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Milam County, Texas

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John Bobo
murdered by
Josh Taylor a/k/a Josh Fisher

There was am altercation between Josh Taylor a/k/a Josh Fisher and a man name Mathews over a quarter bet. Mathews got possession of the quarter, by taking it from the person that was holding the bet and would not pay-up. Taylor left, came back with a pistol, shot at Mathews, missed and hit and killed John Bobo.

BOBO, John C. - 10/28/1892 - Milam Co Criminal Court Records

In the Name and by the Authority of the State of Texas:

THE GRAND JURORS, good and lawful men of the State of Texas, County of Milam duly tried on oath by the Judge of the District Court of said County, touching their legal qualifications as grand Jurors, elected, impaneled, sworn and charged as of October Term, 1882 of the District Court of Milam County, Texas, to inquire into and true presentment make of all offenses against the penal laws of said State committed within the body of the County aforesaid, upon their oaths present, in the District Court of said County, That Josh Taylor alias Josh Fisher late of the County of Milam, on the 28th day of October in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety two [1892], with force and arms, in the County of Milam and State of Texas, did then and there with malice aforethought kill and murder John Bobo by then and there shooting him with a pistol against the piece and dignity of the state.

E S Simms
Foreman of the Grand Jury

Taylor, Josh (a/k/a Josh Fisher) - Convict # 8739
Resident of Rockdale, Milam County, Texas
18 years old
5' 7" tall
155 pounds
Black complexion
Black eyes
Black hair
a Laborer
Convicted of Murder in the 2nd Degree, Oct 28 1892, of one John Bobo in Milam Co., TX

Pleaded Not Guilty, sentenced to 25 years in Huntsville Prison
Arrived: Dec 7 1892
Died: June 27 1893

Taylor Burial Location: UNKNOWN

Bobo Burial Location: UNKNOWN

SOURCES: James Woodley on 13 March 2004 Relationship: great-grandson of John Bobo; Milam County District Court Records, Cause No. 5356; Texas Convict Ledgers, Texas State Library & Archives

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