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Oran M. Roberts

Oran M. Roberts

Chapter 440

United Daughters of the Confederacy®

Houston, Harris County, Texas

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of the
14th Annual Convention of the Texas Division
United Daughters of the Confederacy

Brownwood, Texas
7, 8, 9 & 10 December 1909

Oran M. Roberts Chapter, No. 440, Houston

In Memoriam [p. 34]

Mrs. T. B. Slade

[Chapter Report - p. 84-85]


Mrs. Wharton Bates - President
Mrs. J. M. Gibson - 1st Vice President
Mrs. Hattie Hatch - 2nd Vice President
Mrs. R. F. Noble - 3rd Vice President
Mrs. Sidney Huston - 4th Vice President
Mrs. E. C. Reichardt - Recording Secretary
Mrs. M. C. Otto - Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. Sam Steele - Historian
Mrs. Arthur McClellan - Treasurer
Mrs. Kate Hausen - Registrar

Honorary Members

Miss Adelia Dunovant, Honorary President
Mrs. Oran M. Roberts
Mrs. Mary Blaney
Dick Dowling Camp UCV
Mrs. T. W. House
Miss Helen Sales
Mrs. M. A. Percy

Attended celebration of Lee’s and Jackson’s birthday, program given by R. E. Lee Chapter, Texas Heroes day celebration was given by E. B. Bates Auxiliary. Memorial Day was observed by the two Chapters and Dick Dowling Camp, the Oran M. Roberts Chapter getting up program. Our Chapter Historian, Mrs. S. T. Steele and musical director, Mrs. T. C. Rowe, being in charge. About 300 wreaths were taken to different cemeteries and placed on graves of veterans. Assisted seven charity cases. Sent an old lady to Confederate Home, giving her fare and money. Celebrated Jefferson Davis birthday jointly with R. E. Lee Chapter. R. E. Lee Chapter having program in charge.

Paid State and General dues. Gave yearly donation of $1 to Texas Room in Richmond Museum.

Held memorial services jointly with R. E. Lee Chapter, Dick Dowling Camp in memory of Mrs. J. Addison Hayes. Sent letter of condolence to family.

Gave $2.50 to Hood’s Texas Brigade at Gettysburg. Celebrated Governor Roberts’ birthday with appropriate program, also Judge Reagan’s birthday, as our State President has requested all Chapters would help some Confederate family in need on this day.

We gave $5 to an old Confederate and wife. Mrs. Goodlet’s birthday was celebrated at the same time of Judge Reagan’s. Assisted the children with boulder to Terry’s Texas Rangers, of which we are very proud and was unveiled during General Convention held here. This little band of workers, the E. Bennett Bates Auxiliary, are doing splendid work, and have 40 regular members.

We gave $100 to Confederate Woman’s Home at Austin.

The Chapter elected as associate members: Mrs. G. L. Shannon and Mrs. Frank Salleck, in appreciation of excellent services rendered.


Adams, Katy Lee, Mrs.
Albert, F. H., Mrs.
Altman, S. A., Mrs.
Anderson, Laura, Mrs.
Arnold, A. C., Mrs.
Arnold, G. L., Mrs.
Atkinson, E. E., Mrs.
Atkinson, Geo., Mrs.
Ballard, May, Miss
Bastian, Mamie, Miss
Bates, Eliza Bennett, Mrs.
Beall, Mary L., Miss
Beavens, Louise, Mrs.
Beavans, Massie, Mrs.
Bedford, R., Mrs.
Birmingham, F. R., Mrs.
Black, C. W., Mrs.
Blaney, M. A., Mrs.
Bonner, R. F., Mrs.
Bottler, Will, Mrs.
Boyd, M. J., Mrs.
Breedlove, Stella, Mrs.
Brown, Edna, R., Mrs.
Brown, S. A., Mrs.
Bruce, Annie, Miss
Bruce, Sydney, T., Mrs.
Bruce, Virginia, Miss
Bruner, Jennie, Miss
Bullitt, A. C., Mrs.
Burks, Lindley, Mrs.
Burns, Lula, Miss
Burns, Uvalde, Mrs.
Buttler, Loue May, Miss
Bynes, Mary, Miss
Bynes, May, Miss
Cabiness, Annie, Miss
Caldwell, Fannie, Mrs.
Calhoun, W. E., Mrs.
Calvert, Llucy, Mrs.
Campbell, J. W., Mrs.
Campbell, Jesse, Mrs.
Carter, Edee, Miss
Carter, S. F., Mrs.
Cleveland, J. W., Mrs.
Coffman, Irene, Mrs.
Collin, Nettie Taylor, Miss
Collins, M. A., Mrs.
Conway, M. A., Mrs.
Cook, J. W., Mrs.
Corrigan, Mattie, Mrs.
Cotney, H., Mrs.
Cotney, Susie, Mrs.
Craig, Lelia, Mrs.
Criswell, Jennie, Miss
Daniel, Maggie, Miss
Daniels, F. B., Mrs.
Davidson, B. L., Mrs.
Davis, C. E., Mrs.
Davis, L. A., Mrs.
Davis, Nellie, Mrs.
Day, Ballard, Mrs.
Deen, H. A., Mrs.
DeMoss, L. W., Mrs.
Draper, Bessie B., Mrs.
Dusenberry, H. M., Mrs.
Eldredge, A., Mrs.
Erickson, O., Mrs.
Evans, Ruby, Mrs.
Farmer, Lucile, Miss
Ferguson, Mary A., Mrs.
Ferguson, Robert, Mrs.
Foote, Lillie Day, Miss
Fronic, Mollie, Mrs.
Gambetti, Mary, Mrs.
Garrison, Beatrice, Mrs.
Garrott, Margaret, Mrs.
Gay, Maggie, Miss
Gibson, J. M., Mrs.
Gordon, C. C., Mrs.
Gordon, Jesse, Mrs.
Gordon, Shirley, Miss
Gregory, Will, Mrs.
Griffiths, F. B., Mrs.
Guinn, May H., Mrs.
Hardy, Fannie, Miss
Harris, Mamie, Mrs.
Haskell, E. W., Mrs.
Hatch, Hattie S., Mrs.
Hausen, Kate, Mrs.
Heffernon, Belle, Mrs.
Hobby, Edwin, Mrs.
Hobby, Laura, Miss
Hoover, Beverly, Mrs.
Hoover, Florence, Mrs.
Hoover, M. L., Mrs.
Huey, C. L., Miss
Hughes, Annie, Miss
Hughes, Lola, Mrs.
Hunnicutt, Annie Gray, Mrs.
Hunnicutt, Geo. H., Mrs.
Hunnicutt, J. D., Mrs.
Hunnicutt, Kate, Mrs.
Hunnicutt, Maydell, Mrs.
Hunter, Evelyn, Miss
Huston, S. H., Mrs.
Hutchinson, C. M., Mrs.
Irion, Caroline, Miss
Jankes, Annie, Mrs.
Johnson, A. S., Mrs.
Jones, J. G., Mrs.
Karr, J. L., Mrs.
Karr, Myteis, Miss
Kaufhold, Freddie, Miss
Kaufhold, Nettie, Mrs.
Kavanaugh, Lola Reed, Mrs.
King, W. J., Mrs.
King, William C., Mrs.
Knolle, B. B., Mrs.
LaRue, E. D., Mrs.
Lawson, Mollie E., Mrs.
LeClere, H., Mrs.
Liggin, Kate, Mrs.
Love, William, Mrs.
Lowell, Lula, Mrs.
Lowell, W. T., Mrs.
Macatee, W. L., Mrs.
Martin, M., Mrs.
Mathee, Hattie, Miss
Mathee, W. A., Mrs.
Matthews, S. P., Mrs.
McCall, Fannie, Mrs.
McCardell, M., Mrs.
McClelland, B., Mrs.
McCormick, Geo., Mrs.
McDonald, E., Mrs.
McKee, James, Mrs.
McLaughlin, Mary, Mrs.
McWhorter, D., Mrs.
Michael, Velma, Mrs.
Miller, H. C., Mrs.
Montgomery, D., Mrs.
Moore, Annie, Mrs.
Murdock, L. W., Mrs.
Murkent, Lena, Mrs.
Napier, W. S., Mrs.
Neal, Carrie, Miss
Noble, R. F., Mrs.
Noland, Maud, Mrs.
Ollre, Audrey, Miss
Ollre, T. J., Mrs.
Otto, Ware Driskill, Mrs.
Patrick, A., Mrs.
Patrick, Kate, Mrs.
Patrick, W. L., Mrs.
Patton, Samuel, Mrs.
Pendleton, I. L., Mrs.
Perry, Geo., Mrs.
Phelps, Fannie, Mrs.
Phillips, Bruce, Mrs.
Porter, Marion, Mrs.
Poston, A. F., Mrs.
Preston, Gertrude, Mrs.
Preston, S. E., Mrs.
Prince, E. G., Mrs.
Pyle, I., Mrs.
Quarles, C. B., Mrs.
Reichardt, Edward C., Mrs.
Reynaud, Lelia, Mrs.
Richards, Dora, Miss
Richards, R., Mrs.
Riney, J., Mrs.
Roberts, J. C., Mrs.
Rogers, J. C., Mrs.
Rook, H., Mrs.
Rugely, Annie, Mrs.
Ryan, G. R., Mrs.
Ryan, J. F., Mrs.
Sandall, Zarina, Mrs.
Sayre, Tom G., Mrs.
Schiller, Jewel, Miss
Schiller, M. O., Mrs.
Shepler, C., Mrs.
Shields, Martha F., Mrs.
Shipler, Edmund, Mrs.
Shotwell, Willie, Mrs.
Sonnen, Eva, Mrs.
Span, J. G., Mrs.
Sparks, Pearlye, Miss
Spence, A. L., Mrs.
Staples, A. H., Mrs.
Staples, M. B., Miss
Steele, I., Miss
Steele, M., Miss
Steele, S. T., Mrs.
Stephens, Bettie, Mrs.
Stephens, Elizabeth, Miss
Stephens, Kate, Miss
Steward, L., Miss
Stewart, Carrie E., Miss
Stewart, M. H., Miss
Stewart, R. S., Mrs.
Stone, Florence, Mrs.
Swisher, I., Miss
Swope, Mary, Miss
Swope, Tom, Mrs.
Thacker, V., Miss
Thompson, Elizabeth, Mrs.
Thompson, Ethel M., Mrs.
Thompson, J. H., Mrs.
Thompson, Nita, Mrs.
Towles, Alfred, Mrs.
Towles, Bertha, Miss
Turner, R. S., Mrs.
Washchene, Emma, Mrs.
White, Lotta, Miss
Whitte, Eloise Mrs.
Whitmarch, D. E., Mrs.
Whitten, Aubrey, Miss
Whitten, Mattie, Mrs.
Williams, J. P., Mrs.
Williams, Maidie, Mrs.
Wilson, Jennie, Mrs.
Wing, William, Mrs.
Woods, Maude, Miss
Worsham, L. Welton, Miss
Zumwalt, M. A., Mrs.

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