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Milam County, Texas

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Milam Liberal Institute


Cameron Herald, Thur., 17 May 1956, p. 1

As mementos of the past century were taken carefully out of a little copper box which had been in the cornerstone of the erstwhile Milam Liberal Institute on Monday, May 14, amid the sound of sirens announcing a devastating fire going on at that moment in town, some of the old pieces of literature recalled that the fire had demolished the first Cameron School building in 1891. These mementoes are now in the hans of school authorities. In the next issue of the Herald a full report will be given of the cornerstone opening and of the contents of the little copper box.

Mayor of Cameron, Ben I. Arnold, on July 25, 1891 penned the following letter which was placed in the cornerstone which was opened on Monday May 14 1956 in commemorative exercises of the students and citizens of Cameron on behalf of the now historical and past Milam Liberal Institute.

Said Arnold: May this structure magnificent in comparison with the present resources of the enterprising little city which has erected it long stand as a monument to the enterprise and generosity of the citizens of Cameron. Commemmorating their intelligence and zeal in the cause of education, and their loving regard for the welfare and happiness of future generations. And may the progressive spirit now prevailing continue to grow and expand and blaze and glitter to the continued prosperity and happiness of the present and future generations; and when ages have past may the dear old town be still lovingly remembered for the many blessings resulting from this and kindred enterprises is the sincere desire of

Signed: B. I. Arnold, Mayor of Cameron

Contents of cornerstone from old Grammar School:

Revised ordinances of the City of Cameron; published by the authority of the City of Cameron 1890 Cameron Herald steam print "The City Government"

City Officers:
Hon. B.I. Arnold, Mayor
Board of Alderman
D. Kemp, E.L. Anthony
T. S. Henderson
H. F. Smith
J. B. McClane
R.I. McCalla - City Attorney
Geo. H. McGehee - Secetary and Treasurer
G. S. Mangum - Marshal
C. H. Ruby - Assessor and Collector

Note: the attached picture is Cameron High School. It was in the picture with the article about the opening of the corner stone box.

We must say a special thank you to Deputy Greg Kouba of the Milam County Sheriff's Office, Cameron, Texas for typing the above for use on the Milam County TXGenWeb site.

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