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Milam County, Texas

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Index to Naturalization Records

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In May 2004, this index was provided by the Hon. Betty Robertson, Milam County District Clerk at no charge to the Milam County Genealogical Society for it to be place on-line.

If you want copies of the documents, write:

Milam County District Clerk
P. O. Box 999
Cameron, Texas 76520

IMPORTANT NOTE: This index is re-type exactly from the original. The names are not in pure alphabetical order. Please read through the entire list as some names have several different spellings.

No Surnames

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We must say a special thank you to George Keeton of Buchanan Dam, Texas, for typing the above index for use on the Milam County TXGenWeb site.

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Created on 1 Sept 2004 and last revised on _________ 2004