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Milam County, Texas



Hat Prairie, Oak Hill & Forest Grove Church

ca. undated

Near the middle 1800's, a young man and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Dock Hughes and a young single man by the name of Harnis who worked for the Hughes settled eight miles south of where Rockdale now stands.

Mr. Harnis married a Yague Indian of the Cherokee tribe. This couple had one daughter, Nancy. Mr. and Mrs. Hughes had one son, Marain R. Hughes. He and the half Indian girl, Nancy, were married and bought a tract of land at Hat Prairie Cemetery.

The first person buried in the cemetery was a young wrangler, name unknown. He was breaking horses for Marain Hughes and was thrown and killed. The grave was marked. The second person was Nancy, wife of Marain R. Hughes.

At the southwest corner of Hat Prairie Cemetery was Townsens Commissary on the old Branham and Belton road, which ran on the west side of the Hat Prairie Cemetery.

In the mid 1800's, the Alford, Overman and Windlans families settled in this community. In 1857 the Richards family came too.

In the mid 1860's a school was built known as Oak Hill, being located one mile north of Hat Prairie. In 1869, N. F. Overman built a tread cotton gin and a brick plant one-half mile east of Oak Hill School.

In 1868 the Bill Young family moved into the Oak Hill Community.

In 1879 the SA and AP Railroad came through the community one mile southeast of Hat Prairie and the City of Hicks came into being.

The first church was organized in 1898 at Oak Hill with 63 members. A church building was built in the fall of 1902 on land given by Mr. Bill Young. In January of 1903 at the dedication, the official name of Forest Grove Christian Church was chosen.

By O. B. McNiel

being one of the many great grandsons of Nancy and Marain Hughes

We must say a special thank you to Nancy Pace of Lloyd, FL, for re-typing the above church history for use on the Milam County TXGenWeb site.


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