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Milam County, Texas

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Michael H. Fleming

SOURCE: History of Texas, Together with a Biographical History of Milam, Williamson, Bastrop, Travis, Lee and Burleson Counties. (Chicago, IL: Lewis, 1893), p. 282 & 283.

MICHAEL H. FLEMMING comes of Irish ancestry, his father, PATRICK FLEMMING and his mother, MARGARET (HOLLAND) FLEMMING, being natives of the Emerald Isle, born in the County of Cork, the father in 1816 and the mother in 1824. They were married in their native country in 1853 and the following year came to America, settling in New York City. They resided in New York City until they died, the father in 1864 and the mother in 1862. The father was something of a merchant, being a dealer in naval stores, at which he earned an honest livelihood for himself and family but laid up nothing for the proverbial 'rainy day'. He was a type of his race, generous, impulsive, full of wit, not over-provident, a Democrat in politics and a Catholic in religion. The mother was an industrious, economical housewife, devoted to her husband and children and attentive to all her duties. They had but three children, the eldest dying in infancy, the second being the subject of this notice and the youngest, a daughter, ANNIE (FLEMMING) McCARTY, now the wife of PATRICK McCARTY of Chatham, Columbia County, New York.

MICHAEL H. FLEMMING was born October 12, 1854 in the city of New York. His boyhood until he was twelve was passed in that city. Then his parents having died, he was sent up to New Lebanon in Columbia County, where he was put to work on a farm. Here he resided some three or four years, working as a farm hand in summer and attending the local schools in the winter. Columbia County continued to be his home for twelve or fourteen years, which time he spent as a laborer among the farmers of that county and as a railway construction hand on railway lines of that vicinity. In 1880 he came to Texas and settled at Milano, where he entered the employ of the Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railroad Company, with which he has continued since. He began with this company as a foreman at $55.00 per month, and in 1884 was promoted to the position of road master at a salary of $112.50 per month, but in a few weeks resigned and again became foreman of his section. In 1891 he was again promoted to the position of road master, but again resigned and still holds his old position of foreman.

MR. FLEMMING is one Irishman who does not thirst for official distinction. He is content to pursue the even tenor of his way as an unpretentious citizen, giving to his employers a reasonable share of his time, and labor for what he receives from them, reserving the remainder to be devoted to his own private affairs. How well he has profited by going this course can be easily seen by a glance at his financial standing. When he came to the State in 1880 he had about $1,500, which he had saved from his earnings in New York. Since then he has bought 512 acres of land in Milam County, 260 acres of which is in cultivation; he owns ten lots, a residence and a brick business building in Milano, and holds vendor lien notes to the amount of $4,000 or $5,000. He has made all this in the last twelve or fourteen years, partly by labor and partly by judicious investments.

In 1879 MR. FLEMMING married MISS MARGARET MOLYNEANX, a native of County Kerry, Ireland, and a daughter of JOHN and MARY MOLYNEANX, MRS. FLEMMING coming to America when a girl in the company of an older brother. MR. and MRS. FLEMMING have had four children: EDWARD FLEMMING; FRANK FLEMMING, who died at the age of two years; CHARLIE FLEMMING and FRANCIS FLEMMING. He and his wife are members of the Catholic Church, and he belongs to the Knights of Honor, Milano Lodge number 3,678, of which he is Trustee.

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