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Milam County, Texas - Public Officials

County Treasurer, 1850-current

Harvey Trotter1850-1861
F. M. Smith1861-1864
W. H. Foster1864-1865
H. G. Carter1865-1869
J. W. Grantham1869-1869
H. G. Carter1869-1869
Peter Jackson1869-1870
John W. Grantham1869-1870
W. A. Barkley1873-1876
F. M. Smith1876-1882
A. J. Stone1882-1888
E. M. Bean1888-1894
W. A. Nabours1894-1896
W. A. Nolan1896-1898
J. H. Pickett1898-1902
W. A. Nabours1902-1910
James A. Pate1910-1914
Robert Todd1914-1924
L. B. Fikes1924-1934
R. A. Devers1934-1946
John W. Hairston1946-1948
Vera Fisher1949-1952
Ida Johns1952-1966
Charles J. Maddox1966-19___
Danica Lara??

SOURCE: Register of State and County Officers, 1836-1945. Austin, TX: Office of the Secretary of State.

SOURCE: Lengert, Margaret Eleanor, The History of Milam County (1949) [unpublished M.A. thesis, University of Texas (Austin)] (on file with The Library of the University of Texas at Austin).

SOURCE: Allison, History of the Milam County Courthouses, 1822-1991, Cameron, TX: Milam County Historical Museum, 1991.

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