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Milam County, Texas



New Hope Missionary Baptist Church

ca. 1972


To the esteemed speaker of the hour, Dr. Price, pastor Murry, pulpit guest, Christian friends, everything had a beginning. There is no future that has no past. Our joys that are being shared here today stem from our past joys and sorrows, and those that we will feel in years to come wil1 be tempered by what we do today.

This church was started down on Rice Street, location of the present J. L. Banks residence-700 Rice, and was referred to as "Down in the Bottom", in 1891. Rev. Jessie Herron was the founder. For several months, the organization, which was six members strong, met under a tent.

The members along with Rev. Herron were: Sis. Herron, Rev. and Mrs. L. J. Horn, Sis. Mollie Arnwine, Sis. Staples. There were eight children present during the organization, Mary Horn, three Kimble children; Cora, Joseph and Rachel, Ike Staples, Reginet Williams, Hannah and Charlie Herron.

Though they were not present during the organization meeting, there were two other children there during their stay down in the Bottom, and they have been spared to be in our midst today. They are Sisters Clementine Goins and Pearl Stephney. I shall ask both of them to stand, since because of their longevity, their being spared and the monumental efforts of Sis. Goins, they are a segment of living history". For each of them, we have a corsage, commemorating the past which is now.

A brief discussion was held, and it was decided that they would move up on Grassburr Hill in the Henry Smith house, next door to the present Reginald Sne1gro home at 313 E. 5th St., with Rev. Herron and Bro. Joe Williams, the church was named, Herron Chappel.

Later, still on the Henry Smith property, the church was reorganized under Rev. L. P. Proctor of Franklin, Texas, retaining the name Herron Chapel and a building was erected.

Still later the present site was bought and a “building" was erected, Rev. C. H. Sparks being the pastor. The name became the New Hope Baptist Church.

Up through the years, Sister Goins and Sister Stephney have seen a host of God chosen men come lead and go. In addition to the other three Reverends, S. McDavis, S. W. R. Cole, H. R. Johnson, A. L. King, J. D. Leonard, W. H. Lofton, H. R. Johnson, Meadows, J. W. Wiley, E. L. Lockett, A.A. Lucas, J. C. Lott, S. S. Spriggs, R. D. A. Sallie, W. P. Perry, N. T. Burks, H. B. Castle, and our present pastor Rev. T. M. Murry.

The building which served us from the early 1900’s until the Spring of ‘71 had many additions and improvements as the various pastors led the people.

1972 saw us enter a new church, with a new will to do and serve. Let the deeds of' today go down on our history pages of tomorrow; all sorts of deed have been wrought for us to host todays service, and we now enjoy the name of New Hope Missionary Baptist Church.

Each new joy carries with it a desire to create a more fervent worshiping atmosphere. The addition of the organ is one such desire.

Today, we see our dream realized as we sing in harmony with the swelling chords of our organ. The acquisition of each new item is inspired by someone or group. To set this pendulum in motion Sis. Olivia Mullins, Bro. Larry Williams were the motivators who overcame many an obstacle. Take time today to personally thank the members of our Junior Church, look than in the balls of their eyes, and give them a firm hand shake for their efforts so wrought. To keep the spring wound, many helpers carried out Mrs. Mullins suggestions and helped raise the necessary funds for the purchasing of this organ.

Our organist has done justice to the effort by playing beautiful music, Our hearts are lifted up with praise to the lord as we view this beautiful instrument of' music. Let us consecrate this organ to the worship.

Speech given by Mrs. James E. Petty during
Homecoming Services, September 24, 1972

We must say a special thank you to Larry Wilson of Hurst, Texas, for re-typing the above church history for use on the Milam County TXGenWeb site.


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