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Milam County, Texas



Meadow Brook Baptist Church

Rockdale, Milam County, Texas
1954 – 1972


Mrs. Harold Love, Chairman
Mrs. Wendell Dyer
Mrs. J.R. Fuller, Church Clerk


On Tuesday evening, June 15, 1954, at eight o’clock, a mass meeting was held in the auditorium of the First Baptist Church, Rockdale, Texas, by those interested in organizing a new church. A petition was circulated to determine if there was a sufficient number of people interested in the formation of a new church. One hundred eleven signed the petition at this meeting. Thus the fact was established that another Baptist church was desired in Rockdale. Those present began laying plans for organizing and establishing the new church.

On June 10, 1954, Rev. L. B. Jones, Pastor of the First Baptist Church, Rockdale, Texas, appointed a committee composed of J.R. Fuller, chairman, T. L. Austin, Jr., and Dale Cockrell, to initiate the organization of a new church.

The church was organized on Thursday, June 17, 1954, with District Missionary, R. R. Lloyd, presiding. O. H. Whitmire was elected as temporary Clerk and J.R. Fuller was elected as temporary Treasurer. The name of Meadowbrook Baptist Church was suggested by Mrs. Dale Cockrell and accepted by the group to be the name of the newly-organized church. The New Hampshire Articles of Faith were approved. The motion was made and approved that the church be affiliated with Milam Association of the Baptist General Convention of Texas and of the Southern Baptist Convention.

There were 114 original charter members and 39 charter members added to the original charter. Signers of the original petition on June 17, 1954, were:

1. O. H. Whitmire
2. Mrs. O. H. Whitmire
3. Mrs. W. J. Wallace
4. Candace Wallace
5. Joyce White Aufricht
6. Mrs. Daisy Brown
7. Robert C. Orr
8. Mrs. James R. Fuller
9. Gayle Fuller
10. Mrs. Robert C. Orr
11. Mrs. T. L. Austin, Jr.
12. Mrs. John V. Holder
13. Mrs. J. W. Walker
14. J. W. Walker
15. John Wayne Walker
16. Mrs. John Dockall
17. John Dockall
18. John V. Holder
19. Mrs. Edwin N. Sandidge
20. Edwin Sandidge
21. Georgia K. Dyer
22. Wendell Dyer
23. Paul R. Howington
24. Dr. H. S. Woods, Jr.
25. Mrs. H. S. Woods
26. Virginia Sue Woods
27. Burnice C. Blake
28. W. L. Graham
29. T. L. Austin, Jr.
30. Ann Gross
31. R. Q. Todd
32. Mrs. R. Q. Todd
33. Sara Todd
34. Ronald David Todd
35. Clark Holsenbach
36. Mrs. Clark Holsenback
37. Carol Holsonbach
38. Douglas F. Parker
39. Mrs. Douglas F. Parker
40. Alva D. Freeman, Jr.
41. Mrs. Alva D. Freeman
42. D. D. White
43. Mrs. D. D. White
44. Gilbert White
45. Essie Byrd
46. Buddy Byrd
47. W. J. Wallace
48. Milton Taylor
49. Pamela Kay Love
50. Harold Love
51. Mrs. Harold Love
52. Mrs. Lafe Graham
53. H. J. Gebhart
54. Mrs. H. J. Gebhart
55. Linda Gebhart
56. John Gebhart
57. Mrs. Thomas Helms
58. Tom Helms
59. Everett L. Gantt
60. Mrs. Everett L. Gantt
61. R. L. Allen
62. Mrs. R.L. Allen
63. Jack Allen
64. Margaret Allen
65. D. M. Chapman
66. Mrs. D. M. Chapman
67. Barbara Chapman
68. Joyce Chapman
69. Al Graham
70. A. J. Jenkins
71. Mrs. A. J. Jenkins
72. Joan Jenkins
73. Dan Jenkins
74. Robert Jenkins
75. Linda Graham
76. Jack L. Crane
77. J. M. Coffey
78. Mrs. J. M. Coffey
79. William C. Coffey
80. Donald Ray Coffey
81. Mrs. George B. Ross
82. George B. Ross
83. Seralda Ross
84. Thomas Gregory Ross
85. Garland L. Southern
86. Mrs. Garland L. Southern
87. Frank Dymke
88. Mrs. Frank Dymke
89. Anita Jane Bralm
90. Stella Mae Rae
91. Charles A. Dalton
92. B. D. Cockrell
93. Mrs. B. D. Cockrell
94. Mrs. B. C. Blake
95. Mrs. George H. Nelson
96. Melvin W. Brickey
97. Mrs. Melvin W. Brickey
98. George H. Nelson
99. W. R. Walker
100. Mrs. W.R. Walker
101. Robert Walker
102. Travis Walker
103. William R. Walker, Jr.
104. Mrs. Charles A. Dalton
105. Mrs. B. F. Cook, Jr.
106. B. F. Cook, Jr.
107. J. R. Fuller
108. Lola May
109. Mrs. Ollie May
110. Ollie May
111. Myrtle Swanson
112. Mrs. O. R. Gross
113. Clayton Dark
114. Mrs. Clayton Dark (Not on original petition)
115. Mrs. C. E. Ziegler
116. Yvonne Grissom
117. W.C. Grissom
118. Mrs. W. C. Grissom
119. Bill Grissom
120. Bobby Parrish
121. Olen Holmes
122. Mrs. Olen Holmes
123. J. L. Cain
124. Mrs. J. L. Cain
125. Douglas Cain
126. H. F. Webster
127. Mrs. H.F. Webster
128. Wayland Early
129. E. E. Waller
130. Mrs. E. E. Waller
131. Mrs. Lee Wallace, Jr.
132. Billy B. Tyus
133. Mrs. Billy B. Tyus
134. Barbara Smith
135. Nancy Lee Ray
136. Delia Whitley
137. J. N. Smith
138. Robert Smith
139. Mrs. J. W. Smith
140. Janice Smith
141. Waylon Smith
142. Grady L. Cumbie
143. Mrs. Grady L. Cumbie
144. Mrs. James Head
145. Mary Alice Head
146. Jane Clair Head
147. Mrs. L.A. Zimmer
148. Mrs. Mildred Guillaune
149. L. A. Zimmer
150. W. G. Van Cleve
151. Mrs. W.G. Van Cleve
152. W. A. Sims, Jr.
153. Mrs. W. A. Sims, Jr.

The first Sunday School and Church services were held on June 20, 1954, in the Rockdale Elementary School building with Billy Grissom preaching the first sermon. Mrs. B. F. Cook taught the Sunday School lesson to the general assembly.

The first deacons of the church were elected on June 20, 1954; they were J.R. Fuller, chairman, Hoyte Whitmire, John V. Holder, George Nelson, H.S. Woods, Jr., Wendell Dyer, Robert C. Orr, J.M. Coffey, and Dale Cockrell.

A nominating committee composed of T.L. Austin, chairman, J.M. Coffey, Mrs. Douglas Parker, Mrs. Jim Gebhart, and J.R. Fuller selected the first officers of the church. The following officers were elected:

Sunday School Supt. - Lafe Graham
Training Union Dir. - Melvin Brickey
W.M.U. President - Mrs. Lafe Graham
Head Usher - Clayton Dark
Pianist - Ann Gross
Song Leader - George Nelson

On June 23, 1954, the nominating committee recommended the following people for Sunday School teachers and officers:

Sunday School Supt. - Lafe Graham
Associate Supt. - T. L. Austin
General Secretary - J. H. Fuller
Adult Dept. Supt. - Harold Love
Men’s Teacher - B. D. Cockrell
Ladies’ Teacher - Mrs. Billie Parker
Secretary - O. H. Whitmire
Young People’s Dept. Supt. - Mrs. Frank Dymke
Men’s Teacher - Billy Grissom
Ladies’ Teacher - Joyce Aufricht
Intermediate Dept. Supt. - George Nelson
Girl’s Teacher - Mrs. B. D. Cockrell
Boy’s Teacher - O. A. Freeman
Junior Dept. Supt. - Wendell Dyer
Girl’s Teacher - Mrs. Harvey Lee Wallace
Girl’s Teacher - Mrs. Ruth Wallace
Boy’s Teacher - Charles Dalton
Boy’s Teacher - B. C. Blake
Primary Dept. Supt. - Mrs. Clark Holsenback
Teacher - Mrs. Loretta Siegler
Teacher - Mrs. R. L. Allan
Teacher - Mrs. John Dockall
Teacher - Mrs. B. D. White
Teacher - Mrs. Tom Helms
Beginner Dept. Supt. - Mrs. O. A. Freeman
Secretary - Mrs. J.W. Walker
Teacher - Mrs. R. C. Orr
Teacher - Mrs. Charles Dalton
Teacher - Mrs. Jim Gebhart
Teacher - Mrs. O.H. Holmes
Nursery Dept. Supt. - Mrs. J. N. Coffey
Worker - Mrs. Bessie Byrd
Service Roll - Mrs. Bryon Cook
Shut-ins - Mrs. O. H. Gross

Nominated for permanent office were:
Treasurer - J. B. Fuller
Church Clerk - O. H. Whitmire

The following were recommended for Training Union offices:
Director - Melvin Brickey
Secretary - Mrs. H. J. Gebhart
Pianist - Mrs. G. H. Whitmire
Adult Supt. - Mrs. John Holder
Young People / Intermediate - Doris Gebhart
Junior Leaders - Mr. & Mrs. Charles Dalton
Primary Supt. - Mrs. R. A. Rae
Teacher - Mrs. R. L. Allen
Beginner Supt. - Mrs. G. L. Southern
Teacher - Mrs. Clark Holsenback

On June 23, 1954, the following committees were elected:
Finance Committee
T. L. Austin, chairman
Harold Love
George Nelson
John Dockall
D. D. White
H. S. Woods
E. L. Gantt

Site Committee
W.L. Graham, chairman
R. C. Orr
O. H. Whitmire
B. C. Blake

Building Committee
John V. Holder, chairman
Tom Helms
D. F. Parker
J. M. Coffey
Melvin Brickey
Alva Freeman
Mrs. John Deckall
Mrs. Harold Love

Pulpit Committee
Dale Cockrell, chairman
Mrs. J.W. Walker
Mrs. Charles Dalton
Mrs. George Ross
Byron Cook
Wendell Dyer
Melvin Brickey
J.M. Coffey
George Nelson

On August 1, 1954, the Pulpit Committee recommended that the church extend a call to Rev. A. L. Gatewood of Columbia, Mississippi, to serve as our first pastor. Rev. Gatewood accepted and served as pastor from September 5, 1954, until July 1, 1957. His salary was $350.00 per month.

On August 18, 1954, the building committee recommended that Mr. Frank Dill of Houston be selected to draw up plans for the church building. The plans were accepted by the church on October 6, 1954. On February 9, 1955, the church voted to award the building contract to Barnes-Jones Lumber Company for the sum of $66,480.00.

In the meantime, the church met in school facilities and in a home on Bell Street.

Groundbreaking ceremonies were held on Sunday, March 6, 1955, at the site on Colorado Street. The first unit was completed and the first service was held in it on August 28, 1955. The building was dedicated on December 18, 1955. Plans were approved for a second unit on May 8, 1957.

In July 1957, Bro. Gatewood left to go to a new field of service in Dallas. Rev. Clem Hardy was secured as interim pastor.

Rev. M. E. Cooper of Ft. Worth was called to be the second pastor of Meadowbrook Church in September, 1957. During his pastorate the new educational annex was built at a cost of $33,414. It was brought into use in the spring of 1958.

Bro. Cooper remained as pastor until August 1957, at which time he resigned to become chaplain of Hillcrest Baptist Hospital in Waco.

Rev. William P. Davenport of Robinson, Texas, accepted the call of the church to become their third pastor in December 1958. The accent of his ministry at Meadowbrook was one of heightened mission concern.

Bro. Davenport remained as pastor until October 1962, at which time he went to St. Paul, Minnesota, to pastor the South Robert Street Baptist Mission. It later became the Bethel Baptist Church.

Rev. William D. Agee of Tyler, Texas, was called as the fourth pastor of the church. He arrived on the field in February 1963. He served until January 24, 1965. He accepted a call to become pastor of the Emmanuel Baptist Church in Waco, Texas.

In October 1963, the church voted to purchase the A.T. Wydell home at 2006 Murray for the church parsonage. It was secured at a cost of $12, 500. The Agee family moved into the parsonage in December 1963.

Rev. N. A. Mills came from Center Point, Texas, on July 18, 1965, to serve as the fifth pastor.


The first ordination service was when J.M. Coffey was ordained a deacon on June 23, 1954.

The first person to be baptized in the new church was Shirley Brown on September 11, 1955.

The first wedding was on September 30, 1955, when Barbara Joyce Smith became the bride of George Weldon Swearingen.

The first funeral was that of A.A. Haney in May 1955.

The youngest charter member of the church was Candace Wallace and the oldest charter member was Mrs. Daisy Brown, who until her death February 15, 1971, received the corsage each Mother’s Day service for being the oldest mother present.


A Tenth Anniversary celebration was observed on July 12, 1964. Rev. Bill Agee was pastor and officiated during the day. Rev. A. L. Gatewood delivered the morning message and Rev. Roy Cooper delivered the evening message. Special music was given by Earl Roberson and Mr. and Mrs. Billy Fisher. Following lunch, group pictures were taken of present and past membership.

On July 13, 1969, a Fifteenth Anniversary was observed with Rev. N. A. Mills, pastor, officiating. Rev. A. L. Gatewood and Rev. Bill Agee brought the morning and evening messages and Rev. Cooper and Rev. Wm. P. Davenport participated in the morning and afternoon services. Kenneth Baxter and Earl Roberson conducted special music. Group pictures were again taken of present and past membership.


1. Rev. A. L. Gatewood = Aug. 1, 1954 - July 1, 1957
2. Rev. Clem Hardy, interim pastor = July 10, 1957 - Sept. 15, 1957
3. Rev. Roy Cooper = Sept. 22, 1957 - August 4, 1958
4. Rev. W. J. Wimpee, interim pastor = Oct. 29, 1958 - Dec. 3, 1958
5. Rev. William P. Davenport = Dec. 10, 1958 - October 8, 1962
6. Rev. William D. Agee = Jan. 13, 1963 - Jan. 24, 1965
7. Rev. Clem Hardy, interim pastor = March 17, 1965 - July 1957
8. Rev. N. A. Mills = July 18, 1965

Church Clerks
O. H. Whitmire
George Nelson
Robert Orr
Charles Holder
Mrs. J. R. Fuller

Church Treasurers
J. R. Fuller
Glenn Hodges
L. S. Parker
Milton Holmes

Sunday School Superintendents
Lafe Graham
Harold Love
Charles Barber
J. E. Johnston
Mrs. Naomi Walker

Training Union Directors
Melvin Brickey
T. L. Austin
Mrs. B. D. Cockrell
Mrs. J. R. Johnston
Mrs. Jesse Laster
Mrs. Jack Ireland
Grady Cumbie
Travis Grindle
Ron Derry

W.M.U. Presidents
Mrs. Lafe Graham
Mrs. B. D. Cockrell
Mrs. T. L. Austin
Mrs. Sam Marshall
Mrs. Lee Wallace, Jr.
Mrs. Alva Barlow
Mrs. D.W. Hutson
Mrs. Helen Mortimer
Mrs. J. E. Johnston
Mrs. Doris Gebhart
Mrs. Jack Ireland

Brotherhood Presidents
O. H. Whitmire
Charles Dalton
Glenn Hodges
Grady Cumbie
Dale Cockrell

Music Directors
George Nelson
Max McClaren
Gene Gimbel
Gwin Morris
Joe Preston
Tim Fleming
Billy Fisher
Earl Roberson
Kenneth Baxter
Mike Samford
Charles McLeod
Jim Carter


George Weldon Swearingen & Barbara Joyce Smith - Sept. 30, 1955 by Rev. A. L. Gatewood

Charles Ray Pevehouse & Lola Bell Ray - Oct. 26, 1957 by Rev. Ray Cooper

William Clive Sherman & Linda Gayle Graham - Dec. 13, 1958 by Dr. W. J. Wimpee

Truman Benny Pratt & June Shelton - May 23, 1958 by Rev. Roy Cooper

Robert Charles Parrish & Julia Ann Gross - July 18, 1958 by Rev. Roy Cooper

William Wayne Kyle & Dortha Ann Parker - April 11, 1959 by Rev. Wm. P. Davenport

Don N. Hull & Rita Magness - April 16, 1959 by Rev. Wm. P. Davenport

Frederick Holmes Pearce & Carolyn Janelle Curlee - Nov. 7, 1959 by Rev. Buddy Wilcoxon

Cole C. Yoakum & Carol Ann Holsenback - March 28, 1960 by Rev. Wm. P. Davenport

Steve Herbert & Peggy O’Neal - June 4, 1960 by Rev. Wm. P. Davenport

Richard Strelsky & Frances DeLois Hoffman - Sept. 17, 1960 by Rev. Wm. P. Davenport & Rev. Claude V. Ellis

Sammy Ralph Goble & Jacquelyn Ann Elliott - Nov. 28, 1961 by Rev. Wm. P. Davenport

W. Lee Murray & Kerma Louise Johnston - Aug. 26, 1961 by Rev. Wm. P. Davenport

Louise Romine Rogers & Shirley Lorraine Suttles - June 2, 1962 by Rev. Frank Cady

Jerry Wayne Kirk & Joyce Marie Chapman - Oct. 6, 1962 by Rev. Wm. P. Davenport

Durwood Wayne Tucker & Darlene Gumble - Aug. 30, 1963 by Rev. Wm. Agee

Hubert Donoley Youngblood & Bernice Louise Suttles - May 9, 1963 by Rev. Wm. Agee

Dean Ray Pickett & Cloria Joan Armour - Dec. 18, 1965 by Rev. N. A. Mills

Tom Edward Mandy & Carolyn Ann Rambo - June 10, 1966 by Rev. N. A. Mills

Garry Holmec & Carolyn Ireland - Dec. 10, 1966 by Rev. N. A. Mills

Billy Charles Staley & Pamela Kay Love - Dec. 23, 1966 by Rev. Wm Agee & Rev. N. A. Mills

James Grady Williams & Judith Holmes - Aug. 12, 1967 by Rev. Wm. Agee

Stefan W. Williams & Sara Todd - Aug. 12, 1967 by Rev. James E. Lafferty

James Arthur McDaniel & Brenda Lea Law - Nov. 20, 1967 by Rev. N. A. Mills (In Parsonage)

James Earl Hirt & Nicki LaVerne Shelton - June 22, 1968 by Rev. N. A. Mills

Glenn Hughes & Jan Hughes - Aug. 17, 1968 by Rev. N. A. Mills

Donald Fritz & Gayle Guillaume - Oct. 4, 1968 by Rev. Walter Guillaume & Rev. N. A. Mills

Dwight Praesel & Glenda Knott - March 18, 1968 by Rev. N. A. Mills

William Simmons & Virginia Kreats - July 5, 1969 by Rev. N. A. Mills

Royce Lee Lawrence & Rosemary Qumbie - June 6, 1970 by Rev. N. A. Mills

Stephen Don Methvin & Gay Nell Mills - Aug. 15, 1970 by Rev. N. A. Mills

Grover M. Russell, Jr. & Jeanette Sue Abbott - Aug. 22, 1970 by Rev. N. A. Mills

Robert Seth Fisher & - Donna Lou Morgan - Sept. 26, 1970 by Rev. N. A. Mills

Richard Doelitsch & Bettie Fisher - Oct. 24, 1970 by Rev. N. A. Mills

John David Turner & Suzanne Ruth Coffey - Dec. 29, 1970 by Rev. N. A. Mills

Durwood Martin & Denise Thompson - March 13, 1971 by Rev. N. A. Mills

John C. Shoemake & Sharon Ann Dyer - May 29, 1971 by Rev. N. A. Mills

Jerry Wayne Steele & Barbara Ann Owens - June 12, 1971 by Rev. N. A. Mills

SAm B. Baker & Barbara Ann Armour - Aug. 14, 1971 by Allison Joyce

Michael Allen Speer & Betty Joyce Sapp - Oct. 2, 1971 by Rev. N. A. Mills

Earl Gordon Roberson, III & Alice Jane Johnston - May 20, 1971 by Rev. Wm. Agee

Ray Morris Coward & Lucy Pearl Buttrey - June 6, 1972 by Rev. N. A. Mills

Llewellyn Richard Powell & Linda Gayle Tindall - June 10, 1972 by Rev. N. A. Mills

Henry Alton Dupree & Cindy Sue Tindall - June 6, 1972 by Rev. N. A. Mills

Albert Lee Jones & Janette Doris Hirt - Aug. 5, 1972 by Rev. N. A. Mills

Willard L. Ferguson & Betty Margaret Orr - March 17, 1973 by Rev. Wm. Agee

* List Incomplete

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