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Oran M. Roberts

Oran M. Roberts

Chapter 440

United Daughters of the Confederacy®

Houston, Harris County, Texas

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of the
9th Annual Convention of the Texas Division
United Daughters of the Confederacy

Held in Waxahachie, Texas
6, 7, 8 & 9 December 1904

Reporter for 1905

Miss Katie Daffan, President
Mrs. W. P. Lane, Secretary

Oran M. Roberts Chapter, No. 440, Houston, Texas

[p. 63]

In Memoriam
Daughters who have Passed to Rest - 1904

Mrs. Henry Black

[Chapter Report - p. 111-112]

Has held its regular meetings twice a month till August 1st; from that time till October 1st we met one a month. Since then we have resumed our regular meetings. We have also had three called meetings during the year.

Have celebrated the birthdays of President Davis and General Lee with appropriate programs, and held memorial services on the day that General Gordon was buried, also sent laurel wreath to family for funeral. We celebrated Memorial Day be decorating graves of our soldiers with flowers and wreaths made for that purpose, numbering 130. Have given three entertainments during the year, from each of which we realized a nice sum.

Several members of our chapter assisted Mrs. M. A. Zumwalt in collecting money for the Widows’ Home Fund. These ladies did fine work. Mrs. Zumwalt, who is chairman of this committee for South Texas, deserves great praise for this noble work.

We have paid our general and State dues, $14.70 each. Assisted a poor woman, the widow of a Confederate soldier and sent a year’s subscription to “Dixieland” to the Confederate Home. The Chapter is now free of debt, and has some money in treasury.

Has a registered membership of 152 members. Have $61 in bank for Widows’ Home Fund. Membership is increasing at each meeting and Chapter in quire a flourishing condition.


Mrs. Wharton Bates - President
Mrs. J. M. Gibson - First Vice President
Mrs. M. N. Cure - Second Vice President
Mrs. Hattie S. Hatch - Third Vice President
Mrs. Randall Stephens - Fourth Vice President
Mrs. Lottie R. Cox - Recording Secretary
Miss Elbertine Mathews - Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. Theodore L. Larking - Treasurer
Mrs. Will Bottler - Registrar
Mrs. Sam T. Steele - Historian
Mrs. B. B. Knolle - Librarian

Miss Adelia Dunovant, Honorary President

Honorary Members:

Mrs. Oran M. Roberts
Mrs. Mary Blaney
Mrs. T. W. House
Mrs. M. A. Percy
Dick Dowling Camp, UCV

Membership Roster

Albert, F. H., Mrs.
Allman, S., Mrs.
Arnold, A. C., Mrs.
Atkinson, E. E., Mrs.
Atkinson, George, Mrs.
Atkinson, Margaret H., Mrs.
Baker, S. E., Mrs.
Ballard, May, Miss
Bastian, Mamie S., Miss
Bates, Eliza, Mrs.
Beall, Mary L., Miss
Beavens, C. C., Mrs.
Beavens, Emily, Miss
Beavens, Massey, Mrs.
Black, C. W., Mrs.
Blaffer, Lucy, Miss
Blaney, M. A., Mrs.
Bonner, B. F., Mrs.
Bottler, Will, Mrs.
Boyd, M. J., Mrs.
Breedlove, Stella O., Mrs.
Brown, Edna R., Mrs.
Brown, S. A., Mrs.
Bruce, Annie E., Miss
Bruce, C. Virginia, Miss
Bruce, Sydney, T., Mrs.
Brunner, Jennie, Miss
Bullard, L. H., Mrs.
Bullard, M. H., Mrs.
Bullit, A. C., Mrs.
Burns, Lula R., Mrs.
Cabaniss, Anne, Miss
Calhoun, W. E., Mrs.
Carter, S. F., Mrs.
Cleveland, J. W., Mrs.
Clower, Fannie E., Miss
Clower, Jessie K., Miss
Collins, M. A., Mrs.
Collins, Maggie, Miss
Conway, M. A., Mrs.
Cotney, H., Mrs.
Cox, Lottie Rugely, Mrs.
Cotney, Susia A., Mrs.
Cure, M. N., Mrs.
Daniel, Maggie, Miss
Daniel, S. V., Mrs.
Davis, L. A., Mrs.
Dickey, D. A., Mrs.
Dorris, Willie A., Mrs.
Erichson, Oscar, Mrs.
Fergerson, Mary A., Mrs.
Fergerson, Robert, Mrs.
Gambatti, Annie, Miss
Garret, Edna B., Miss
Garrison, Beatrice, Miss
Gay, Margie, Miss
Gibson, J. M., Mrs.
Gordon, C. C., Mrs.
Gordon, M. M., Miss
Gregory, Will, Mrs.
Griffin, T. P., Mrs.
Hamilton, George H., Mrs.
Hardy, Fanny, Miss
Harper, Lolah Reid
Harris, H. W., Mrs.
Harris, Mamie, Mrs.
Hatch, Hatty Shields, Mrs.
Heffernan, Belle Nelson, Mrs.
Hewes, Annie E., Miss
Hobby, Edwin, Mrs.
Hobby, Laura, Miss
Hoover, M. A., Mrs.
Huey, C. L., Miss
Hunnicutt, Annie Grey, Miss
Hunnicutt, J. D., Mrs.
Hunnicutt, Kate, Miss
Hunnicutt, Maydelle, Miss
Hunter, Evelyn McGraw, Mrs.
Hutchison, C. M., Mrs.
Jones, J. Gorden, Mrs.
Kaufhold, Mrs.
Kinkade, Margaret H., Mrs.
Knolle, B. B., Mrs.
Larkin, Theo. L., Mrs.
Laws, Loolah A., Miss
Lawson, Mollie E., Mrs.
Leeler, H., Mrs.
Lovell, W. T., Mrs.
Mathee, Hatty A., Miss
Mathee, W. A., Mrs.
Mathews, Elbertine, Miss
Mathews, S. P., Mrs.
McAuliff, Eva, Mrs.
McCardell, Minnie, Mrs.
McClellan, Bertie, Mrs.
McCormick, George, Mrs.
McDonald, Mary E., Miss
McKee, James, Mrs.
Merkent, Lena, Mrs.
Michels, Velma, Miss
Miller, H. C., Mrs.
Montgomery, Dora, Mrs.
Napier, Wm. S., Mrs.
Neal, Caroline, Miss
Noble, Mrs.
Noland, Maud F., Mrs.
Ollre, Audrey, Miss
Ollre, T. J., Mrs.
Pendleton, T. S., Mrs.
Percy, M. A., Mrs.
Phillips, Bruce, Miss
Postan, A. F., Miss
Preston, Gertrude, Miss
Preston, S. E., Mrs.
Quales, C. B., Mrs.
Reynaud, Lelia, Miss
Riney, J., Mrs.
Roberts, J. C., Mrs.
Rudersdorf, Edythe, Mrs.
Rugely, Annie, Mrs.
Ryan, G. R., Mrs.
Ryan, John F., Mrs.
Sale, Ellen L., Miss
Sayers, Tom G., Mrs.
Schiller, Jewell, Miss
Schiller, M. O., Mrs.
Shepler, Clementine, Miss
Shepler, Emma, Mrs.
Shottell, Wm. I., Mrs.
Sonnen, Eva, Mrs.
Spann, John G., Mrs.
Sparks, Pearl, Mrs.
Spence, A. H., Mrs.
Staples, Mary V., Miss
Steele, Irby, Miss
Steele, Maybelle, Miss
Steele, M. Slade, Mrs.
Stevens, Bettie T., Mrs.
Stevens, Elizabeth K., Miss
Stevens, K. E., Miss
Stone, Florence F., Mrs.
Stuart, Carrie E., Miss
Stuart, Louise, Miss
Stuart, Mary, Mrs.
Stuart, R. S., Mrs.
Swope, Mary, Miss
Swope, Tom C., Mrs.
Teal, Lizzie, Mrs.
Thacker, Victoria, Miss
Thompson, J. H., Mrs.
Thomson, Elizabeth, Mrs.
Thomson, Ethel, Mrs.
Tolles, Bertha, Miss
Tryon, Caroline, Miss
White, Lotta, Mrs.
Whitmarsh, De Etta, Mrs.
Wilkerson, Minnie, Mrs.
Williams, J. P., Mrs.
Williams, Madie, Miss
Wilson, Jennie, Mrs.
Wing, William, Mrs.
Witte, Eloise S., Miss
Zumwalt, M. A., Mrs.

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