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Oran M. Roberts

Oran M. Roberts

Chapter 440

United Daughters of the Confederacy®

Houston, Harris County, Texas

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of the
6th Annual Convention of the Texas Division
United Daughters of the Confederacy

Held in San Antonio, Texas
3-5 December 1901

Mrs. Benedette B. Tobin, President
Miss Katie L. Davven, Secretary

Oran M. Roberts Chapter, No. 440, Houston
Report for 1902

[Chapter Report - p. 104-107]

Oran M. Roberts Chapter was organized at Houston on February 1901, and in December, in then months, had 312 members! What a wonderful record, and how proud, as well as how happy, Miss Dunovant, our President, is, to bring this force of members and of zeal as an offering to the holy cause she so loves and honors. When in months our Chapter has climbed high into the hundreds, how glorious the promise the future holds of its years of development.

Whence comes this strength of numbers and earnestness of purpose? The Chapter say: From the great executive ability of Miss Dunovant; from the warmth of her patriotism, that magnetically draws others into the work to which she delegates her life.

Miss Dunovant say the Chapter is strong, because it has been nourished upon the principles of the South; earnest of purpose, because its mission is to defend the South against false history; enthusiastic, because it has mounted to the pinnacle of Southern influences, and in that rarefied atmosphere the soul has has expanded.

The Oran M. Roberts Chapter meets once each week in the parlor of Miss Dunovant's home. Home, that has ever been the glory of Southern womanhood and the reverence of Southern manhood, is a suitable shrine for the altar of the confederacy, and the Daughters may well consecrate to the Confederacy, whose name and honors they bear, a few hours of each week. What is the devotional work that this Chapter pursues?

First, a practical business meeting, for without this solid foundation of effort, even lofty thoughts and noble sentiment can accomplish little; then, historic reading from the Chapter's well selected library, and general discussion and elucidation of those readings. Mrs. O. M. Roberts and several members of the Chapter have generously contributed to the Chapter library. Thrilling music and recitation follow calm-brow history in perpetuating memories. Last is the "social half hour." when the President becomes the hostess and serves refreshments (symbol of Southern hospitality) to her guests-the Chapter. Over this scene two glorious banners droop in benediction. One is the flag of the Confederacy, presented to the Chapter by Miss Dunovant; the other was presented to the Chapter by Mrs. O. M. Roberts. In every fold of this time-worn flag nestle tales of the heroic struggle of the 1860s. The staff briefly chronicles its history: "Presented by the fair women of Pelousas to O. M. Roberts, in honor of the brigade of infantry commanded by him at the battle of Bayou Bourbeau, Louisiana, on the end of November 1863."

This flag, Mrs. Roberts, "was prized by the Governor," and "taken by him to all of the Confederate Reunions."

And now, we, the Daughters of the State that, through the leadership of Oran M. Roberts, united her destiny with that of her sister States of the Confederacy, we now unfurl, side by side with this time-worn, historic flag, a banner with the name "Oran M. Roberts Chapter" blazoned in gold, bidding the Daughters of Texas to do honor to the memory of this great son of Texas. Other States have their great sons to whom we bow in homage; but it is meet that we forget not those that lifted Texas to the highest altitude of State grandeur; and, among all, the name of Oran M. Roberts stands preeminent. As lawyer, jurist, statesman, soldier, teacher, historian, he has no rival in the annuals of Texas.

An beneath his name, on our Chapter banner, Miss Dunovant has inscribed, in letters of living light, the words, "Memory is the Mother of the Muses."

The two anniversaries that have occurred since the organization of our Chapter have been celebrated with stately decorum and loving enthusiasm. Memorial Day, the large hail in which our services were held was literally thronged by the general public. Conspicuous in the crown was the Dick Dowling Camp of Veterans-welcome visitors. The exercises consisted of the singing of "Our Southland" by several hundred public school children; reading our "Ritual;" address by the President, also memorial tribute by her to our lamented and beloved State President, Mrs. Tobin.

The birthday of President Davis was celebrated with equal dignity and honor. Features of the occasion were: Presentation of Crosses of Honor to members of Dick Dowling Camp, accompanied by appropriate remarks by the President; address, "Jefferson Davis, by Chapter Historian; song, "Jefferson Davis," written for the celebration by our President; other musical and recitative numbers by members of our Chapter. We consider our Chapter singularly fortunate I having enrolled the names of many accomplished musicians and elocutionists.

As regards finances, we paid the general and State per capita dues - $10.00 into each treasury-upon our organization, although constitutionally exempt, on account of having organized after the prescribed time for payment. In recognition of our generosity in not availing ourselves of the constitutional exemptions from taxes, the General Treasurer, Mrs. J. Jefferson Thomas, had the letter of our Treasurer published in the Atlanta Journal:

"Miss Dunovant attended the General Convention, recently held in Wilmington, and so marked were the honors accorded her that her Chapter attests its gratification by this official reverence."

Recently we responded to the appeal of the State Secretary. Miss Dafan, by sending $2.00 extra to pay balance due on printing Annual.

Our President, Miss Dunovant, had the honor of representing Houston, and probably Texas, through a floral offering at the ceremonies attendant upon the unveiling of the bust of General Lee in the Hall of Fame at University Heights, New York, on May 30th.

This floral offering, a large and handsome wreath in red, with a white star in the center, was a individual tribute from Miss Dunovant to the South's peerless leader, and was sent in response to a telegram from Mrs. Weed, General President of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

One more item,, which we cannot leave untold: There have been, during the ten months of our existence as a Chapter 945 members in attendance upon our meetings. This does not include, of course, the anniversary celebrations. When I tell you that our meetings were discontinued during the months of July and August, you will, I know, agree with me in regarding it a matter of proud record. The Oran M. Roberts Chapter has had an average attendance of 118 a month.

Mrs. Maggie Dunovant Calhoun

Registrar's Report 1902

Chapter No.: 440
Chapter Name: Oran M. Roberts
Post Office: Houston
1901 Increase: 140
Qualified Members: 140

Organized Feb. 1, 1901. Chartered Feb. 19, 1901

Miss Adelia A. Dunovant - President
Mrs. Wharton Bates - First Vice-President
Mrs. Wm. B. King - Second Vice-President
Mrs. Lula Burns - Third Vice-President
Mrs. C. C. Beavens - Fourth Vice-President
Miss Jennie A. Criswell - Recording Secretary
Mrs. Ed. Brown - Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. M. A. Zumwalt - Treasurer
Miss Laura Hobby - Historian
Mrs. E. A. Heffernan - Custodian
Miss Kate Stephens - Secretary
Mrs. Dan Smith, Jr. - Librarian
Mrs. Sam Steele - Standard Bearer

Mrs. M. J. Briscoe
Mrs. Oran M. Roberts
Dick Dowling Camp U. V. C.


Adair, J. H., Mrs.
Albert, J. A., Mrs.
Alden, Marie, Mrs.
Alden, Laura, Miss
Allen, Baltis, Mrs.
Allison, S., Mrs.
Anderson, W. W., Mrs.
Andrews, Ed, Mrs.
Atkinson, Margaret Hoover, Mrs.
Aubrey, A. M., Mrs.
Asbury, Rosalie Armstrong, Mrs.
Baker, B. E., Mrs.
Ballard, Margaret, Miss
Bastian, Mamie, Miss
Bates, Eliza Bennett, Mrs.
Beavens, C. C., Mrs.
Beavens, Emily C., Mrs.
Beavens, Massie, Mrs.
Beavens, Risley, Mrs.
Bennett, Geo. R., Mrs.
Bennett, Ione, Miss
Berring, Gertrude Johnson, Mrs.
Bill, Henrietta, Mrs.
Block, H. C., Mrs.
Blake, Louise, Miss
Blake, Louise Upshur, Mrs.
Blandin, I. M. E., Mrs.
Blaney, Mary E., Mrs.
Blaffer, Lucie, Miss
Boyd, Lizzie, Miss
Boyd, M. J., Mrs.
Bonner, B. F., Mrs.
Bottler, Will, Mrs.
Bowman, L., Mrs.
Braningan, Jessie, Mrs.
Brashear, Jerry, Mrs.
Bredlove, Stella, Mrs.
Bright, J. H., Mrs.
Brown, Edwin, Mrs.
Brown, Kathrine, Miss
Brown, Mrs.
Brown, Sylvester, Mrs.
Bruce, Annie, Mrs.
Bruce, Ethel, Miss
Bruce, R. L., Mrs.
Bruce, S. F., Mrs.
Bruce, Virginia, Miss
Brunner, Jennie, Miss
Bryan, Johnelle, Miss
Bryan, Caro, Miss
Bryan, J. D., Mrs.
Bullitt, A. C., Mrs.
Burnes, Lula R., Mrs.
Bute, Bertha, Miss
Bute, Dorothy, Miss
Bute, James, Mrs.
Cabaniss, Annie, Miss
Calhoun, W. E., Mrs.
Campbell, Lee, Mrs.
Carter, S. F., Mrs.
Champmann, Della, Mrs.
Clarkson, Emma, Miss
Clarkson, Laura, Miss
Cleveland, J. W., Mrs.
Clower, Jessie, Miss
Clower, Fannie, Mrs.
Cohen, L. L., Mrs.
Collier, Bell, Miss
Collins, M. A., Mrs.
Collins, Maggie, Miss
Conway, M. A., Mrs.
Cooke, Claire, Miss
Cooke, V. R., Mrs.
Cotney, H., Mrs.
Cotney, Louise, Mrs.
Cotney, Susan, Miss
Covey, L. V., Mrs.
Cravins, Rose, Miss
Criswell, Jennie A., Miss
Crooker, Maude Astall, Miss
Curry, Mary J., Mrs.
Daniels, F. V., Mrs.
Daniels, Maggie, Miss
Davidson, Annie Laura, Mrs.
Davidson, Ben, Mrs.
Davis, L. W., Mrs.
Davis, Lou, Mrs.
Davis, Mary C., Miss
Davis, S. A., Mrs.
Daviss, Bessie, Miss
Daviss, E. Paxton, Mrs.
Dickey, D. A., Miss
Dolen, Frankie, Miss
Dorris, E. W., Mrs.
Dougherty, Eliza, Miss
Dunovant, Adelia A., Miss
Dupree, Virginia McAshan, Miss
Dusenbery, H. M., Miss
Eagle, Joe H., Mrs.
Elgin, Bettie, Miss
Erichson, Oscar, Mrs.
Everts, Ida, Miss
Fawcett, Mrs.
Fall, Isa Lloyd, Mrs.
Farmer, Lucile, Miss
Fegruson, J., Mrs.
Ferguson, Robert, Mrs.
Flemings, F. F., Mrs.
Flynne, Mrs.
Ford, Ethel Gertude, Miss
Fredericks, Gus, Mrs.
Frourmer, Lallian, Miss
Gallager, D. S., Mrs.
Gambattie, Annie, Miss
Gambattie, Mabel, Miss
Garrison, Beatrice, Miss
Garrott, John, Mrs.
Garrott, T. W., Mrs.
Gay, Maggie, Miss
Gibson, J. M., Mrs.
Godley, Mrs.
Gordon, Charles, Mrs.
Gordon, Miss
Gregory, W. W., Mrs.
Griffith, T. P., Mrs.
Guild, Bettie Bennett, Miss
Hackney, Tom L., Mrs.
Hall, G. P., Mrs.
Hall, Mabane Rose, Miss
Hall, R. M., Mrs.
Hamilton, Geo. Hayward, Mrs.
Hanks, Ella Adams, Mrs.
Hardy, Fannie, Miss
Harris, H. Woolard, Mrs.
Harris, Ethel, Miss
Hatch, Hattie, Mrs.
Heath, D. W., Mrs.
Heffernen, E. S., Mrs.
Hellen, Josie, Mrs.
Hewes, Anna C., Miss
Hill, Edwin, Mrs.
Hill, H. E., Mrs.
Hines, Beplah, Mrs.
Hitchler, A. H., Mrs.
Hitchler, Julia, Miss
Hite, F. B., Mrs.
Hobby, Edwin, Mrs.
Hobby, Mary, Miss
Hobby, Laura, Miss
Holtkamp, Clara, Mrs.
Hornbuckle, W. E., Mrs.
House, T. W., Mrs.
Howell, Elizabeth, Miss
Howell, Mary Blandin, Mrs.
Howard, William, Mrs.
Howze, Tempe Hinton, Mrs.
Hudson, Mrs.
Huey, C. L., Miss
Huey, John, Mrs.
Hume, Maude E., Miss
Hume, Lulu G., MIss
Hume, Myrtie, MIss
Hume, H., Mrs.
Humphereyvile, W. E., Mrs.
Hunnicutt, Anna Grey, Miss
Hunnicutt, Kate
Hunnicutt, J. D., Miss
Hunnicutt, Maybell, Miss
Hunter, William, Mrs.
Hutchinson, I. P., Mrs.
Hutchinson, E. W., Mrs.
Jackson, Myrtie, Miss
Johnson, Genevieve, Miss
Johnson, Hill, Mrs.
Jones, Alice May, Miss
Jones, Altha, Miss
Jones, Ethel, Miss
Jones, W. R., Mrs.
King, Lida, Miss
King, William B., Mrs.
Kinkaid, W. J., Mrs.
Kuykendall, Marie, Mrs.
Lane, Jonathan, Mrs.
Larkin, Theodore L., Mrs.
Latimer, D. A., Mrs.
Lawson, M. A., Mrs.
Laws, Loolah, Miss
LeClere, H., Mrs.
Lester, J. D., Mrs.
Lindley, E. G., Mrs.
Lindley, Wilma, Miss
Lockhart, E. P., Mrs.
Lockhart, Nettie, Miss
Lovell, W. T., Mrs.
Macatee, Leonard, Mrs.
Macatee, W. L., Mrs.
Maker, Jessie, Mrs.
Martin, C. B., Mrs.
Martin, Mollie Fowler, Mrs.
Mathee, Hattie, Mrs.
Mathee, W. A., Mrs.
Mather, Frank, Mrs.
Maybery, Amanda J., Mrs.
McAuliffe, Eva, Mrs.
McCardell, Minnie, Miss
McCormick, Geo., Mrs.
McDonald, Eleanor, Miss
McEvay, Robert, Mrs.
McKee, J. W., Mrs.
McDonnell, Mary Nicholson, Mrs.
McGee, James, Mrs.
Merkent, Lena, Mrs.
Meeks, J. V., Mrs.
Miller, Helen Crosson, Mrs.
Miller, J. W., Mrs.
Minor, E. G., Mrs.
Mitchell, Georgia E., Mrs.
Michels, Velma, Mrs.
Montgomery, Dora, Miss
Morse, H. C., Mrs.
Morfleet, M., Mrs.
Noland, H. P., Mrs.
Nussbaum, Ida R., Miss
O'Donnell, Mary Virginia, Mrs.
Oliver, H. C., Mrs.
Ollre, Andry, Miss
Ollre, F. L., Mrs.
Pannell, Bertie, Miss
Pastoria, Josie, Miss
Patillo, Blanche, Miss
Patrick, Kate, Mrs.
Patrick, Saupta, Mrs.
Patrick, Zula, Miss
Percy, M. A., Mrs.
Phelps, F. L., Mrs.
Phillips, Bruce, Miss
Phillips, Dora, Mrs.
Poston, Mary, Mrs.
Preston, S. Gertrude, Miss
Preston, S. E., Mrs.
Pyle, Ingram, Mrs.
Quarles, C. B., Mrs.
Rainwater, M. H., Mrs.
Ranson, Ruth, Miss
Reid, Will, Mrs.
Reynaud, L. H., Mrs.
Riemond, Mrs.
Riney, J., Mrs.
Roberts, Anna, Miss
Roberts, J. C., Mrs.
Roberts, S. A., Mrs.
Roper, Mary Withers, Miss
Rutersdorf, John, Mrs.
Ryan, John E., Mrs.
Ryan, G. R., Mrs.
Sale, Ellen L., Miss
Sapier, W. S., Mrs.
Sayers, Tom Green, Mrs.
Scanlong, L. L., Mrs.
Scofield, Jessie S. Weaver, Mrs.
Schiller, M. O., Mrs.
Schiller, Jewel, Miss
Schovelong, Bertha, Miss
Scott, J. F., Mrs.
Seger, Charles B., Sr., Mrs.
Seger, Chalres B., Jr., Mrs.
Shaw, Wallace, Mrs.
Shepler, Clementine, Mrs.
Shepler, Emma, Miss
Shoemaker, Mrs.
Shotwell, Mildred, Mrs.
Shultz, Mrs.
Sime, S. E., Mrs.
Simpson, Fannie, Miss
Smith, Bertha, Miss
Smith, Dan, Jr., Mrs.
Smith, Laura, Miss
Soloman, Corrine, Miss
Sonnen, Eva, Miss
Sparks, Pearl, Mrs.
Startk, M. J., Mrs.
Spence, A. H., Mrs.
Stacy, J. M., Mrs.
Staples, Mary V., Miss
Steele, Irby, Miss
Steele, Mabel, Miss
Steele, Sam, Mrs.
Stephens, Bettie Thatcher, Mrs.
Stephens, Kate E., Miss
Stieff, Geo. W., Mrs.
Stone, Florence Ford, Miss
Stuart, Carrie, Miss
Stuart, Louise, Miss
Stuart, Mary, Mrs.
Stuart, R. S., Mrs.
Swope, Tom C., Mrs.
Swope, Mary R., Miss
Tackaberry, Attie, Miss
Tackabery, Minnie, Mrs.
Thacker, Victoria, Miss
Thompson, Elizabeth, Mrs.
Thompson, Ethel, Mrs.
Thompson, J. H., Mrs.
Thornton, J. Henry, Mrs.
Tignor, W. N., Mrs.
Towles, Alfred, Mrs.
Towles, Bertha, Miss
Tryon, Carrie, Miss
Tuffley, L. J., Mrs.
Victory, Maybelle, Miss
Vinson, Baldridge, Mrs.
Vinson, Carol, Miss
White, Elosie Szabo, Mrs.
White, H. H., Mrs.
White, Lotta, Mrs.
Whitemarsh, DeEtta, Mrs.
Wier, Mattie, Miss
Wier, Thomas D., Mrs.
Williams, Madie, Miss
Williams, Marian, Miss
Williams, Thomas P., Mrs.
Williams, W. H., Mrs.
Wilkerson, J. W., Mrs.
Zumwalt, M. A., Mrs.
Zweib, Lizzie, Miss

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