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Oran M. Roberts

Oran M. Roberts

Chapter 440

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Houston, Harris County, Texas

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Member for Member Pin presented by the Chapter

This pin is presented to members who recruit new members.

1. A member will be considered a "sponsor" and receive credit toward the Member for Member Pin or Star when she has assisted the prospective member by 1) inviting a prospective member to join; 2) assisting in gathering the required proofs and 3) assisting in completing the membership application form. The Chapter Registrar may receive credit ONLY by providing the same assistance required of any other “sponsoring” member.

2. A member will receive credit regardless of the chapter the prospective member joins.

3. The member is eligible to purchase the pin after the Registrar General has approved the applications for three (3) members.

4. The member is eligible to purchase a star when three (3) additional members are recruited and the Registrar General has approved applications.

5. The Chapter Registrar must maintain a record of the number of members assisted by each member on the Member for Member form. Copies of this form shall be attached to the Non-Engraved Insignia Order Form and submitted through the Chapter Vice President to Division Vice President to Vice President General.

6. Only one member may submit for a Member for Member Pin for a new member. (Two people cannot claim the same member.)

7. The pin and star cannot be earned for assisting with supplemental applications, CofC Transfers or UDC re-instatements – NEW MEMBERS ONLY!

8. This pin may be worn on or off the UDC ribbon.

9. Applications approved by the Registrar General on or after 1 June 2008 will qualify toward your Member for Member Pin. Once you have invited three new members, assisted with their research, completed their application, and the Registrar General approves the application, you are eligible to purchase your Member for Member Pin.

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Pins Awarded by Chapter

Lynna Kay Shuffield Pin with 4 gold stars
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