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Milam County, Texas

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Harry Lee Kyle

Movie Still Photograph
The Swim Princess (1928)
Harry L. Kyle (right)
Harry L. Kyle
Photograph provided by Margaret Watson
(Kyle Family Member)

Forest Grove History
by Bill McDaniel

While we are on the subject of actors, we had our own actor that lived in this section. Harry Kyle [1] came to Texas in 1872 and lived around Forest Grove until about 1901 when he began working for the railroad. He eventually settled in California and worked as an actor, having made films with actors William S. Hart and Douglas Fairbanks. In 1920, he came to visit his foster brother, W. W. Kyle, [2] and he appeared at the ‘Dixie Theater’ along with a film, The Toll Gate, he had appeared in with Hart. Harry died in California. According to a newspaper article, he never claimed to be a big star.

SOURCE: The Legacy, January-February 1998 [the newsletter of the Milam County Genealogical Society (MCGS), c/o Lucy Hill Patterson Memorial Library, 201 Ackerman St., Rockdale, TX 76567]


[1] Full name Harry Lee Kyle, born 14 Jan 1870, Missouri - died 13 Jun 1949, Los Angeles, Los Angeles Co., CA. As a baby, he was left with Susan Amesley Overman Kyle (Kile)

[2] Full name William Washington Kyle, born 11 Apr 1859, Linneus, Linn Co., MO - died 14 Sep 1936, Forest Grove, Milam Co., TX.

[3] A silent western movie released in 1920 by Paramount Studios.

Silent Picture Record

1920 The Toll Gate Staring: William S. Hart
1924 Arizona Express .
1928 The Circus Staring: Charlie Chaplin
1928 The Swim Princess Staring: Carol Lombard

Harry Lee Kyle

Born: 14 January 1870, Missouri or Iowa
Adopted son of Susan Amesley Overman Kyle (Kile)
Died: 13 June 1949, V.A. Hospital, Los Angeles, CA
Burial: 17 June 1949, V.A. Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA (Plot: 301 17/RE)
Arrangements: U.S. Government, V.A. Crematory

1st Marriage: Nora Overman
Child: Grant Kyle
Child: Gary Kyle

2nd Marriage: Kate (unknown maiden name)

Occupation: Railroad Brakeman - Retired (per death certificate)

Note: There are no records for Harry Kyle at the U.S. Railroad Retirement Board, which was not established until the mide-1930s and began maintaining its own records in 1937. The Board's service records are limited to individuals who worked in the rail industry after 1936.

MILITARY - Spanish American War

115 Company, Coast Artillery Corps
Co. B, 7th Coast Artillery Infantry

Note: There were no military service or pension records found for Harry Kyle at the National Archives in Washington, DC.

1900 CENSUS [Milam Co., TX, T-623, Roll 1657, ED 72, SH 25A (Household 450)]

Kyle, Harry, head, b. Jan 1870, Iowa, age 30, married 4 yrs
Kyle, Nora, wife, b. Nov. 1873, age 27, married 4 years, 2 children, 2 children living
Kyle, Grant, son, b. Apr 1897, age 3
Kyle, Gary, son, b. Nov 1898, age 1

1930 CENSUS [Los Angeles Co., CA, T-626, Roll 153, ED 19-553, SH 3B (Household 40)]

Kyle, Harry L., head, own, age 57, b. MO, occupation - none, veteran - Spanish American War
Kyle, Kate, wife, age 60, b. PA

Grant L. Kyle


Name: Kyle, Grant L.
Date of Death: 5 Mar 1963
Place: Los Angeles
SS#: 564-24-5003
Born: 15 Apr 1897
Place: Texas
Mother's Maiden Name: Overman

1930 CENSUS [Los Angeles Co., CA, T-626, Roll 2336, ED 19-1563, SH 8B (Household 188)]

Kyle, Grant L., head, rent, age 32, married age 30, b. TX, occupation - Salesman novelties, veteran - World War I
Kyle, Lillie, wife, age 24, married age 22, b. Russia

Gray H. Kyle

Registration Place: Tishomingo, Johnston Co., OK Date: 12 Sept. 1918
Residence: Randolph, Johnston Co., OK
Born: 16 Nov 1898
Race: White
Citizenship: U.S. Native Born
Occupation: Farming
Employer: Myself
Nearest Relative: Hacha Kyle
Height: 6 foot
Build: Medium
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown


Name: Kyle, Gray
Born: 16 Nov 1898
Died: Dec 1974
SS#: 448-40-8379
Issued: OK
Last Residence: Pampa, Gray Co., TX


Name: Kyle, Gray H.
Died: 21 Dec 1974
Place: Gray Co., TX

1930 CENSUS [Gray Co., TX, T-626, Roll 2336, ED 90-9, SH 2B (Household 48)]

Kyle, Gray H., head, own, age 31, married age 19, b. TX, f.b. MO, m.b. TX, contractor, team work, veteran - no
Kyle, Kacha L., wife, age 31, married age 19, b. OK
Kyle, Kenneth L. son, age 8, b. TX
Kyle, Nawnerl (?) M., daughter, age 6, b. OK
Kyle, Ruby L., daugther, age 5, b. OK
Kyle, Evangh (?) E., daughter, age 3/12, b. TX

We must say a special thank you to the following for their kind help and assistance with gathering information for use on the Milam County TXGenWeb site:

Eugene Buck - researcher, Reston, VA
Jack Kyle, (Kyle Family) - Huntsville, Texas
Jim Kyle, (Kyle Family) - Houston, Texas
Georgene - Volunteer with Random Acts of Genealogy Kindness, Los Angeles, CA
Joyce Turner - Volunteer with Random Acts of Genealogy Kindness, Washington, DC
Brent Walker - researcher
Margaret Watson, (Kyle Family) -
Valerie Yaros - Archivist at the Screen Actors Guild, Los Angeles, CA

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