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Milam County, Texas - Public Officials

County Clerks, ca. 1841-2004

Wm. D. Thompsondate unknown
Arthur Eldredge1841-1845
Jeremiah A. Hood
[Note: He also served as Milam County Sheriff]
Francis T. Duffoe1846-1851
Charles Buckholts1851-1852
Stroud Melton1852-1857
W. D. King1857-1862
John G. Batte1862-1866
Jefferson C. Rogers
[Note: He also served as Milam County Sheriff]
Z. P. Peter1867-1869
W. H. Norman & H. Peter1869-1876
J. C. Rogers1876-1880
W. D. Paden1880-1886
W. M. Baines1886-1888
W. M. Hill1888-1894
J. P. Collier1894-1902
J. E. Tyson1902-1904
J. T. Kemp1904-1918
W. T. Yates1918-1922
H. M. Roark1922-1924
Lillian Atkinson1924-1928
Homer Nabours1928-1958
Wayne Bernard Wieser
(died in office)
1959-May 22, 1982
Willie Mae Wieser
May 27, 1981-1990
La Verne Soefje1991-current

SOURCE: Hon. La Verne Soefje, July 2003

SOURCE: Register of State and County Officers, 1836-1945. Austin, TX: Office of the Secretary of State.

SOURCE: Lengert, Margaret Eleanor, The History of Milam County (1949) [unpublished M.A. thesis, University of Texas (Austin)] (on file with The Library of the University of Texas at Austin).

SOURCE: Allison, Dorothy, History of the Milam County Courthouses, 1922-1991, Cameron, TX: Milam County Historical Museum, 1991.

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