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Oran M. Roberts

Oran M. Roberts

Chapter 440

United Daughters of the Confederacy®

Houston, Harris County, Texas

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of the
7th Annual Convention of the Texas Division
United Daughters of the Confederacy

Fort Worth, Texas
2, 3, & 4 December 1902

Mrs. A. R. Howard, President
Mrs. Effie P. Taylor, Secretary

Oran M. Roberts Chapter, No. 440, Houston, Texas

Organized: 1 Feb 1901 - Chartered: 19 Feb 1901

In Memoriam [p. 49]

Mrs. John Garrott
Mrs. T. W. Garrott
Mrs. W. E. Humphreyville
Mrs. W. N. Tignor

Chapter Report [p. 68]

The chapter has a membership of 334. Two meetings per month have been held, also six or seven call meetings. The attendance very good and interest has steadily increased.

The anniversaries - Lee's birthday, Memorial Day and Third of June, birthday of Jefferson Davis - were all observed with appropriate programs, much interest has been manifested by the Chapter in these anniversaries, and the general public largely attended.

A Children's Auxiliary was organized by Mrs. Steele, much interest has been manifested in this work and the children attended the anniversary exercises in large numbers and added much to the interest of the occasion by their present and singing.

The Chapter has lost by death, three members - Mrs. I. W. Garrott, Mrs. Florence Bute Garrott and Mrs. Humphrevile.

The general dues, $31.50 and the state dues, $31.50 making a total of $63 have been paid; also a contribution to the Marietta, Ga., Cemetery fund.


Mrs. I. M. E. Blandin - President
Mrs. Wharton Bates - First Vice President
Mrs. Jennie A. Criswell - Second Vice President
Mrs. H. W. Harris - Third Vice President
Mrs. E. F. Hefferman - Fourth Vice President
Mrs. A. J. Mayberry - Recording Secretary
Miss Laura Hobby - Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. M. A. Zummalt - Treasurer
Mrs. George Austin - Historian
Miss Kate Stephens - Registrar
Mrs. Sam Steele - Standard Bearer
Miss Anna Hewes - Custodian

Honorary President:

Miss Adelia A. Dunovant

Honorary Members
Mrs. Oran M. Roberts
Mrs. M. J. Briscoe
Dick Dowling Camp, UCV


Adair, J. H., Mrs.
Albert, J. A., Mrs.
Alden, Laura, Miss
Allen, Baltis, Mrs.
Allen, Marie, Mrs.
Allison, S., Mrs.
Anderson, W. W., Mrs.
Andrews, Ed, Mrs.
Asbury, R. A., Mrs.
Atkinson, M. H., Mrs.
Aubrey, A. M., Mrs.
Austin, Geo, Mrs.
Ballard, M., Miss
Bastian, Mamie, Miss
Bates, E. B., Mrs.
Bates, Wharton, Mrs.
Beavens, C. C., Mrs.
Beavens, Emily C., Mrs.
Beavens, Massie, Mrs.
Beavens, Risley, Mrs.
Bennett, G. R., Mrs.
Berring, G. J., Mrs.
Bennett, Ione, Miss
Bill, Henrietta, Mrs.
Bite, Bertha, Miss
Blaffer, Lucy, Miss
Blake, L. P., Mrs.
Blake, Louise, Miss
Blandin, I. M. E., Mrs.
Blaney, Mary E., Mrs.
Block, H. C., Mrs.
Bonner, B. F., Mrs.
Bottler, Will, Mrs.
Bowman, L., Mrs.
Boyd, Lizzie, Miss
Boyd, M. J., Mrs.
Brashear, Jerry, Mrs.
Bredlove, Stella, Mrs.
Brice, Annie, Miss
Bright, J. H., Mrs.
Brown, Mrs.
Brown, Edwin, Mrs.
Brown, Kathrine, Miss
Brown, S., Mrs.
Bruce, Ethel, Miss
Bruce, R. L., Mrs.
Bruce, S. F., Mrs.
Bruce, Virginia, Miss
Brunner, Jennie, Miss
Bryan, Caro, Miss
Bryan, J. D., Mrs.
Bryan, Johnelle, Miss
Bullitt, A. C., Mrs.
Burnes, Lula R., Mrs.
Butte, Dorothy, Miss
Butte, James, Mrs.
Cabaniss, Annie, Miss
Campbell, Lee, Mrs.
Carter, S. F., Mrs.
Chapman, Della, Mrs.
Clarkson, Emma, Miss
Clarkson, Laura, Miss
Cleveland, J. W., Mrs.
Clower, Fannie, Mrs.
Clower, Jessie, Miss
Cohen, L. L., Mrs.
Collier, Bell, Miss
Collins, M. A., Mrs.
Collins, Maggie, Miss
Conway, M. A., Mrs.
Cooke, Claire, Miss
Cooke, V. R., Mrs.
Cotney, H., Mrs.
Cotney, Louise, Mrs.
Cotney, Susan, Miss
Covey, L. V., Mrs.
Cravins, Rose, Miss
Criswell, Jennie A., Miss
Crooker, J. A., Miss
Cunningham, Ed., Mrs.
Cure, M. N., Mrs.
Cury, Mary J., Mrs.
Daniels, F. V., Mrs.
Daniels, Maggie, Miss
Davidson, A. L., Miss
Davidson, Ben, Mrs.
Davis, L. W., Mrs.
Davis, Lou, Mrs.
Davis, Mary C., Miss
Davis, S. A., Mrs.
Daviss, Bessie, Miss
Daviss, E. P., Mrs.
Dickey, D. A., Miss
Dolan, Frankie, Miss
Dorris, E. W., Mrs.
Dougherty, Eliza, Miss
Dunovant, Adelia A., Miss
Dupree, V. M., Miss
Dusenbery, H. M., Mrs.
Eagle, Joe H., Mrs.
Elgin, Bettie, Miss
Erichson, Oscar, Mrs.
Everts, Ida, Miss
Fawcett, Mrs.
Fall, Isa Lloyd, Mrs.
Farmer, Lucile, Miss
Fegruson, J., Mrs.
Ferguson, Robert, Mrs.
Flemings, F. F., Mrs.
Flynne, Mrs.
Ford, Ethel Gertude, Miss
Fredericks, Gus, Mrs.
Frourmer, Lillian, Miss
Gallager, D. S., Mrs.
Ganbatti, Annie, Miss
Ganbatti, Mabel, Miss
Garrison, B., Miss
Gay, Maggie, Miss
Gibson, J. M., Mrs.
Godley, Mrs.
Gordon, Miss
Gordon, Charles, Mrs.
Gould, Bettie B., Miss
Greaves, Geo., Mrs.
Gregory, W. W., Mrs.
Griffith, T. P., Mrs.
Hackney, Tom L., Mrs.
Hall, G. P., Mrs.
Hall, Mabane Rose, Miss
Hall, R. M., Mrs.
Hamilton, Geo. H., Mrs.
Hanks, Ella A., Mrs.
Hardy, Fannie, Miss
Harris, Ethel, Miss
Harris, H. W., Mrs.
Hatch, Hattie, Miss
Heath, D. W., Mrs.
Heffernen, E. F., Mrs.
Hellen, Josie, Mrs.
Hewes, Annie C., Miss
Hill, Edwin, Mrs.
Hill, H. E., Mrs.
Hines, Beulah, Mrs.
Hitchler, A. H., Mrs.
Hitchler, Julia, Miss
Hite, F. B., Mrs.
Hobby, Edwin, Mrs.
Hobby, Mary, Miss
Hobby, Laura, Miss
Holtkamp, Clara, Mrs.
Hornbuckle, W. E., Mrs.
House, T. W., Mrs.
Howard, William, Mrs.
Howell, Elizabeth, Miss
Howell, M. B., Mrs.
Howze, T. H., Mrs.
Hudson, Mrs.
Hume, H., Mrs.
Hunnicutt, Annie G., Miss
Hunnicutt, Kate
Hunnicutt, J. D., Mrs.
Hunnicutt, M., Miss
Hunter, William, Mrs.
Hutchinson, I. P., Mrs.
Hutchinson, E. W., Mrs.
Jackson, L. A.
Jackson, Myrtle, Miss
Johnson, Hill, Mrs.
Jones, Alice May, Miss
Jones, Altha, Miss
Jones, Ethel, Miss
Jones, W. R., Mrs.
Kinkaid, W. J., Mrs.
Kuykendall, Marie, Mrs.
Lane, Jonathan, Mrs.
Larkin, Theo. L., Mrs.
Latimer, D. A., Mrs.
Laws, Lulah, Miss
Lawson, M. A., Mrs.
LeClere, H., Mrs.
Lester, J. D., Mrs.
Lindley, E. G., Mrs.
Lindley, Lessie, Miss
Lindley, Wilma, Miss
Lockhart, E. P., Mrs.
Lockhart, Nettie, Miss
Lovell, W. T., Mrs.
Macatee, L., Mrs.
Macatee, W. L., Mrs.
Maker, Jessie, Mrs.
Martin, C. B., Mrs.
Martin, M. F., Mrs.
Mathee, Hattie, Mrs.
Mathee, W. A., Mrs.
Mather, E. H., Mrs.
Mather, Frank, Mrs.
Maybery, A. J., Mrs.
McAuliffe, Eva, Mrs.
McCardell, Minnie, Miss
McCormick, Geo., Mrs.
McDonald, E., Miss
McDonnell, M. N., Mrs.
McEvay, Robert, Mrs.
McFarland, Earle, Mrs.
McGee, James, Mrs.
McKee, J. W., Mrs.
McLaughlin, J. E., Mrs.
Merkent, Lena, Mrs.
Meeks, J. V., Mrs.
Miller, H. C., Mrs.
Miller, J. W., Mrs.
Minor, E. G., Mrs.
Mitchell, G. E., Miss
Michaels, Velma, Mrs.
Montgomery, Dora, Miss
Morse, H. C., Mrs.
Napier, W. S., Mrs.
Norfleet, Mrs.
Noland, Hal P., Mrs.
Nussbaum, Ida R., Miss
O'Donnell, M. V., Mrs.
Oliver, H. C., Mrs.
Ollre, Andry, Miss
Pannell, Bertie, Miss
Pastoria, Josie, Miss
Patillo, Blanche, Miss
Patrick, Kate, Mrs.
Patrick, Saupta, Mrs.
Patrick, Zula, Miss
Pendleton, Frank, Mrs.
Percy, M. A., Mrs.
Phelps, F. L., Mrs.
Phillips, Bruce, Miss
Phillips, Dora, Mrs.
Poston, Mary, Mrs.
Preston, S. E., Mrs.
Preston, S. G., Miss
Pyle, Ingram, Mrs.
Quarles, C. B., Mrs.
Rainwauter, M. H., Mrs.
Ranson, Ruth, Miss
Reid, Will, Mrs.
Reynaud, Belle, Mrs.
Reynaud, L. A., Mrs.
Riemond, Mrs.
Riney, J., Mrs.
Roberts, Annie, Miss
Roberts, J. C., Mrs.
Roberts, S. A., Mrs.
Roper, M. W., Miss
Rudersdorf, John, Mrs.
Ryan, G. R., Mrs.
Ryan, John E., Mrs.
Sale, Ellen L., Miss
Sayers, T. G., Mrs.
Scanlong, L. L., Mrs.
Schiller, Jewel, Miss
Schiller, M. O., Mrs.
Schoveling, B., Miss
Scofield, J. S. W., Mrs.
Scott, J. F., Mrs.
Seger, C. B., Jr., Mrs.
Seger, C. B., Sr., Mrs.
Shaw, Wallace, Mrs.
Shepler, C., Mrs.
Shepler, Emma, Miss
Shoemaker, Mrs.
Shotwell, M., Mrs.
Shultz, Mrs.
Simpson, Fannie, Miss
Sims, S. E., Mrs.
Smith, Bertha, Miss
Smith, Dan, Jr., Mrs.
Smith, Laura, Miss
Soloman, Corrine, Miss
Sonen, Eva, Miss
Sparks, Pearl, Miss
Sparks, Pearl, Mrs.
Spence, A. H., Mrs.
Stacy, J. M., Mrs.
Stark, M. J., Mrs.
Steele, Irby, Miss
Steele, Mabel, Miss
Steele, Sam, Mrs.
Stephens, B. T., Mrs.
Stephens, Kate, Miss
Stieff, Geo. W., Mrs.
Stone, F. F., Miss
Stuart, Carrie, Miss
Stuart, Louise, Miss
Stuart, Mary, Mrs.
Stuart, R. S., Mrs.
Swope, Tom C., Mrs.
Tackaberry, Attie, Miss
Tackabery, Minnie, Mrs.
Thacker, Victoria, Miss
Thompson, Ethel, Mrs.
Thompson, J. A., Mrs.
Thompson, J. H., Mrs.
Thornton, H. J., Mrs.
Towles, Alfred, Mrs.
Towles, Bertha, Miss
Tryon, Carrie, Miss
Tuffley, L. J., Mrs.
Victory, Maybelle, Miss
Vinson, Baldridge, Mrs.
Vinson, Carol, Miss
White, E. S., Mrs.
White, H. H., Mrs.
White, Lottie, Mrs.
Whitemarsh, DeE., Mrs.
Wier, Mattie, Miss
Wilkerson, J. W., Mrs.
Williams, Madie, Miss
Williams, Marian, Miss
Williams, T. P., Mrs.
Williams, W. a., Mrs.
Zumwalt, M. A., Mrs.
Zweib, Lizzie, Miss

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