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Milam County, Texas



Liberty Hill Springfield Baptist Church

Liberty Hill Community, Milam County, Texas
ca. 1974


Location of Liberty Hill Community

Ten miles west of Rockdale, Texas on 908 Farm to Market Road go about eight miles. You will come to a cross road where two stop signs are. Take the left hand road and go until you come to an intersection and turn left and go about two blocks where the church and cemetery are located.

The soil in this community is black. In this soil you can raise most anything from vegetables, cotton, corn, grain, sorghum, wheat, and fruit. Also cattle, hogs, sheep, goats, and poultry. The home owners were and are Dykes, Scotts, Robbs, Wilborns, Whittington, Gipsons, Craytons, Claytons, Smith, Mobleys, Johnsons, Malones, Colemans, Hershs, Goffs, Ogles, Alfords, Washingtons, Sanfords, Bredfords, Crawfords, Haynes, and Rhems. Everybody made an honest living; some to give and some to sell.


I consider it a privilege to privilege to prepare this Historic event of Liberty Hill Community and Springfield Baptist Church. As we continue to reminiscence over the past years of your church, we can say the Lord has blessed us. Springfield Baptist Church was organized in 1888 in an old log house which was built for them to worship in. Our church has gown greatly in the years both spiritually and financially. We are praise to those who have labored and left the scent of life and flowers to those who have followed and are still laboring. This team of members for more than the eighty-five years has joined hands and blazed a trail for this edifice which the Lord has in power to guide us.

Sister Lucinda Goff Haynes, a true and dedicated member of Springfield Baptist Church is the oldest member of this church at present. She gave the welcome address when the church was first organized in 1900. She has been a faithful member ever since. The pastors of this church have done many timely things in eighty-five years. We have hired fifteen pastors. They are in order of their pastoring:

Rev. A.L. Slege, Rev. S. Smith, Rev. A.D. Foster, Rev. A.L. Taylor, Rev. J. N. Usery, Rev. W.M. Finell, Rev. C.C. Reed, Rev. R. E. McKeen, Rev. R.L. Perry, Rev. O.S. Davis, Rev. S.L. Smith, Rev. Joe Kykes, Rev. S.L. Brown, and Rev. CA. Hill, Present pastor.


Bro. Calvin Alford, Bro. George Washington, Bro. J. Crayton, Bro. E. L. Wilborn, Bro. J. S. Whittington, Bro. J. M. Malone, Bro. R. A. Burton, Bro. J. W. Collier, Bro. R. A. Scott, Bro. James Banks, Bro. A. L. Clayton, Bro. Portor Goff, Bro. Jessie Washington, Bro. Johnie Bradford, Bro. Vernon Dykes, Bro. Vernell Dykes, Bro. E. L. Rhem, Chairman of the Board.


Bro. Felix Crayton, Sis. P. L. Clayton, Bro. R. A. Scott, Sis. Willie Mae Dykes, present clerk.

One of the oldest citizens of Liberty Hill Community was Mr. William Dykes, who was an outstanding citizen of Liberty Hill. He was the father of ten children. Their names were as follows: William Dykes III, Charlie Dykes, Jim Dykes, Tom Dykes, Sid Dykes, Henry Dykes, Florence Dykes, Mary Dykes, Emma Dykes, and Nettie Dykes; are all dead.

There are Dykes dated back as far as 1614. Daniel Dykes, an English Puritan in 1631 was a preacher. His sermon was highly praised. He was an English musician and a composer of sacred music. He was the composer of Nearer My God to Thee and Jesus Lover of My Soul. In 1900 Cornelius Dykes specialized in the various nervous disorders, especially relating to the skull. Phillip Van Dykes was a painter, 1680-1752. He was better known as Van. His works are still represented at the Lanor and Hague. He received his D. D. in Bron, also.


1. Dud Washington taught the Blue Back Speller, the first teacher. 2. Jim Allen, 3. Leroy Posie, 4. Eugene Robb, 5. Jim Olden, 6. Prof. Love, 7. Bellie Beal, 8. Bessie West, 9. Della Aycock, 10. C. Dell Rippeto, 11. Bertha Scott, 12. Hattie Roberts, 13. Geoge Crayton, 14. Willie Williams, 15. Alma Richard, 16. Beater Crayton, 17. Prof. Clanton, 18. Laura Moultry, 19. Gladis Crayton, 20. Lula S. Watson, 21. Lela Jackson, 22. Eliza Jones, 23. Margie Johns, 24. Loda Washington, 25. Zelma Dyles, 29. Ora V. Scott, 30. Ida Thomas, 31. Nancy Dykes. Grades were taught 1-10 with three teachers.


There were two schools in this community. One was called Little Two, which was on the South end of the Community in the Ellison Ridge District. The other one was called Big You and was close to the church in San Andrew District.

They were merged in the thirties. In 1940 Big you burned down so the term was finished in the white school house in the San Andrew District. The next year the building was moved to Liberty Hill Community were the old school had burned. It remained there until the school transferred to Rockdale, Texas. The children had to ride a school bus. The school was in the San Gabriel District at this time and remained in this district until they were later transferred to Thorndale were they are still going.

Bus Drivers

Leonard Brown, Jos Campbell, Zelma Dykes, Willie Mae Dykes, Gladis Marie Gipson, Preston Adams (present driver)


The first land was bought from George Washington. It was located southwest of the church, and that piece of land was later filled up. The church had 1 1/2-acres of land and deeds 1 1/2-acres to the community for the cemetery.

Most of the older ones are buried in the old cemetery. The cemetery at present is located on the east side of the church where they are still burying them.

“Thoughts to Remember”

Study to show thyself approved unto God. For where two or three are gathered together in my name there am I in the midst of them. Matt. 18:20

“Thoughts for your future””

Let all those that seek thee rejoice and be glad in thee; let such as love thy salvation say continually, The Lord be magnified. Psalms 40:16


We praise thee for those thy servants who labored and worshipped here before us and especially for those who have departed this life grant to them eternal rest O Lord and let thy light shine upon them through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Prepared By

Mrs. Willie Mae Dykes
Route 1, Box 602
Rockdale, Texas 76567
Phone 446-2293

We must say a special thank you to Larry Wilson of Hurst, Texas, for re-typing the above church history for use on the Milam County TXGenWeb site.


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