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Oran M. Roberts

Oran M. Roberts

Chapter 440

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Houston, Harris County, Texas

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In Memoriam

Mabel Cobb Evard Lawhon

Mabel Cobb Evard Lawhon (Mrs. John Wesley Lawhon)


Whereas, the Officers and Members of the Oran M. Roberts Chapter 440, United Daughters of the Confederacy® (UDC) express our deepest respect and sympathy on the loss of our member, Mabel Cobb Evard Lawhon on Saturday, 18 June 2011 in Cameron, Milam County, Texas; and,

Whereas, Mrs. Lawhon was born on Monday, 18 December 1916, in Cameron, Milam County, Texas and was the natural daughter of Samuel Clark and Mabel (Williams) Cobb, her mother died shortly thereafter and with other children at home and unable to care for an infant daughter, she was adopted by Thomas and Sarah Bessie (Aycock) Evard ; and,

Mabel Cobb Evard Lawhon
Clark Griffin Cobb

Whereas, On Wednesday, 15 June 2005, Mrs. Lawhon's application for membership in the Oran M. Robert Chapter 440, UDC, was approved by the Registrar General, on the service of her grandfather, Private Clark Griffin Cobb, who served during The War Between the States in Company A, 1st Texas Cavalry, Confederate States Army, the 1st Texas Cavalry was better known as the 1st Calvary, Texas Mounted Rifles and often referred to by the officers as the 1st Texas Mounted Rifles; and,

Whereas, due to living out-of-town and being unable to attend meetings, she avadely read the chapter's newsletter and called with her opinion on all matters undertaken by the chapter and in the Fall 2010, she hand-crochet a lovely pineapple pattern table scarf as a way to assist with the chapter's fund-raising activities, the scarf was sold at auction on Saturday, 11 June 2011 for $185 dollars; and,

Whereas, she was preceded in death on Tuesday, 28 February 1978, by her husband of almost 40 years, John Wesley Lawhon, on Tuesday, 13 November 2001, by a son, Samuel Erin Lawhon and on Saturday, 18 April 2009, by daughter-in-law, Mary Ethel Huth Lawhon; and,

Whereas, she is survived by her son, John Thomas Lawhon; and, two grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

Whereas, Mrs. Lawhon's graveside service was held on Tuesday, 21 June 2011, at the Minervia-Midway Cemetery in Minerva, Milam County, Texas, with burial next to her husband; and,

Whereas, her death will leave an immeasurable loss as we remember her devotion, loyalty, friendship and leadership to the Oran M. Roberts Chapter 440, UDC.

Now Therefore, Be It So Resolved, the Officers and Members of the Oran M. Roberts Chapter 440, UDC, hereby extend their deepest sympathy to her family and acknowledge to them our gratitude and deepest admiration for her faithful and devoted membership in our Chapter that she cared so much about; and,

Be it Further Resolved, this resolution be spread upon the permanent records of the Oran M. Roberts Chapter 440, UDC, with copies to be sent to the President, Texas Division; Chaplain, Texas Division; Chaplain General; and, to the Lawhon Family.

Adopted, on Tuesday, the 17th day of September, 2011.

Lynna Kay Shuffield, President

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