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Milam County, Texas


Funeral Homes

- - Cameron - -

701 N. Crockett St
Cameron, Texas 76520
Telephone: 254/697-3331

Contact: Larry B. Patterson
2701 N. Travis Ave.
P. O. Box 709
Cameron, Texas 76520
Telephone: 254/697-6611

Business Started: 1907
Records: 1907 through 1933 were destroyed in a fire; 1933 through date are available
Fee to Obtain Copies of Records: In May 2004, there was no fee. Record Location: Onsite

Owner: Larry Patterson
Funeral Directors: Alan Patterson, Addie Patterson, Larry Patterson & Kay Green

History: When requested in May 2004, none was provided by the funeral home.

MAREK-BURNS-LAYWELL FUNERAL HOME - In operation since 1908
Contact: Maurice Goza
2800 N. Travis
P.O. Box 225
Cameron, Texas 76520
Telephone: 254/697-3661

- - Rockdale - -

Contact: Wallace or Stephen Jones
1041 West U.S. Hwy 79
P. O. Drawer 1417
Rockdale, TX 76567
Telephone: 512/446-5454
Fax: 512/446-5816

Business Started: January 1936
Records: 1936 through May 1972 are in funeral home ledger - 1972 through date are in detail files
Fee to Obtain Copies of Records: In May 2004, there was no fee. Record Location: Onsite

Owners: Wallace Jones, Wilma Jones, Alfred Zoch & Vernelle Zoch
Funeral Directors: Wallace Jones, Stephen Jones, Richard Henderson & Robert Melcher
Staff: Gracile Lillard, Secretary & Roberta Pounders, Receptionist

History: Phillips & Luckey Funeral Home was formed in January 1936. The owners were E. B. Phillips and P. E. Luckey. Prior to opening the funeral home they formed the first burial association in the State of Texas.

Later, Mr. Luckey’s son, Don Luckey and Mr. Phillip’s son-in-law, Boswell Newton, joined the funeral home and later became the owners.

After the death of Boswell Newton and later Don Luckey, the funeral homes in Rockdale, Giddings and Caldwell were sold to two long-time employees, Clyde Jones and wife Wilma Jones and Alfred Zoch and wife, Vernelle Zoch in May 1972. The name was kept the same and the only major change that was made was moving the funeral home office in Rockdale from 233 Main St. to the funeral home at 240 Burleson.

In 1992, Clyde Jones died and in 1995, his son, Wallace Jones purchased his interest in the business, starting the second generation of family ownership. Also involved in the business is a brother, Stephen Jones and a sister, Gracile Lillard.

In June 1992, the funeral home was moved from Burleson St. in Rockdale to a new location at 1041 West U.S. Hwy 79 in Rockdale. Phillips & Luckey Funeral Home still has three locations, Rockdale, Giddings and Caldwell.


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Created on 28 Mar 2004 and last revised on 6 May 2004