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Oran M. Roberts

Oran M. Roberts

Chapter 440

United Daughters of the Confederacy®

Houston, Harris County, Texas

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Memorial Tribute

Emma Herbert Herbert
Emma (Emmie) T. Herbert Herbert


As the flowers bloom and fade away so does life in all it’s splendor yield unto the power that gave it an it too must pass away; Therefore, but it resolved that:

WHEREAS, the Oran M. Roberts Chapter suffered an irreparable loss in the passing of our beloved member, Mrs. Emmy Herbert, and

WHEREAS, the memory of her deer presence shall always be with us in our endeavor to make happy her friends known that she would have us carry on until all are called to have one grand reunion with God;

WHEREFORE, the Oran M. Roberts Chapter rededicates it’s self to the accomplishments of this noble cause;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that a copy of these resolutions be sent to each of Mrs. Herberts’ brothers and a copy be spread on the minutes of our chapter.

Respectfully submitted

Mrs. W. T. Robersau, Chairman
Mrs. W. E. West, President
Mrs. B. B. Knolle

NOTE: Emma (Emmie) T. Herbert - daughter of Robert Cook Herbert and Emma (Emmie) J. Hutchinson - born: 1 Jan 1882 in Coldsprings, San Jacinto Co., TX - died: 10 Jan 1946 in Houston, Harris Co., TX - burial: Willis, Montgomery Co., TX - Spouse: Thomas B. Herbert

She joined the Oran M. Roberts Chapter on 8 June 1916 on the service of the following:

(1) grandfather, John S. Herbert, rank and unit unspecified, who was a POW at Island No. 10

(2) great-uncle, Philemon Thomas (P. T.) Herbert, Lt. Col., Commanding Officer, 7th Cavalry Regt. (7th Mounted Volunteers), TX

(3) great-uncle, Robert Nathan Cook, Capt., Co. G, 13th Infantry Regt., GA who was killed at the Battle of Cold Harbor

(4) cousin, Hilery Abner Herbert, Colonel, 8th Infantry Regt., AL, who was also U.S. Congressman, Secretary of the Navy during Pres. Cleveland's Administration

(5) cousin, Joe Green, rank and unit unspecified who was killed-in-auction during the Battle of Seven Pines

(6) cousin, John Herbert Kelly, Brig. Gen., Commanding Officer, both 8th Infantry Regt, AR and the 9th Infantry Regt., AR who attended West Point, Class of 1861, resigned 12/29/1860

(7) cousin, Thomas S. Herbert, Capt., unit unspecified who lost one leg at the Battle of Seven Pines

She served as the Chapter President during 1925-1927.

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