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Milam County, Texas - Public Officials - Districk Clerk's Office

District Clerks - 1841-current

W. L. Murry1841-1845
William J. Hill1845-1864 (?)
W. W. Auckshire1846-1850
William Wilson Oxsheer1850-1852
Francis M. Harris1852-1854
James Jeffries1854-1858
Jefferson Carroll "J. C." Rodgers1858-1862
J. D. Overton1862-1864
George Washington "G. W." Thack1864-1865
J. C. Rodgers1865-1866
L. W. Caldwell1866-1867
C. M. Norman1867-1869
W. A. Sowell1869-1870
R. Van Slyke1870-1873
Jeremiah Nabours1873-1876
B. F. Norman1876-1878
J. C. Oxenford1878-1884
J. N. Barber1884-1890
F. C. Stanford1890-1900
??? 1900-1902
James Hooks1902-1908
Giles T. Avriett1908-1912
Sam Wilson, Jr.1912-1916
Penn Wolf1916-1940
W. C. Moody1940-1942
Isabelle Moody1942-1944
Grady Allen1944-1978
Leola Komar1978-1998
Betty Robertson1999-present

SOURCE: Register of State and County Officers, 1836-1945. Austin, TX: Office of the Secretary of State.

SOURCE: Lengert, Margaret Eleanor, The History of Milam County (1949) [unpublished M.A. thesis, University of Texas (Austin)] (on file with The Library of the University of Texas at Austin).

SOURCE: Allison, Dorothy, History of the Milam County Courthouses, 1822-1991, Cameron, TX: Milam County Historical Museum, 1991.

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