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Milam County, Texas


Inventory of County Archives of Texas
No. 166. Milam County (Cameron)

Prepared by

The Texas Historical Records Survey
Division of Community Service Programs
Work Projects Administration

Bureau of Research in the Social Sciences
The University of Texas, Official Sponsor

Published by
Milam County, Texas
June 1941

Table of Contents

Historical Sketch
Physical characteristics. Historical background:
Spanish; Mexican and Anglo-American. Organization.
Boundaries. County seats and courthouses. Economic
and social development: Agriculture; transportation;
Map of County1
Governmental Organization14
Chart of County Government14
Housing, Care, and Accessibility of Records22
Floor Plans26
Abbreviations, Symbols, and Explanatory Notes34
County Offices and Their Records.
County Commissioners Court
General proceedings. Financial Supervision: Claims;
ledger accounts; reports; warrants. Welfare. Roads.
County Clerk as Recorder
Registration: General; livestock; liens; mortgages.
Business records. Professional records. Vital statistics:
Marriages; births; deaths. Official bonds and deputations.
District Court
General civil: Case papers; dockets and fees;
minutes; process. Divorces. Tax suits. Naturalization.
Recognizance and scire facias. Criminal: Case papers;
dockets; minutes; process; fees and costs. Trust funds.
District clerk ex-officio.
County Court
Probate: Case papers; dockets and fees; minutes.
Lunacy, epilepsy, and tuberculosis. Civil: Case papers;
dockets and fees; minutes; process. Criminal: Case
papers; dockets; minutes; witness attendance. Jury
service. Beer and liquor hearings. Naturalization.
Trust funds.
Justices of the Peace
Precinct 1: Civil and criminal; inquests; vital
statistics - births. Precinct 2. Precinct 3. Precinct
4. Precinct 5. Precinct 6.
Criminal District Attorney85
Process and fees. Jail register. Reports.
Tax Assessor-Collector
Assessments. Collections. Delinquents and insolvents.
Board of Equalization96
County Treasurer97
County Auditor99
County Board of School Trustees100
County School Superintendent101
County Health Officer103
County Surveyor103
Board of Land Commissioners (Defunct) 104
Inspector of Hides and Animals (Defunct)105
Coroner (Defunct)105
Chronological Index109
Subject and Entry Index
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The Inventory of the County Archives of Texas is one of a number of guides to historical materials prepared throughout the United States by workers on Historical Records Survey projects of the Work Projects Administration. The publication herewith presented, an inventory of the archives of Milam County, is number 166 of the Texas series.

The Historical Records Survey program was undertaken in the winter of 1935-36 for the purpose of providing useful employment to needy unemployed historians, lawyers, teachers, and research and clerical workers. In carrying out this objective, the project was organized to compile inventories of historical materials, particularly the unpublished government documents and records which are basic in the administration of local governments, and which provide invaluable data for students of political, economic, and social history. The archival guide herewith presented is intended to meet the requirements of day-to-day administration by the officials of the county, and also the needs of lawyers, businessmen, and other citizens who require facts from the public records for the proper conduct of their affairs. The volume is so designed that it can be used by the historian in his research in unprinted sources in the same way he uses the library card catalog for printed sources.

The inventories produced by Historical Records Survey projects attempt to do more than give merely a list of records they attempt further to sketch in the historical background of the county or other unit of government, and to describe precisely and in detail the organization and functions of the government agencies whose records they list. The county, town, and other local inventories for the entire country will, when completed, constitute an encyclopedia of local government as well as a bibliography of local archives.

The successful conclusion of the work of the Historical Records Survey projects, even in a single county, would not be possible without the support of public officials, historical and legal specialists, and many other groups in the community. Their cooperation is gratefully acknowledged.

The Survey program was organized by Luther H. Evans, who served as Director until March 1, 1940, when he was succeeded by Sargent B. Child. The survey operates as a Nation-wide series of locally sponsored projects in the Division of Community Service Programs, of which Mrs. Florence Kerr, Assistant Commissioner, is in charge.

Howard O. Hunter
Acting Commissioner of Work Projects


The Texas Historical Records Survey is a unit of the Texas State-wide Records Project which is sponsored by the Bureau of Research in the Social Sciences of The University of Texas, and operates under the Research and Records Section of the Division of Community Service Programs of the Work Projects Administration.

The objective of the Survey in Texas is the preparation of complete inventories of the archives of each county, municipality, and other local governmental unit.

This publication, an inventory of the archives of Milam County, includes, in addition to descriptive entries for each extant records series, a historical sketch of the county and a map of its past and present boundaries; an essay on the present governmental organization, accompanied by a structural chart; a discussion of the conditions under which the records arc preserved, accompanied by floor plans of the courthouse; a section devoted to abbreviations and symbols; and a brief statement of the legal status of each office and agency, prefatory to the listing of its records.

The Survey is now engaged in preparing a comprehensive statement of the general law regulating county government, to be entitled County Government in Texas. It is expected that this book will serve as a handbook on the organization, structure, and evolution of county government and records in Texas, and will make it unnecessary to repeat in each inventory information applicable to all counties in the State. The office essays in this inventory are, therefore, limited to the creation of the office and its present status, the manner in which it is filled, the term, and special legislation affecting Milam County. Pending issuance of the volume on County Government in Texas, it is suggested that the reader consult the inventory of the County Archives of Texas, No. 94, Guadalupe County, for more detailed essays than those found in the present inventory.

The Inventory of the County Archives of Texas will, when completed, consist of a separate volume for each county of the State. Each unit of the series is numbered according to the particular county's respective position in the alphabetical list of the 254 counties. Thus, the volume for Milam County, herewith presented, is No. 166. Units of the Inventory are issued in mimeographed form for free distribution to State and local public officials, public libraries in Texas, and to a limited number of libraries and governmental agencies outside the State. See page 131, this inventory, for a list of the publications of the Texas Historical Records Survey Project. The records of Milam County were listed in 1936 and 1937, and a verification check was made in January 1941. The volume was compiled and edited in the State office of the Texas Historical Records Survey Project.

The courteous cooperation of the Milam County officials, for whom this work was done, is acknowledged.


We must say a special thank you to Pat Buetow Wheeler of Houston, Texas, for typing the above for use on the Milam County TXGenWeb site.

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