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Milam County, Texas



Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School of
The University of Texas in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements
For the Degree of

Katherine Bradford Henderson, B.A.
(Cameron, Texas)
Austin, Texas
June, 1924

Grateful acknowledgements are due Dr. Charles W. Ramsdell, my major counselor, for his helpful advice and kindly criticism ao (sic) generously given; to Dr. Eugene Barker for the use of his Life of Austin, which has been invaluable in the preparation of the second chapter; and to the library staff for their generous aid. The encouragement of Miss Ada Henderson, Miss Winnie Henderson, and Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Henderson has been a constant source of inspiration throughout the preparation of this work. Katherine Bradford Henderson.

Austin, Texas.



Chapter I The Spanish Background
Chapter II Milam County under Mexico-- Early Colonial Period
Chapter III The Coming of the Colonists
Chapter IV Milam County in the Texas Revolution
Chapter V Indian Affairs in Central Texas
Chapter VI Milam County, 1836-1850
Appendix .
Bibliography .

List of Maps

Plate .
I General Reference Map of Milam County
II The San Xavier Missions
III Robertson's Colony
IV Land Grants
V Indian Tribes and early settlements

List of Illustrations (Photographs)

Plate NOTE - The photographs were very poor quality photocopies and could not be scanned
and are not included in this website.
I A Pioneer's Home in Milam County
II Scenes around Old Nashville - The old Ferry
III The cemetery at Old Nashville
IV Mrs. Amanda Bryant Petterly


We must say a special thank you to Jan Jordan of Kingsville, Texas, for typing the above thesis for use on the Milam County TXGenWeb site.

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