell, Velma, Mrs.
Montgomery, D., Mrs.
Murdock, L. W., Mrs.
Murkent, Lena, Mrs.
Napier, W. S., Mrs.
Neal, Carrie, Miss
Noble, R. F., Mrs.
Noland, Maud, Mrs.
Ollre, A., Miss
Ollre, T. J., Mrs.
Otto, M. D., Mrs.
Patrick, A., Mrs.
Patrick, Kate, Mrs.
Patrick, W. L., Mrs.
Patton, S., Mrs.
Pendleton, M. L., Mrs.
Perry, J. S., Mrs.
Phelps, Fannie, Mrs.
Phillips, Bruce, Miss
Porter, Marian, Mrs.
Poston, A. J., Miss
Preston, G., Mrs.
Preston, S. E., Mrs.
Prince, E. O., Mrs.
Pyle, I., Mrs.
Quarrels, C. B., Mrs.
Reichardt, E. M., Mrs.
Reynaud, Lila, Mrs.
Richards, D., Mrs.
Richards, R., Mrs.
Riney, J., Mrs.
Roberts, J. C., Mrs.
Rodgers, J. C., Mrs.
Rouke, H., Mrs.
Rugely, Anne, Mrs.
Ryan, G. R., Mrs.
Ryan, J. F., Mrs.
Sandell, Carina, Mrs.
Sayre, Tom, Mrs.
Schiller, Jewel, Miss
Schiller, M. O., Mrs.
Shields, Martha, Mrs.
Shipler, C., Miss
Shipler, Edmund, Mrs.
Shotwell, Willie, Mrs.
Sonnen, Eva, Mrs.
Snope, Mary, Miss
Snope, Tom, Mrs.
Spann, J. G., Mrs.
Sparks, Perlye, Mrs.
Spruce, A. L., Mrs.
Staples, M. B., Mrs.
Steele, I., Miss
Steele, M., Miss
Steele, S. T., Mrs.
Stevens, Bettie, Mrs.
Stevens, E., Miss
Stevens, Kate, Miss
Stone, Florence, Mrs.
Stoples, A. H., Mrs.
Stuart, R. S., Mrs.
Stuart, L., Miss
Stuart, M. H., Miss
Swisher, I., Mrs.
Thacker, V., Miss
Thompson, E., Miss
Thompson, E., Mrs.
Thompson, J. H., Mrs.
Thompson, Nita, Mrs.
Towles, A., Mrs.
Towles, B., Miss
Turner, R. S., Mrs.
Washchene, E., Mrs.
White, Lottie, Mrs.
Whitley, Mattie, Mrs.
Whitmarsh, D. E., Mrs.
Whitten, A., Miss
Whittle, Eloise, Miss
Williams, J. P., Mrs.
Williams, Maidie, Miss
Williams, Mayme, Miss
Wilson, Jennie, Mrs.
Wing, W., Mrs.
Woods, M., Miss
Worsham, Welton, Mrs.
Zumwalt, M. A., Mrs.

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