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Milam County, Texas


Milam Telegram, 1871 Newspaper Clippings

Cameron, Milam County, Texas

abstracted and indexed by

Lynna Kay Shuffield

Houston, Texas


All Rights Reserved


To my father, Eugene Joseph Shuffield


This is not offered as a work of literary excellence, it is a record of the past.

I am sincerely indebted to the staff of the Herzstein Library at the San Jacinto Museum of History in LaPorte, Texas for their kind assistance and patience.

While I have attempted to make this manuscript as error free as possible; however, as with all human endeavors, it is not perfect. I ask the kind reader's indulgence.


There are only two known existing copies of the Milam Telegram newspaper:

The original are owned by the Herzstein Library at the San Jacinto Museum of History located at the San Jacinto Monument in LaPorte, Texas. The newspapers have been photographed for preservation purposes. The Associations will allow genealogists and researchers access to the photographic copies since the original newspapers are in very delicate condition. The negatives for the photographic copies of the Milam Telegram are owned by the San Jacinto Museum of History Association.

The quality of the photograph copies is excellent, however, due to the age of the newspaper at time of filming, please note there are tears, cut-outs, and missing sections on various pages. Regretfully, time in general has taken its toll on the old newspapers before they were photographed.

In abstracting this information, an effort has been put forth to present the names as found, however, names were spelled and abbreviated in many different ways. From issue to issue, you may find individuals who have their name spelled a different ways. If the spellings are not as you would expect, please understand reading the aging newspaper from photographic copies was not an easy task. Also, the racial terms reflect the period, no editing has been attempted to reflect modern nomenclature.

The reader is referred to the originals for a full rendition of the below indexed material.

Please note the following example to ascertain the code which has been utilized in the index as a referring aid:

Homan, W. K.
1/47-p.1, c.1 = Vol. 1, No. 47, page 1, column 1

Cameron, Henry C.
2/1-p.1, c.1 = Vol. 2, No. 1, page 1, column 1


-- A --
Abolitionism1/47-p.2, c.3
Academy2/1-p.1, c.1
Ackerman & Smith1/47-p.3, c.5, p.4, c.2
Ackerman & Ferguson vs. Henry Smiliey2/1-p.3, c.1
Adams, F. M.1/47-p.1, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.6
Adams, Mr.2/1-p.1, c.1
Advertising Rates1/47-p.1, c.1; 2/1-p.3, c.1
Aiken, J. W.1/47-p.3, c.6; 2/1-p.4, c.1
Allen, Dick1/47-p.2, c.4
Amason, Mrs. A. C.1/47-p.3, c.3
Anderson, Hugh1/47-p.3, c.3
Anderson, Jno. D.1/47-p.4, c.1
Anderson, R.1/47-p.3, c.3
Anderson, T. J. H.1/47-p.1, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.6
Anderson, T. M., Rev. 1/47-p.3, c.4; 2/1-p.3, c.1, c.3
Anderson, Texassee: Texas - Cities
Antony, Dr. Milton1/47-p.1, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.6; p.3, c.3, c.6
Appoth'ysee: Druggist
Arnold, Ben I.1/47-p.3, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.5
Articles, "Be Brave"1/47-p.1, c.5
Articles, "Every Citizen Should Subscribe!"1/47-p.2, c.5
Articles, "Growlers"1/47-p.1, c.5
Articles, "Horrible! Death in a Paper Mill - A Young Woman Ground to Pulp"1/47-p.1, c.4
Articles, "Local - Arrival and Departure of Mails"1/47-p.3, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.5, p.3, c.1
Articles, "The Local"1/47-p.2, c.5; 2/1-p.3, c.1
Articles, "The Telegram"1/47-p.2, c.5
Articles, "The Ten-Strikers"1/47-p.2, c.2
Astral Oil1/47-p.4, c.3; 2/1-p.4, c.3
Atlas Mutual Life Insurance Co.1/47-p.3, c.5; 2/1-p.3, c.6
Attorneys1/47-p.1, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.6
A. W. Ward & Co.1/47-p.3, c.4
Austin, Texassee: Texas - Cities
-- B --
Baker, A. C.1/47-p.4, c.6; 2/1-p.4, c.5
Baker, M. W.1/47-p.4, c.6; 2/1-p.4, c.5
Baker, W. A.2/1-p.4, c.1
Baker, Wm. R.2/1-p.3, c.6
Baptist1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.3, c.1
Baptist Church1/47-p.3, c.4
Baptist Seal proposals2/1-p.3, c.3
Barclay, W. A.1/47-p.3, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.5
Barr, S. M.1/47-p.3, c.5; 2/1-p.3, c.6
Bar room1/47-p.4, c.1; 2/1-p.4, c.2
Bastrop, Texassee: Texas - Cities
Batte, Albert1/47-p.3, c.1, c.4
Batte, Cattle brand registration1/47-p.4, c.4; 2/1-p.4, c.4
Batte, Gus1/47-p.3, c.1, c.4
Bean, Elwood M.1/47-p.1, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.5, c.6
Beckett's Paper Mill1/47-p.1, c.4
Beckham House2/1-p.4, c.1
Bellah, Sam H. - Cattle brand registration1/47-p.4, c.4; 2/1-p.4, c.4
Belton, Texassee: Texas - Cities
Belton House2/1-p.4, c.1
Bewley, S. B.1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Bine, M. N., Miss1/47-p.3, c.3
Blaine, Congressman1/47-p.2, c.1
Black, Mrs. T. S.1/47-p.3, c.3
Blacksmith Shop2/1-p.4, c.2
Blacksmith Wanted2/1-p.4, c.2
Blum, Leon1/47-p.4, c.6
Blum, H.1/47-p.4, c.6
Boa Ding1/47-p.1, c.2
Boats2/1-p.2, c.2
Boler, Julyus1/47-p.2, c.3
Bolinger, L. H.1/47-p.1, c.1
Bonner, T. R.1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Botts, B. A.2/1-p.3, c.6
Bowers, H. M.2/1-p.2, c.4
Bowers, M. He1/47-p.1, c.6
Bozeman, D. W.1/47-p.3, c.3
Bozeman, W. E. vs. Heirs of J. W. Jeter2/1-p.3, c.1
Bradford, Thos. H.2/1-p.4, c.5
Brash___, John2/1-p.3, c.6
Brazos Riversee: Texas - General, Rivers & Creeks
Breckenheart, Martha1/47-p.1, c.4
Breeding, Mr.2/1-p.3, c.2
Brenham, Texassee: Texas - Cities
Brewster, Rob't1/47-p.3, c.5; 2/1-p.3, c.6
Brodnax, _______1/47-p.1, c.1
Broughton, E. T.1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Brown, Mr.1/47-p.3, c.2
Bryan, B.1/47-p.3, c.3
Bryan, S., Miss1/47-p.3, c.3
Bryan, Texassee: Texas - Cities
Bryant Station Lodge, No. 3111/47-p.1, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.6
Bryant Station, Texassee: Texas - Cities
Buckholts, J. A.1/47-p.1, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.6
Buckholts & Garrett1/47-p.1, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.6
Buhklen, P. C.1/47-p.3, c.5; 2/1-p.3, c.6
Burden, R. H.1/47-p.3, c.3
Burke, A. J.1/47-p.3, c.5; 2/1-p.3, c.6
Burleson, Rufus C.1/47-p.4, c.4; 2/1-p.4, c.5
Burton, Texassee: Texas - Cities
Butler, Congressman1/47-p.2, c.1, c.3
-- C --
Caldwell, L. W.1/47-p.3, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.5
Calhoun, Texassee: Texas - Cities
California, San Francisco1/47-p.2, c.4
Calvert, Texassee: Texas - Cities
Cameron, Henry C.1/47-p.1, c.1, 2/1-p.1, c.1, c.6
Cameron, Texassee: Texas - Cities
Campbell, A. M.1/47-p.4, c.6; 2/1-p.4, c.6
Campbell & Clough1/47-p.4, c.6; 2/1-p.4, c.6
Capital2/1-p.2, c.1
Carpenter, J. B.1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Carriage Maker1/47-p.2, c.6, p.4, c.2; 2/1-p.4, c.2
Carter, H. G.1/47-p.1, c.1; p.3, c.5, p.4, c.3, c.4; 2/1-p.2, c.6, p.3, c.3, c.6, p.4, c.3
Carter & Marks1/47-p.3, c.6
Cassady, H. M. A., Rev.1/47-p.2, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.2
Catfish, 35-pound1/47-p.3, c.2
Cattle, brand registration1/47-p.4, c.4; 2/1-p.4, c.3
Cattle, drives2/1-p.2, c.2
Cattle, steeling2/1-p.3, c.1
Chatham, N. G1/47-p.3, c.1
Chaudoin, N. G. - Cattle brand registration2/1-p.4, c.4
Chicken-Pie2/1-p.3, c.3
Clark, J. A.1/47-p.3, c.1
Clark, W. T., Gen.1/47-p.2, c.4
Clarkson, W. A.1/47-p.3, c.3
Clarksville, Texassee: Texas - Cities
Clement, Geo. & Mrs.2/1-p.1, bottom (handwritten)
Clement, Pearl, Mrs.1/47-p.1, bottom (handwritten)
Clock, Seth Thomas1/47-p.4, c.1
Clough, J. P.1/47-p.4, c.6; 2/1-p.4, c.6
Cochran, J. T.1/47-p.3, c.3
Cocoa-nut head2/1-p.2, c.1
Coke, Richard1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Collett, J. H.1/47-p.1, c.2; 2/1-p.4, c.6
Columbus, Texassee: Texas - Cities
Cone, J. H.1/47-p.3, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.5
Confederate Republic1/47-p.1, c.3
Congress1/47-p.2, c.1, c.3, c.4
Constablesee: Texas - Counties
Cook, W. D. S.1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Cornwell, C. E.1/47-p.3, c.3
Corpus Christi, Texassee: Texas - Cities
Corsicana, Texassee: Texas - Cities
Counterfeit Greenbacks1/47-p.2, c.1
County Attorneysee: Texas - Counties
County Clerksee: Texas - Counties
Coward, J. C.1/47-p.3, c.1
Cox, J. G. (dec'd)1/47-p.3, c.4
Cox, S. P.1/47-p.3, c.4
Cox, Shack2/1-p.3, c.2
Crabtree, G. W.1/47-p.3, c.3
Cragin & Henderson2/1-p.3, c.6
Crain, M. J., Mrs.1/47-p.3, c.3
Crank, J. M.1/47-p.3, c.5; 2/1-p.3, c.6
Crawford, P., Mrs.1/47-p.3, c.3
Crawford, R. A.1/47-p.2, c.1
Creekssee: Texas - General, Rivers & Creeks
Crockett, Texassee: Texas - Cities
Crops2/1-p.3, c.1
Crunk, H.1/47-p.1, c.1
Cu_______, E. H.2/1-p.3, c.6
Cushing, E. H.1/47-p.2, c.6; 2/1-p.4, c.4
-- D --
Dallas, Texassee: Texas - Cities
Davidson, Henry1/47-p.3, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.5
Davidson, Stephen1/47-p.3, c.4
Davis, H. W.1/47-p.1, c.1, c.2; 2/1-p.2, c.6
Davis, Mr.1/47-p.2, c.1
Davis, Sen.1/47-p.2, c.3
Dear, W.1/47-p.3, c.3
Death Notice2/1-p.3, c.3
Democratic Club (organized)2/1-p.3, c.1
Democratic Executive Committee1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.2, c.3
Democratic Party of Texas1/47-p.1, c.6
Deputysee: Texas - Counties
De Villa (sic), Texassee: Texas - Cities
Devilla County, Texassee: Texas - Counties
Dewey, Mr.1/47-p.2, c.1
Dick, T. A.1/47-p.3, c.1
Dickson, J. R. & Co.1/47-p.3, c.3
District Attorneysee: Texas - Counties
District Judgesee: Texas - Counties
Divorce, Sanford, R. H. vs. M. Sanford2/1-p.3, c.1
Doctors1/47-p.1, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.6
Douglas, J. P.1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Drennan, J. H.1/47-p.3, c.6; 2/1-p.4, c.1
Drunks1/47-p.1, c.6; p.3, c.1
Druggist1/47-p.1, c.2
Drygoods1/47-p.2, c.6, p.4, c.3, c.6
Dubold & Kienzel's2/1-p.4, c.1
Dunklin, N. B.1/47-p.2, c.3
-- E --
Eaton, Edward1/47-p.4, c.1; 2/1-p.4, c.2
Editorial2/1-p.2, c.1
Eldridge, H. B. vs. Anna Lewis2/1-p.3, c.1
Elliott, John D.1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Elm Creeksee: Texas - General, Rivers & Creeks
England, Liverpool2/1-p.3, c.4
Evans, Ira H.2/1-p.2, c.3
Ewing, Jas. W.1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
-- F --
Factors1/47-p.4, c.6; 2/1-p.4, c.6
Factors, Cotton & Wool1/47-p.4, c.6; 2/1-p.3, c.4; p.4, c.6
Falls County, Texassee: Texas - Counties
Faulkner House2/1-p.4, c.1
Ferguson, Ackerman & vs. Henry Smiliey2/1-p.3, c.1
Fire Department1/47-p.2, c.4
Fire Marine & Island Insurance1/47-p.3, c.5; 2/1-p.3, c.6
Fishing Season1/47-p.3, c.2
Forbes, R. M.1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Fowler, T. C.1/47-p.3, c.3
Friends of Temperance1/47-p.3, c.2
Friends of Temperance, Cameron Council No. 51/47-p.1, c.2; 2/1-p.2, c.6
Friends of Temperance, State Council1/47-p.2, c.1
Fulton, R. L.1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
-- G --
Galveston, Texassee: Texas - Cities
Gardiner, Charles W.1/47-p.2, c.1
Garrett, N. P.1/47-p.1, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.6
Gassaway Bro.1/47-p.2, c.4
Geary, Gov.1/47-p.1, c.3
Gen'l Commission Merchant1/47-p.3, c.6, p.4, c.3; 2/1-p.4, c.1
Georgetown, Texassee: Texas - Cities
Georgia1/47-p.2, c.3
Gohmann, Charles2/1-p.3, c.1, c. 3; p.4, c.2
Golden Rule Chapter, No. 711/47-p.1, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.6
Goldthwaite, Judge1/47-p.2, c.4
Gonzales, Texassee: Texas - Cities
Goodwin, G. I.1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Grant, President1/47-p.1, c.3; p.2, c.1, c.3
Gray, Mrs.1/47-p.3, c.1
Gray, M. C., Mrs.1/47-p.1, c.2; p. 3, c.5; 2/1-p.4, c.5
Green, Eunice1/47-p.3, c.2
Green, George1/47-p.3, c.2
Green, R. B.1/47-p.3, c.2
Green Lakesee: Texas - General, Lakes
Gregory, Miles1/47-p.2, c.1
Grissom, William1/47-p.2, c.4
Groceries1/47-p.2, c.6
Grover & Baker's Sewing Machine1/47-p.4, c.3; 2/1-p.4, c.3
Gunsmith2/1-p.3, c.1, c.3
Gynaecology (sic)1/47-p.1, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.6
-- H --
Halbert, Mr.1/47-p.3, c.2
Hale, H. P., Gen.1/47-p.1, c.1, p.3, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.6
Hamman, W. H.1/47-p.1, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.6
Hamman & Adams1/47-p.1, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.6
Hanging1/47-p.3, c.2
Hanna, James S.2/1-p.4, c.1
Hanna, John1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Hanna & Orr1/47-p.3, c.6; 2/1-p.4, c.1
Hargrove, J. A.1/47-p.3, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.5
Hargrove, Judge2/1-p.2, c.5
Hardware1/47-p.2, c.6
Harrell, T. H.1/47-p.3, c.1
Harris, Lizzie1/47-p.3, c.3
Harrisburg, Texassee: Texas - Cities
Harrison, James1/47-p.3, c.5; 2/1-p.3, c.6
Hempstead, Texassee: Texas - Cities
He _________, J. W.2/1-p.3, c.6
Henderson, J. W.1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Henderson, Cattle brand registration1/47-p.4, c.4
Henderson, Texassee: Texas - Cities
Hendley, Wm.1/47-p.4, c.6; 2/1-p.4, c.6
Hearne, Texassee: Texas - Cities
Hefley, W. V. - Cattle brand registration2/1-p.4, c.4
Hefley & Batte - Sessums, Powell & Co. vs.2/1-p.3, c.1
Hester, Harris2/1-p.3, c.1
Hill, Ben. H., Hon.1/47-p.2, c.3
Hinds County, Mississippisee: Mississippi
Hobson, J. E. vs. Dorathy Hobson (divorce)2/1-p.3, c.1
Hoffman, Gov.1/47-p.1, c.3
Holden, Gov.1/47-p.2, c.1
Holtzclaw, J. H.2/1-p.3, c.3
Homan, B. F.1/47-p.3, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.5
Homan, W. K.1/47-p.1, c.1; p.2, c.1, c.5; p.3, c.1, c.3, c.4; p.4, c.2, c.5, c. 6; 2/1-p.2, c.1, c.6; p.3, c.5; p.4, c.5
Hopkins, J. W.1/47-p.3, c.3
Hopkins, Texassee: Texas - Cities
Horton, James2/1-p.3, c.1
Hotels1/47-p.1, c.2
House for Rent1/47-p.3, c.5
House of Representatives, Texassee: Texas - General
Houston, Texassee: Texas - Cities
Howe, M. G.1/47-p.3, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.6; p.4, c.1
Hucker, James1/47-p.2, c.4, p.4, c.4; 2/1-p.3, c.4
Hughes, W. E.1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Hummel, Jas. H.1/47-p.3, c.4; 2/1-p.3, c.6
Huntsville, Texassee: Texas - Cities
Hutchins, W. J.2/1-p.3, c.4
Hutchins House2/1-p.4, c.4, c.5; 1/47-p.1, c.2; p.2, c.6
-- I --
I. Bernstein & Co.1/47-p.3, c.2; 2/1-p.2, c.5
Illinois1/47-p.1, c.3
Insurance Companies1/47-p.3, c.5
Isaacs, A. C.1/47-p.1, c.1, p.4, c.4; 2/1-p.2, c.6
Issacs & Brodnax - Doctors2/1-p.2, c.6
Ivy, James1/47-p.2, c.4
-- J --
Jackson, W. D.1/47-p.2, c.6, p.4, c.6; 2/1-p.3, c.2. c.6; p.4, c.2
Jackson Picture Gallery1/47-p.4, c.6; 2/1-p.3, c.6
Jailsee: Texas - Counties
Jail Escapesee: Texas - Counties
Jaynes, A. A.1/47-p.3, c.3
Jefferson, Texassee: Texas - Cities
Jeffries, J.1/47-p.3, c.3
Jetter, Heirs of J. W. - W. E. Boxeman vs.2/1-p.3, c.1
Johnson, R. H.1/47-p.3, c.3
Jones, Aquila1/47-p.3, c.4
Jones, D. C.2/1-p.3, c.2
Jones, Eli1/47-p.3, c.4
Jones, Jas. H.1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Jones, L.1/47-p.3, c.3
Jones, S.1/47-p.3, c.3
Jones, Samuel (dec'd)1/47-p.3, c.4
Jones, W. R.1/47-p.3, c.3
Jones, Wiley1/47-p.3, c.4
J. R. Littlefield & Co.1/47-p.3, c.6; 2/1-p.4, c.1
J. Steel & Co.1/47-p.3, c.6; 2/1-p.4, c.1
Judas Iscariot1/47-p.2, c.1
Judgesee: Texas - Counties
Justice of the Peacesee: Texas - Counties
-- K --
Kansas1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.2
Kauffman, Julius1/47-p.3, c.4
Kendrick, J. J.1/47-p.1, c.2; 2/1-p.4, c.5
Kendrick House2/1-p.4, c.5
Kentucky1/47-p.1, c.6
Kerosene Oil1/47-p.1, c.2; p.2, c.4
King, K. A.2/1-p.3, c.3
Knolle, E.2/1-p.3, c.6
Ku Klux1/47-p.2, c.4; 2/1-p.2, c.2
-- L --
Lampasas, Texassee: Texas - Cities
Lancaster, W. T.1/47-p.3, c.1
Land for Sale1/47-p.3, c.3
Landrum, W., Dr.1/47-p.3, c.3
Lane, D. J. vs. Leatherman2/1-p.3, c.1, c.2
Lane, Thomas - Cattle brand registration1/47-p.4, c.4; 2/1-p.4, c.4
Lane, T. H.1/47-p.3, c.1
Lappington, G. W.1/47-p.3, c.6; 2/1-p.4, c.1
Leatherman - D. J. Lane vs.2/1-p.3, c.1, c.2
Legislature1/47-p.2, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.1, c.2, c.3
Leon County, Texassee: Texas - Counties
LePert, J. A.2/1-p.3, c.3
Lester, D. P.2/1-p.3, c.1
Lester, Cattle brand registration2/1-p.4, c.4
Lester Lakesee: Texas - General, Lakes
Letters1/47-p.3, c.3
Lewis, Anna - H. B. Eldridge vs.2/1-p.3, c.1
Lewis, Henry L.2/1-p.4, c.4
Lewis & Maddox1/47-p.4, c.1; 2/1-p.4, c.5
Liberty, Texassee: Texas - Cities
Lightfoot, Walter1/47-p.3, c.2; 2/1-p.3, c.2
Lincoln, J. A.1/47-p.3, c.3
Lines of Travel1/47-p.3, c.6
Little Riversee: Texas - General, Rivers & Creeks
Little River Chapter No. 661/47-p.1, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.6
Little River Church1/47-p.3, c.1; 2/1-p.3, c.1
Lively, L. J.1/47-p.3, c.1
Locke, Maj.1/47-p.3, c.3
Loiselle, Peter1/47-p.1, c.2; 2/1-p.4, c.5
Longcope, C. S.2/1-p.3, c.6
Loper, J. M.1/47-p.3, c.3
Louisiana, New Orleans1/47-p.3, c.2, c.4; 2/1-p.3, c.4, c.6
Lutner, ___ L.1/47-p.4, c.1
Lutner, W. L.2/1-p.4, c.2
Lutner's blacksmith shop2/1-p.4, c.2
Lynchburg Municipal Court1/47-p.1, c.5
-- M --
Mabrey, H. P.1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Maddox, T. S.2/1-p.4, c.5
Mantz, Charles A.1/47-p.3, c.5; 2/1-p.3, c.6
Marriage Licensessee: Texas - Counties
Marshall, Texassee: Texas - Cities
Martin, G. W.1/47-p.3, c.3
Martin, R. B.1/47-p.3, c.1; p.3, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.5
Martin, Thos.1/47-p.1, c.2; p.3, c.1; 2/1-p.4, c.1
Masonic1/47-p.1, c.1; p.2, c.1; 1/47-p.4, c.4; 2/1-p.3, c.1
Masonic, Sealed proposals2/1-p.3, c.3
Maverick, Geo. M.1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Maxey, J. M.1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Maxey, S. B.1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Mays, Cattle brand registration1/47-p.4, c.4; 2/1-p.4, c.4
Maysfield, Texassee: Texas - Cities
M'Beth (sic), J. R.1/47-p.3, c.5; 2/1-p.3, c.6
McClatchy, Mr.2/1-p.3, c.2
McGregor, Wm. M.1/47-p.1, c.2; 2/1-p.2, c.6
McIlhenny, S. K.2/1-p.3, c.6
McKinney, John2/1-p.3, c.1
McKown, M. A., Mrs.1/47-p.3, c.3
McNamm, et al - R. H. Smith vs.2/1-p.3, c.1
Menamin, R. S.2/1-p.3, c.1
Mercer, J.1/47-p.3, c.3
Methodist1/47-p.1, c.6; p.2, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.2; 2/1-p.3, c.1
Meyer(s), David1/47-p.4, c.1, c.4; 2/1-p.4, c.2
Middleton, Ben1/47-p.3, c.4
Milam County, Texassee: Texas - Counties
Mill, Steam2/1-p.3, c.6; p.4, c.2
Miller, H. V.1/47-p.3, c.3
Miller, M. E.1/47-p.3, c.1
Mississippi, Hinds County1/47-p.2, c.1
Mississippi, Macon1/47-p.2, c.4
Mississippi, Noxubee County1/47-p.2, c.4
Missouri, St. Louis1/47-p.3, c.5; 2/1-p.3, c.6
Monk, J. W.1/47-p.3, c.3
Moore, Jas. B.1/47-p.1, c.1; p.2, c.6; p.3, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.5, c.6; p.4, c.6
Morris, Jim2/1-p.3, c.1
Moyers, Wm.1/47-p.3, c.3
Mullikin, S.1/47-p.3, c.3
Murder1/47-p.3, c.1, c.2; 2/1-p.3, c.2
Murray, A.1/47-p.3, c.3
Murray, J. M.1/47-p.3, c.3
-- N --
Nabours, J., Rev.1/47-p.3, c.1; 2/1-p.3, c.1
Nabours, J.1/47-p.3, c.5; 2/1-p.3, c.6
Navasota, Texassee: Texas - Cities
Navigation Company2/1-p.3, c.4
Negro, Girl1/47-p.2, c.1
Negro, Justice of the Peace1/47-p.2, c.3
Negro, Sheriff1/47-p.2, c.3
New Braunfels Wool Manufacturing Co.1/47-p.4, c.6
Newcomb, Jim2/1-p.2, c.1
New England Fanaticism1/47-p.2, c.3
New Hampshire1/47-p.2, c.1
New Orleans, Louisianasee: Louisiana
New York1/47-p.1, c.3; p.2, c.1
New York, Lyons1/47-p.1, c.6
New York, Steamship Lines1/47-p.4, c.6; 2/1-p.3, c.4
Newspapers1/47-p.1, c.3
Bryan Appeal2/1-p.2, c.2
Brazos Eagle2/1-p.2, c.1
Cincinnati Chronicle2/1-p.2, c.4
Cincinnati Times1/47-p.1, c.4
Columbus Index1/47-p.2, c.4
Falls County Mercury2/1-p.2, c.2
Fayetteville Observer1/47-p.2, c.2
Galveston News2/1-p.2, c.2
Houston Union1/47-p.2, c.1
Lampasas Dispatch1/47-p.2, c.1
Marlin Mercury1/47-p.2, c.4
Merietta (Ga.) Journal2/1-p.2, c.2
Milam Telegram1/47-p.2, c.1, c.4, c.5; p.3, c.1; 2/1-p.3, c.5
Milam Telegram Agents1/47-p.2, c.1, c.3; p.3, c.1, p.4, p.4, c.5; 2/1-p.3, c.4
Printer's Circular2/1-p.3, c.1
New York Sun1/47-p.1, c.3
New York Tribune1/47-p.2, c.1
Our Home Journal1/47-p.3, c.2, c.4; 2/1-p.3, c.6
San Antonio Express2/1-p.2, c.1
State Gazette2/1-p.2, c.2
State Journal1/47-p.2, c.1
Nichols, M., Mrs.1/47-p.3, c.3
North Carolina1/47-p.2, c.1
Notary Public1/47-p.1, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.6
-- O --
Obituary1/47-p.3, c.2
Obstetrics1/47-p.1, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.6
Ohio, Beckett's Paper Mill1/47-p.1, c.4
Ohio, Hamilton1/47-p.1, c.4
Ohio Riversee: Texas - General, Rivers & Creeks
Oldham, W. S.1/47-p.1, c.1
Oliver, John W., Judge1/47-p.2, c.4
Oninn, I. M., Hon.1/47-p.3, c.1, c.2; 2/1-p.2, c.5
Orr, John2/1-p.4, c.1
-- P --
Palestine, Texassee: Texas - Cities
Palmer, Gov.1/47-p.1, c.3
Paris, Texassee: Texas - Cities
Parker, J. M.1/47-p.3, c.3
Parker, M.1/47-p.3, c.3
Patent Medicines1/47-p.1, c.2, p.4, c.2; 2/1-p.4, c.6
Pearson, P. E.1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Pendergrast & Collard2/1-p.2, c.6
Pennsylvania1/47-p.1, c.3
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia2/1-p.3, c.1
Perryman, Wm.1/47-p.3, c.1
Phillips, J. A.2/1-p.3, c.3
Phillips, Jno.1/47-p.3, c.3
Phillips, Wendell1/47-p.2, c.3
Physicianssee: Doctors
Pickett, E. M.1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Picture Gallery, Jackson1/47-p.4, c.6
Pierce Lodge 1441/47-p.2, c.1
Planters Mutual Insurance Co.1/47-p.3, c.5; 2/1-p.3, c.6
Plumly, B. Rush1/47-p.2, c.4
Poetry - "I Love You"1/47-p.1, c.3
Poisonous Medicines2/1-p.2, c.5
Political Speech2/1-p.2, c.3
Port Sullivan, Texassee: Texas - Cities
Pope, Jas. W.1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Posey, J. W.1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Post Officesee: Texas - Cities
Poteet, Mr.1/47-p.3, c.2
Presbyterian Church1/47-p.1, c.6
Price, J. T.1/47-p.3, c.3
Professional Services1/47-p.1, c.1
-- Q --
Quinine2/1-p.4, c.6
-- R --
Radical Party/Ticket1/47-p.2, c.1, c.2; c.3, c.4; p.3, c.2; 2/1-p.2, c.2, c.3
Railroad - H & T. C. Railroad1/47-p.3, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.6; p.4, c.1
Railroad - International1/47-p.2, c.5
Railroad - International & Central Railway1/47-p.3, c.3
Rats1/47-p.2, c.4
Religious services2/1-p.3, c.1
Republican2/1-p.2, c.1, c.3
Republican, Government1/47-p.2, c.5
Republican, Leaders1/47-p.1, c.3
Revere, Mr.1/47-p.3, c.1
Rice, E. H., Mrs.1/47-p.3, c.3
Rice, E. W.1/47-p.3, c.3
Richey, R. W.2/1-p.3, c.3
Richmond, Texassee: Texas - Cities
Riverssee: Texas - General, Rivers & Creeks
Road Overseersee: Texas - Counties
Roberts, W. M.2/1-p.2, c.6
Robertson, Mrs. E. C.1/47-p.3, c.3
Robertson, W. L.1/47-p.3, c.3
Rolan, R.2/1-p.3, c.3
Robers, J. D.2/1-p.3, c.6
Rosedale Nursery1/47-p.4, c.1; 2/1-p.4, c.5
Rusk, Texassee: Texas - Cities
Russell, Judge1/47-p.2, c.1
-- S --
Saddles1/47-p.2, c.6; 2/1-p.4, c.2
St. Louis, Missourisee: Missouri
Saint Pauls Lodge, No. 171/47-p.1, c.2; 2/1-p.2, c.6
Sample(s), J. N.1/47-p.3, c.6; 2/1-p.4, c.1
San Andres, Texassee: Texas - Cities
San Andres Lodge No. 1701/47-p.1, c.1
San Antonio, Texassee: Texas - Cities
San Augustin, Texassee: Texas - Cities
San Francisco, Californiasee: California
Sanford, R. H. vs. M. Sanford (divorce)2/1-p.3, c.1
San Saba County, Texassee: Texas - Counties
Sauls, C., Miss1/47-p.3, c.3
Sauls, E. C., Mrs.1/47-p.3, c.3
Sayers, J. D.1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Saylor, Senator1/47-p.2, c.4
Scarborough, D. M.1/47-p.1, c.2
Scarborough, Judge1/47-p.3, c.2
Scarborough, M. D.2/1-p.3, c.3
Scarborough House1/47-p.1, c.2; 2/1-p.4, c.5
Scott, Geo. R., Hon.1/47-p.3, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.5
Scott, Jno. B.1/47-p.3, c.3
Scott, Judge2/1-p.2, c.2
Sessums, Powell & Co. vs. Hefley & Batte2/1-p.3, c.1
Sewing Machine, Grover & Baker's1/47-p.4, c.3
Shearne, John2/1-p.3, c.6
Sheriffsee: Texas - Counties
Shepard, Seth1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Sherman, Texassee: Texas - Cities
Shields, William1/47-p.3, c.5; 2/1-p.3, c.6
Shugard, L. C.1/47-p.3, c.3
Slyke, R. Van1/47-p.3, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.5
Smiliey, Henry - Ackerman & Ferguson vs.2/1-p.3, c.1
Smith, C. R.1/47-p.3, c.4
Smith, Cyrus R.2/1-p.3, c.3
Smith, Emmett Orr2/1-p.3, c.3
Smith, H. C.1/47-p.3, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.5
Smith, J. C.1/47-p.4, c.6; 2/1-p.4, c.6
Smith, J. Carroll1/47-p.3, c.3
Smith, Neelie O.2/1-p.3, c.3
Smith, R. H. vs. McNabb, et al2/1-p.3, c.1
Smith, R. R.2/1-p.4, c.1
Smith, Sam. H.2/1-p.4, c.1
Smith, S. R.1/47-p.4, c.6; 2/1-p.4, c.6
Smith, Baker & Co.1/47-p.3, c.6; 2/1-p.4, c.1
Sneed, Pink2/1-p.3, c.3
Sneed, S. G.1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Southern States1/47-p.2, c.1
Sparks, W. C.1/47-p.1, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.6
Speech2/1-p.2, c.3
Stage Coaches1/47-p.3, c.6; 2/1-p.4, c.1
Stage Lines1/47-p.1, c.2
Standifer, Dorcas, Mrs.1/47-p.3, c.4
Standerfer, Mr.1/47-p.3, c.3
State Democratic Executive Committee1/47-p.1, c.6
State Policesee: Texas - General
States Rights1/47-p.1, c.3
Stawhorn, M., Mrs.1/47-p.3, c.3
Steam Mill2/1-p.3, c.6, p.4, c.2
Steedman, I. G.1/47-p.3, c.5; 2/1-p.3, c.6
Stevenson, L. W.1/47-p.2, c.4
Stewhorn, H. T.1/47-p.3, c.3
Stinnete, R. (Rufus)1/47-p.1, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.6; 2/1-p.3, c.2
Stinnett, Web1/47-p.1, c.2; 2/1-p.2, c.6
Stockmen for hunting, driving and herding horses1/47-p.3, c.1, c.3
Streetmen, W. B.2/1-p.4, c.2
Streetman, Cattle brand registration1/47-p.4, c.4; 2/1-p.4, c.4
Streetman's Store1/47-p.1, c.2
Stuart, B. N.1/47-p.3, c.3
Stuart, Colonel1/47-p.2, c.1
Subscription Ratesee: Term
Sumner, Mr.1/47-p.2, c.1
-- T --
Tabor, W. C.1/47-p.3, c.3
Tanner, G. W.1/47-p.3, c.3
Tarver, W. H.1/47-p.1, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.6
Tarver & Roberts2/1-p.2, c.6
Tax Notice1/47-p.2, c.6
Taylor, Wm. M.2/1-p.3, c.6
Temperance1/47-p.1, c.2; 2/1-p.1, c.1-c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.6
Tennessee1/47-p.2, c.2
Tennessee, Somerville2/1-p.2, c.4
Terms (Subscription Rate)1/47-p.1, c.1; p.2, c.5
Terrell, A. W.1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Texas - Cities - Anderson2/1-p.4, c.1
Texas - Cities - Austin1/47-p.1, c.6; p.2, c.1. c.4; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Texas - Cities - Bastrop1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Texas - Cities - Belton1/47-p.3, c.1, p.4, c.4
Texas - Cities - Belton - Arrivals and Departures of Mails1/47-p.3, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.5; p.4, c.1
Texas - Cities - Belton - Hotel2/1-p.4, c.1
Texas - Cities - Brenham1/47-p.1, c.6.. p.4, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.4; p.4, c.5
Texas - Cities - Bryan1/47-p.1, c.6; p.2, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.4, c.5
Texas - Cities - Bryant Station1/47-p.1, c.1; p.3, c.1
Texas - Cities - Burton2/1-p.4, c.1
Texas - Cities - Calhoun1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Texas - Cities - Calvert1/47-p.1, c.1, c.2, c.6; p.2, c.1; p.3, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.4, c.5, c.6; p.3, c.1; p.4, c.1; p.4, c.5
Texas - Cities - Calvert - Arrivals and Departures of Mails1/47-p.3, c.1
Texas - Cities - Calvert - Av'ts.1/47-p.3, c.6
Texas - Cities - Calvert - Beckham House2/1-p.4, c.1
Texas - Cities - Cameron1/47-p.1, c.1, c.2; p.2, c.6; p.3, c.1, c.3, c.4; p.4, c.2, c. 3
Texas - Cities - Cameron - Academy2/1-p.1, c.1
Texas - Cities - Cameron - Post Office1/47-p.3, c.3
Texas - Cities - Cameron - Steam Mill2/1-p.3, c.6. p.4, c.2
Texas - Cities - Clarksville1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Texas - Cities - Columbus (note: turned under and visible on p.2)1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Texas - Cities - Corpus Christ1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Texas - Cities - Corsicana1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Texas - Cities - Crockett2/1-p.4, c.1
Texas - Cities - Dallas1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Texas - Cities - Davilla (De Villa)1/47-p.3, c.1
Texas - Cities - Galveston1/47-p.1, c.2, c.6; p.3, c.4, c.5, p.4, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.2, c.3; p.3, c.3, c.4, c.6; p.4, c.1, c.5, c.6
Texas - Cities - Georgetown1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Texas - Cities - Georgetown - Arrivals/Departures of Mails1/47-p.3, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.5
Texas - Cities - Gonzales1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Texas - Cities - Harrisburg2/1-p.3, c.4
Texas - Cities - Hearne1/47-p.3, c.3, p.4, c.6; 2/1-p.4, c.4
Texas - Cities - Henderson1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Texas - Cities - Hempstead2/1-p.4, c.1
Texas - Cities - Hopkins1/47-p.1, c.6
Texas - Cities - Houston1/47-p.1, c.1, c.2, c.6; p.2, c.4; p.3, c.5, p.4, c.4; 2/1-p.2, c.2, c.3, p.3, c.4, c.6; p.4, c.1, c.5
Texas - Cities - Huntsville1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4, p.4, c.1
Texas - Cities - Jefferson1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Texas - Cities - Lampasas2/1-p.3, c.3
Texas - Cities - Liberty1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Texas - Cities - Marlin1/47-p.2, c.4
Texas - Cities - Marshall1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Texas - Cities - Maysfield1/47-p.3, c.1, p.4, c.4; 2/1-p.3, c.1; p.4, c.4
Texas - Cities - Navasota2/1-p.4, c.1
Texas - Cities - Palestine1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4, p.4, c.1
Texas - Cities - Paris1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Texas - Cities - Port Sullivan1/47-p.1, c.1, c.2; 2/1-p.2, c.2, c.6; p.4, c.1
Texas - Cities - Port Sullivan - Democratic Club2/1-p.3, c.1
Texas - Cities - Richmond1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Texas - Cities - Rusk1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Texas - Cities - San Andres1/47-p.4, c.4
Texas - Cities - San Antonio1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4; p.4, c.4
Texas - Cities - San Augustin1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Texas - Cities - Sherman1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Texas - Cities - Tyler1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Texas - Cities - Waco1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4; p.4, c.1
Texas - Cities - Weatherford1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Texas - Counties - Devilla1/47-p.2, c.1
Texas - Counties - Falls County1/47-p.2, c.4
Texas - Counties - Falls Co. - District Court1/47-p.2, c.4
Texas - Counties - Falls Co. - Grand Jury1/47-p.2, c.4
Texas - Counties - Fort Bend Co.1/47-p.2, c.3
Texas - Counties - Fort Bend Co. - Justice of the Peace1/47-p.2, c.3
Texas - Counties - Fort Bend Co. - Sheriff1/47-p.2, c.3
Texas - Counties - Leon County1/47-p.2, c.1
Texas - Counties - Milam County1/47-p.1, c.1; p.2., c.1, c.4; p.3, c.4; 2/1-p.2, c.2
Texas - Counties - Milam Co. - Constable1/47-p.3, c.1
Texas - Counties - Milam Co. - County Attorney1/47-p.3, c.1
Texas - Counties - Milam Co. - County Clerk1/47-p.2, c.6; p.3, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.5
Texas - Counties - Milam Co. - Courthouse1/47-p.3, c.4
Texas - Counties - Milam Co. - Courthouse, Building new2/1-p.3, c.3
Texas - Counties - Milam Co. - Courthouse, Question (unsafe)2/1-p.3, c.2
Texas - Counties - Milam Co. - Crops2/1-p.3, c.1
Texas - Counties - Milam Co. - Deputy1/47-p.3, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.5
Texas - Counties - Milam Co. - District Attorney1/47-p.3, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.5
Texas - Counties - Milam Co. - District Court2/1-p.2, c.5; p.3, c.1
Texas - Counties - Milam Co. - District Judge1/47-p.3, c.1
Texas - Counties - Milam Co. - Grand Jury2/1-p.3, c.1
Texas - Counties - Milam Co. - Jail, Building/tax2/1-p.2, c.1
Texas - Counties - Milam Co. - Jail, Escape1/47-p.3, c.2
Texas - Counties - Milam Co. - Justice of the Peace, Milam County2/1-p.2, c.5
Texas - Counties - Milam Co. - JP Beat No. 11/47-p.2, c.6
Texas - Counties - Milam Co. - JP Pct. 11/47-p.3, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.5
Texas - Counties - Milam Co. - JP Pct. 21/47-p.3, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.5
Texas - Counties - Milam Co. - JP Pct. 31/47-p.1, c.1; p.3, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.5
Texas - Counties - Milam Co. - JP Pct. 41/47-p.3, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.5
Texas - Counties - Milam Co. - JP Pct. 51/47-p.3, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.5
Texas - Counties - Milam Co. - Marriage Licenses1/47-p.3, c.1
Texas - Counties - Milam Co. - Probate/Estate matters2/1-p.3, c.2
Texas - Counties - Milam Co. - Official Directory1/47-p.3, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.5
Texas - Counties - Milam Co. - Road Overseer1/47-p.3, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.5
Texas - Counties - Milam Co. - Sheriff1/47-p.3, c.1, c.2; 2/1-p.2, c.5
Texas - Counties - Milam Co. - Jail Escape1/47-p.3, c.2
Texas - Counties - Milam Co. - Sale2/1-p.3, c.3
Texas - Counties - Milam Co. - Treasurer1/47-p.3, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.5
Texas - Counties - Robertson County2/1-p.3, c.1, c.2
Texas - Counties - San Saba County1/47-p.3, c.2
Texas - Counties - Washington County1/47-p.4, c.1; 2/1-p.4, c.5
Texas - General 1/47-p.2, c.4
Texas - House of Representatives2/1-p.2, c.3
Texas - Lakes - Green Lake1/47-p.3, c.2
Texas - Lakes - Lester Lake2/1-p.4, c.2
Texas - Legislature1/47-p.2, c.1; p.3, c.2; 2/1-p.2, c.1
Texas - Rivers & Creeks - Brazos River2/1-p.2, c.2
Texas - Rivers & Creeks - Elm Creek2/1-p.3, c.6
Texas - Rivers & Creeks - Little River1/47-p.3, c.2, c.4
Texas - Rivers & Creeks - Ohio River2/1-p.2, c.2
Texas - State Police1/47-p.2, c.1; p.3, c.1, c.2; 2/1-p.3, c.1
Thomas Tardrew & Co.1/47-p.2, c.1
Thompson, M. F.1/47-p.3, c.1
Thompson, P. vs. Nancy Wiley2/1-p.3, c.1
Thompson, Wells1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Tipsy Tanner's1/47-p.1, c.3
Toland, J. F., Rev.2/1-p.3, c.1
Tormey, J. T.2/1-p.3, c.2
Treasurersee: Texas - Counties
Trustee's Sale1/47-p.3, c.4
T. S. Maddox & Co.2/1-p.4, c.5
Turner, N. P.1/47-p.1, c.2; 2/1-p.4, c.5
Turnham, Peter W.2/1-p.3, c.2
Turnham, S. R.1/47-p.3, c.1
Tyler, Texassee: Texas - Cities
-- U --
Union Troops - 10th Illinois Calvary1/47-p.2, c.1
Universities - Waco University1/47-p.4, c.4; 2/1-p.4, c.5
-- V --
Vandevere, A. E., Rev.1/47-p.3, c.1, c.2; 2/1-p.3, c.1
Van Slyke, R.1/47-p.3, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.5
Vanzandt, W.1/47-p.3, c.5; 2/1-p.3, c.6
Vermont1/47-p.1, c.6
-- W --
W. B. Streetman & Co's.1/47-p.2, c.1, c.3, c.6; p.3, c.1, c.2; 2/1-p.2, c.5, p.3, c.3
Waco, Texassee: Texas - Cities
Waco University1/47-p.4, c.4; 2/1-p.4, c.5
Walker, A. S.1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Walker, Joel1/47-p.3, c.2; 2/1-p.3, c.2
Walker, L. C.1/47-p.3, c.3
Wallace, N. O.1/47-p.2, c.2
Walton, W. M.1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Washington Hotel1/47-p.1, c.2; 2/1-p.4, c.5
Watson, William1/47-p.4, c.1; 2/1-p.4, c.5
Weatherford, Texassee: Texas - Cities
White, Buck2/1-p.3, c.3
White House1/47-p.1, c.3
Wiese, Wm.1/47-p.3, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.5
Wiggins, Mr.1/47-p.3, c.1
Wiggins, Pvt.2/1-p.3, c.1
Wiley, Nancy - P. Thompson vs.2/1-p.3, c.1
Wm. Christian & Co.2/1-p.3, c.4
Williams, J.1/47-p.3, c.3
Williams, Jno.1/47-p.3, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.5
Williams, L. - Cattle brand registration2/1-p.4, c.4
Williams, M., Mrs.1/47-p.3, c.3
Williams, S. H. - Cattle brand registration1/47-p.4, c.4; 2/1-p.4, c.4
Williams, T. H.1/47-p.3, c.1
Williams, W. M.1/47-p.3, c.1; 2/1-p.2, c.5
Wilson, Marks2/1-p.3, c.1
Wilson, T. M.2/1-p.4, c.4
Wilson, W. S. G.2/1-p.4, c.2
Wilson Steam Mill2/1-p.4, c.2
Winkler, C. M.1/47-p.1, c.6; 2/1-p.2, c.4
Wortham, Wm. A.1/47-p.1, c.6
Wright, W. B.1/47-p.1, c.6
Wright, Wm. A.2/1-p.2, c.4
-- Y --
Yoe, Charles H.1/47-p.2, c.6, p.4, c.2; 2/1-p.4, c.2


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