Milam County, Texas - WWI Draft Registration

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Milam County, Texas - World War I Draft Registration

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The following indes of names have been abstracted from three (3) reels of 16mm microfilm entitled:

World War I Selective Service System Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 (Texas)

published by the National Archives & Records Adm. (NARA) as follows:

M01509, Roll 124 - Medina Co.-Milam Co. (A-E)
M01509, Roll 125 - Milam Co. (F-Wallace)
M01509, Roll 126 - Milam Co. (Wade-End)-Montague Co. (A-H)

You will need to refer to the mirofilm for the full content of the Draft Registration Cards, which provide a wealth of personal information including: full name, age, home address, date of birth, citizenship status, birthplace, occupation, whether married and how many children under age 12, any reason to claim exemption from the draft, physical appearance height, build, eye color, hair color, whether bald, physical impairments or disabilities, reason for exemption, and an actual signature of the draftee.

For information on how to buy copies of microfilm, visit NARA at:

The original WWI Draft Registration Cards are kept the National Archives Record Center; Atlanta Branch; East Point, Georgia - WWI Draft Registration Cards exist for nearly 24 million men, American Citizens or not, born between 1873 and 1900 and who registered for the draft in 1917 and 1918. The records are filed by state and draft board. The full name of the registrant and his location or address at the time of registration are needed to search the cards. Enemy aliens and those who had enlisted did not register. The records cover the entire United States.

You can also borrow the WWI Draft Registration microfilm for Milam County, Texas thorough any LDS Family History Center

LDS Film # 1983489 - Medina Co.-Milam Co. (A-E)
LDS Film # 1983490 - Milam Co. (F-Wallace)
LDS Film # 1983491 - Milam Co. (Wade-End)-Montague Co. (A-H)

NOTE: Surnames H through Z are currently being abstracted and will be added from time-to-time.

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