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Milam County, Texas




ca. 1973

The Rev. Immanuel Glatzel organized Peace Lutheran Church on June 24, 1883. The church was located in a small German community called Bushdale a short distance from Rockdale.

The first resident pastor, Rev. Julius E. H. Schroeder, a young theological canidate (sic) from a German seminary arrived in 1888. Under his leadership the first church and parsonage were built.

The Rev. C. Roth served the church in 1898, followed by Rev. G. Walther in 1904, Rev. J. J. Weiss in 1906, and Rev. T. N. Ander in 1908.

In 1909 a “neat chapel” was built in the town of Rockdale. The pastor T. N. Ander served both congregations, followed by Rev. H. F. Ander who arrived in 1909. In 1913 services were discontinued in Rockdale, and Bushdale was served by the pastor from Detmold, a community 15 miles away. The Rev. C. Roth served in 1914, The Rev. R. Becker in 1915, and the Rev. E. Shaffel in 1916. In 1925 Rev. F. Walther was instrumental in changin (sic) the place of service from Bushdale to Rockdale, and Rockdale chapel was enlarged to accommodate both congregations. From Detmold the pastor served both Sharp and Rockdale.

On August 8, 1931, under its next resident pastor, Rev. Richard Steege, Rockdale and Sharp became one congregation, each holding its own services. The Bushdale property was sold and the Rockdale parsonage was bought.

Pastor Steege left Rockdale in 1935, and the next resident pastor was Rev. Otto Schawe, who was installed on June 30, 1935.

On February 8, 1938, Rev. S. T. Schroeder accepted a call to become the pastor of Peace Lutheran Church, and on August 25, 1939, the congregation agreed to purchase the disbanded First Presbyterian Church building. In 1939 the Rockdale School Board presented the Bell to the church (cast Baltimore, 1884.) The Bell was transferred to our new building and is used by our congregation.

The Rev. E. C. Elzey accepted a call to become the next resident pastor on December 14, 1942. Under his leadership the congregation paid for the building and became a self-supporting congregation.

On January 15, 1947 the Rev. F. T. Sager accepted a call to become pastor of Peace Lutheran. In 1958 the Sharp congregation fully merged with Rockdale. During Pastor Sager’s stay a building fund was established, and the congregation began looking forward to the day they could have a new church.

In June 1964 Rev. S. E. Sultemeier was installed as pastor, and under his leadership, in January of 1966, the congregation appointed a building committee. A new site on Meadow Drive was purchased, an architectural firm hired, and a financial campaign was authorized. Plans were finally ready for bid in February of 1967. Coffield Construction of Rockdale was awarded the contract with a low bid of $100,996.00. The new church building was dedicated on October 29, 1967.

The Rev. Gary E. Mayer was installed pastor of Peach Lutheran in September, 1968.

Then on September 23, 1973, Rev. Waldemar Wendel was installed as pastor Peace Lutheran Church.

Peace Lutheran has grown to over 430 members since its founding in 1883. We thank God for this persistent care of our church and our people.

We must say a special thank you to Nancy Pace of Lloyd, FL, for re-typing the above church history for use on the Milam County TXGenWeb site.


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