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Milam County, Texas - Lester Davis

Submitter: Kathie Dillard Schwend
HUSBAND: John Samuel Livingston
Birth date: Sep 1808
Birth place: Kershaw Dist, SC
Death date: aft 1869
Death place: Milam Co, TX?
Father: Middleton? Livingston
Mother: LauraAnn? 
WIFE: Mary E. Donovan
Birth date: 4 Dec 1818
Birth place: Kershaw Dist, SC
Death date: 6 Feb 1884
Death place: Robertson Co, TX
Father: William or Jesse Donovan?
Mother: Sarah?
Marriage date: 19 Jan 1832
Marriage place: Kershaw Dist, SC
CHILD 1: Laura Ann Livingston
Birth date: 13 Nov 1832
Birth place: SC?
Death date: 3 Mar 1918
Death place: El Paso, El Paso, TX
CHILD 2: Middleton L. (Mit) Dr. Livingston
Birth date: 6 Feb 1837
Birth place: AL
Death date: 3 Nov 1910
Death place: Floyd Co, TX
CHILD 3: Sarah Jane Livingston
Birth date: 5 Dec 1840
Birth place: AL
Death date: bef 1900
Death place: Robertson Co, TX
CHILD 4: William Jesse Livingston
Birth date: Jan 1844
Birth place: LA
Death date: aft 1865
Death place: TX?
CHILD 5: Mary Rebecca Livingston
Birth date: Dec 1844
Birth place: LA
Death date: aft 1860
Death place: 
CHILD 6: Eugenia Livingston
Birth date: abt 1846
Birth place: LA
Death date: aft 1860
Death place: 
CHILD 7: Ella V. Livingston
Birth date: 1 Aug 1847
Birth place: LA
Death date: 13 May 1898
Death place: Glen Rose, Somervell, TX
CHILD 8: Susan Florence Livingston
Birth date: abt 1849 or 1850
Birth place: LA
Death date: aft 1860
Death place: 
CHILD 9: Rachael Alice Livingston
Birth date: 30 Nov 1853
Birth place: LA?
Death date: 23 Oct 1916
Death place: Smith Co, TX
CHILD 10: Julia E. Livingston
Birth date: 1856
Birth place: Al
Death date: Aft 1880
Death place: TX
CHILD 11: Clara Adella Livingston
Birth date: 1859
Birth place: TX
Death date: Aft 1860
Death place: 
SOURCES: 1840 AL Census, Nat'l Archives:  #135, Pg 269, Huddleston/ 1860 Western District, Milam Co, TX, Port Sullivan Assessments: 1859 Milam Co, Pg 8/1860,1862,1863,1864,1865,1869 Milam Co., TX Agricultural Census: 1860-T1134, Line 28 Deeds:  Deed Pg 45 Milam Co, TX/Deed Vol B2, Pg 130/131, 1875 NOTES: John Samuel Livingston was born in Sept 1808 in most proably the Kershaw District of SC.  He married Mary Donovan there in 19 Jan 1832.  He was 24 and Mary was only 13.  Their first child, Laura Ann was born there on 13 Nov 1832 only 10 months after they had been married.  After 1832, John and his small family moved to the Southern district of AL.  They had 3 young children and 1 male slave and a woman bet 50-60 (which was probably a
mother or mother-in-law) living with them. In 1840 Sarah Jane was born in AL or LA. In about 1838-1843 John moved his family to LA from AL where 7 more children were born.  Between 1857 and 1859 the family moved to Milam Co, TX in the Port Sullivan area.  Clara Adella was born there in 1859 and John bought 214 acres valued at $1,070 which were from the original grantee, D. B. Friar.  It was located on the Brazos River near Port Sullivan.  He owned 11 slaves that were valued at $11,000 and livestock with 5 horses.  The total value of his property was $12,695.  In 1860 John lives in the Western District with the Post Office being in Port Sullivan. He is 52, born in SC and is a Mechanic.  He did well.  His reals estate is worht $2,160 and his personal property was both $16,705 (which was quite a lot in those days).  A mechanic could be many things in those days......from a gunsmith to ?  still trying to find out.  His oldest son is 22 and a Physician and all the other 8 children are living with him and Mary in Milam Co in 1860.  He raises sheep, swine, Indian corn, makes butter and owns 2 horses, 4 oxen and 4 cattle.  The family made $60 profit on the 50 pounds of butter for that year.  In 1862 John still owns 11 slaves and his value is $11,770.  Even during the Civil War he owns his slaves and in 1863 he is worth $12,870.  In 1865 John's estates diminished quite a bit....his slaves are gone and it is very possible that he has passed down some of his properties to his children.  His farm of 214 acres is worth $667 and the the new house in Port Sullivan on Block 1 is worth $250.  They own 13 horses, 50 cattle and misc. for a total value of $1,597. His worth was down obviously from the loss of his slaves. John died between 1865 and 1869 and his son Dr. M. Livingston was the administrator of his will.  There were still the 214 acres which were now only worth $425 and 2 horses worth $140.  The total value of his property then was only $633.  His son Mit had property next to John's at the time.

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