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Milam County, Texas - Public Officials

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County Judges, 1836-1945

Chief Justices

NOTE: Before 1870, the term "Chief Justice" was used instead of the term used today, "County Judge."

Massilon Farley1838-1840
Hugh B. King1840-1843
John Gregg1843-1846
Isaac Standefer1846-1852
Wm. W. Walker1852-1854
John W. Baldridge1854-1856
A. H. Moss1856-1862
Lafayette Robinson1862-1863
W. H. Tarver1863-1865
Edward A. Martin1865-1869

Erickson, Joe E., Biographical Directory of the Judges of the Republic, 1836-1846, Dallas, TX: Taylor Pub. Co., 1980.

Massillon Farley - First Chief Justice of Milam County (1836-1840), Massillon Farley was born in Massachusetts in 1814. The 1850 Census lists him in Milam County without wife or children. He probably never married. Sources: 1850 Census of the State of Texas; History of Milam County, Texas.

Hugh Bernard (Breyard) King - Second Chief Justice of the Milam County Court (1839-1843), Hugh B. King was born March 7, 1783 in North Carolina, the son of John King . He moved to Florence, Lauderdale County, Alabama in 1819 and to the Milam District (now Burleson County), Texas in 1837.

Judge King married Rebecca Gill, daughter of William Gill, April 9, 1812; and they had seven children: Rufus Young King (born July 12, 1828 in Alabama) who married first Fannie Martin in June 1849, second Mary Clifford Whitten in 1871, and third Amaryllis Woodlief; John E. King (born May 6, 1815 in North Carolina) who married first Mrs. Sylvia Bunker Dennison in 1842 and second Mrs. Mary M. Morgan March 18, 1888; Elizabeth Jemima King (born about 1836 in Alabama) who married Newel Porter; Susan King who married Peter Jackson; Margaret King who married Joseph Addison; Hugh C. Alwyn King (born about 1821 in Alabama) who married Eliza Ann Dunn; and William King who married first Betsy (unknown maiden name) and second Ruth Woodward.

Hugh B. King died September 6, 1843 in Burleson County. Sources: Founders and Patriots of the Republic of Texas; 1850 Census of the state of Texas; Mr. George R. Brown.

John Gregg - From 1843 to 1846 John Gregg served as the third Chief Justice of the Milam County Court. His name appears on the Burleson County Poll Tax List in 1846. Source: Republic of Texas Poll Lists for 1846.

We must say a special thank you to Vanessa Deshazer of of Menifee, CA, for re-typing the above three biographical sketch for use on the Milam County TXGenWeb site

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County Judges

Edward A. Martin1866-1867
W. C. Sypert1867-1872
Jefferson C. "J. C." Rogers
[Note: He also served as Milam County Sheriff]
J. S. Perry1876-1876
T. H. Brenan1876-1878
R. S. Boyken1878-1880
Willis J. King1880-1882
Pinckney S. Ford1882-1886
E. Y. Terral1886-1892
E. B. Muse1892-1894
Sam Streetman1894-1896
W. N. McGregor1896-1902
R. B. Pool1902-1906
John Watson1906- 1916
W. G. Gillis1916-1920
Jeff T. Kemp1920-1946
M. G. Cox1946-1947
Dan Tyson1947-1951
Charles C. Smith, Jr.1952-1958
Don Humble1958-1965
O. B. Harden1965-1978
Philip N. Smith1978-3/31/1984
O. B. Hardin4/1/1984-11/12/1984
Gene F. Blake11/13/1984-12/31/1990
Roger Hashem, Jr.1/1/1991-19____
Frank Summerscurrent

SOURCE: Register of State and County Officers, 1836-1945. Austin, TX: Office of the Secretary of State.

SOURCE: Lengert, Margaret Eleanor, The History of Milam County (1949) [unpublished M.A. thesis, University of Texas (Austin)] (on file with The Library of the University of Texas at Austin).

SOURCE: Allison, Dorothy, History of the Milam County Courthouses, 1822-1991, Cameron, TX: Milam County Historical Museum, 1991.

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