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Oran M. Roberts

Oran M. Roberts

Chapter 440

United Daughters of the Confederacy®

Houston, Harris County, Texas

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of the
5th Annual Convention of the Texas Division
United Daughters of the Confederacy

Corsicana, Texas
4, 5 & 6 December 1900

Report for 1901

Mrs. Benedette B. Tobin, President
Miss Katie L. Daffan, Secretary

Oran M. Roberts Chapter, No. 440, Houston
Organized 1 February 1901 Chartered 19 February 1901

Number of Members: 114


Miss Adelia A. Dunovant - President
Frs. S. F. Carter - Vice President
Mrs. T. W. House - 2nd Vice President
Mrs. Eliza Bennett Bates - 3rd Vice President
Mrs. William B. King - 4th Vice President
Miss Jennie A. Criswell - Recording Secretary
Mrs. Jonathan Lane - Corresponding Secretary
Mrs. Bettie Thatcher Stephens - Treasurer
Mrs. I. M. E. Blandin - Historian
Mrs. F. L. Phelps - Registrar
Mrs. E. A. Hefferman - Custodian
Miss Bettie Bennett Guild - Librarian
Miss Emily C. Beavens - Choral Leader and Inst. Soloist
Mrs. E. Paxton Daviss - Vocal Soloist
Mrs. Baltis Allen - Vocal Soloist

Honorary Members

Mrs. Oran M. Roberts

No narrative report found.


Asbury, Rosalie Armstrong, Mrs.
Atkinson, Margaret Hoover, Mrs.
Allen, Baltis, Mrs.
Baker, S. E., Mrs.
Bastian, Mamie, Miss
Bates, Eliza Bennett, Mrs.
Beavens, L. A., Mrs.
Beavens, Emily C., Miss
Beavens, Massie, Mrs.
Beavens, Risley, Mrs.
Bearing, Gertrude Johnson, Mrs.
Blake, Louise Upsher, Mrs.
Blake, Louise, Miss
Blandin, I. M. E., Mrs.
Blaney, Mary E., Mrs.
Breedlove, Stella, Mrs.
Breningen, Jennie, Mrs.
Brown, O. L., Mrs.
Burns, Lula R., Mrs.
Bute, Bertha, Miss
Bute, Dorothy, Miss
Bute, James, Mrs.
Carrico, Hattie, Mrs.
Carter, S. F., Mrs.
Collins, M. A., Mrs.
Collins, Maggie, Miss
Criswell, Jennie A., Miss
Crooker, Maud Astall, Mrs.
Daviss, E. Paxton, Mrs.
Daviss, S. A., Mrs.
Dolen, Frankie, Miss
Downey, Ella, Miss
Dunovant, Adelia A., Miss
Dupree, Virginia McAshan, Mrs.
Dusenberry, H. M., Mrs.
Eagle, Joe H., Mrs.
Garrott, John F., Mrs.
Gay, Maggie, Miss
Gibson, J. M., Mrs.
Guild, Bettie Bennett, Miss
Hall, R. M., Mrs.
Hall, Mabane Rose, Miss
Hamilton, George Hayward, Mrs.
Hammen, L. V., Mrs.
Hanks, Ella Adams, Mrs.
Hefferman, E. A., Mrs.
Hobby, Dora, Mrs.
Hobby, Laura, Miss
Hobby, Mary, Miss
Hornbuckle, W. E., Mrs.
House, T. W., Mrs.
Howell, Mary Blandin, Mrs.
Howell, Elizabeth, Miss
Howze, Tempe Hinton, Mrs.
Huey, John, Mrs.
Huey, Miss
Hutchinson, E. W., Mrs.
Hutchinson, Ike, Mrs.
Johnson, Hill, Mrs.
Johnson, Genevieve, Miss
Jones, Alice Mae, Miss
Kennedy, W. Lee, Mrs.
Keiser, Fannie Gay, Mrs.
King, William B., Mrs.
King, Lida, Mrs.
Lane, Jonathan, Mrs.
Larking, Theodore L., Mrs.
Lawsop, M. A., Mrs.
Lockhart, E. R., Mrs.
Macatee, Leonard, Mrs.
Macatee, W. L., Mrs.
Martin, Carlisle B., Mrs.
Martin, Mollie Fowler, Mrs.
McCormick, George, Mrs.
McDowell, Mary Nicholson, Mrs.
McGee, Jame, Mrs.
McDonald, Eleanor, Miss
Nash, William Rufus, Mrs.
Noland, Hal P., Mrs.
Norfleet, N. M., Mrs.
Nussbaum, Ida R., Miss
O'Donnell, Mary Virginia, Mrs.
Pendleton, Frank, Mrs.
Percy, M. A., Mrs.
Phelps, F. L., Mrs.
Phillips, Lora, Miss
Postan, Mary, Mrs.
Pyle, Ingram, Mrs.
Reynaud, L. H., Mrs.
Riorden, J. E., Mrs.
Roberts, J. C., Mrs.
Roper, Mary Withers, Mrs.
Ryan, John F., Mrs.
Sale, Ellen L., Miss
Scanling, L. L., Mrs.
Schoevling, Bertha, Miss
Shaw, Wallace, Mrs.
Simpson, Fannie, Miss
Smith, Beulah, Miss
Smith, Laura, Miss
Spence, A. H., Mrs.
Staples, Mary V., Miss
Stephens, Bettie Thatcher, Mrs.
Stephens, Elizabeth, Miss
Stephens, Kate E., Miss
Stone, Florence Ford, Mrs.
Swope, Tom C., Mrs.
Swope, Mary R., Miss
Thompkins, Kate, Mrs.
Towles, Bertha, Miss
Williams, Thomas P., Mrs.
Williams, Mrs.
Wilkinson, J. W., Mrs.
Zumwalt, M. A., Mrs.

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