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Milam County, Texas - Births 1873-1876


Abstracted by: Lynna Kay Shuffield - January 2003

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Reel Number: 1481520 - Texas State Library & Archives, Austin, Texas

Milam County, Texas - Register of Birth, 1873-1876

Below are all of the Milam County names contained on this registry.

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Texas 1873 Birth Registry

On May 3, 1873, the Texas Legislature enacted a bill stating, ". . . hereafter the duty of the District Clerks of this state will be to make and keep to their offices a register of all persons born in their respective counties."

The District Clerk registered births in Texas from 1873 to 1876 during the time-period when the office of the County Clerk was abolished. When the office of County Clerk was re-established in 1876, the requirement that births be registered was dropped, whether deliberately or through oversight is not known.

Some of the 1873 Birth Registries have been microfilmed and can be borrowed via inter-library loan from the Texas State Library & Archives. The following Texas counties are available on microfilm: Anderson, Austin, Bastrop, Bell, Burnett, Caldwell, Cass, Colorado, Comal, Cooke, Crosby, Gillespie, Gregg, Hays, Henderson, Hill, Kaufman, Lee, Marion, Martin, Milam, Montague, Navarro, Parker, Pecos, Rusk, Smith, Somervell, Van Zandt, Williamson, and Wise.

If your county is not listed above, check with your County Clerk's Office to see if they hold the original records.

For more information on how to borrow the Milam County reel via inter-library loan, go to:

Surname Given Name Date of Birth Sex Father Mother Date of Registration Remarks
AllenTeressee(?)06/05/1874Female Allen, J. P.Allen, Nancy11/25/1874white
AndersonNora Ettak04/21/1874Female Anderson, J. D.Anderson, A. E.10/20/1874 white
ArnoldMurl Katherine03/02/1875Female Arnold, B. I.Arnold, Mary C.06/15/1875 white
BryanWm. Coy08/09/1874 Male Bryan, WadeBryan, Annie01/19/1875 white
ConeB. F.12/28/1874Male Cone, W. O.Cone, Mary V. H.06/27/1874 white
ConeNannie B.07/07/1875Female Cone, J. T.Cone, Jerusha11/30/1875 white
ConeWillie B.10/07/1875Female Cone, Wm. O.Cone. M. V.11/30/1875 white
CravyLue Wiley01/09/1875Female Cravy, J. J.Cravy, July A.05/25/1875 white
CypotElla08/22/1874Female Cypot, JohnCypot, Roxanna12/22/1874 white
FeltonC. W.04/12/1874Male Felton, T. W.Felton, M. A.12/12/1875 white
FrazierWilliam Henry02/17/1875Male Frazier, John R.Frazier, Martha C.04/24/1875 white
GreenLena Pearl02/27/1874Female Green, RobertGreen, Idella08/26/1874 white
GriffinW. T. J.12/22/1874Male Griffin, D. A.Griffin, S. E.05/15/1875 white
HairstonLeuesa??/15/1873Female Hairston, Amos (?)Hairston, Nancy05/30/1874 white
HardcastleLenora06/06/1874Female Hardcastle, J. H.Hardcastle, Eliza08/10/1874 white
HawkinsWm. Kennard10/02/1874Male Hawkins, J. J.Hawkins, Thomas Ann05/20/1875 white
HawthornNancy Jane05/29/1874 FemaleHawthorne, JohnHawthorne, Fanny 09/14/1874white
HomanHattie Emma12/31/1874Female Homan, B. F.Homan, Hattie E.01/02/1875 white
HomanSarah Ellen09/03/1873Female Homan, Wm. K.Homan, Virginia E.06/08/1874 white
HomanWilliam Withers04/05/1875Male Homan, B. F.Homan, H. E. 04/05/1876 white
HurstPhony02/05/1875Male Hurst, P.Hurtst, M. P.03/05/1875white
JacksonLucinda J.10/30/1875Female Jackson, StephenJackson, Lucinda05/10/1876 white
KeithJane Carthage12/24/1873Female Keith, L. A.Keith, Amanda06/20/1874 white
LeeMattie Lofton03/04/1874Female Lee, M. C.Lee, Josie 09/21/1874white
LivingstonW. D.12/24/1873Female Livingston, I. F. (?)Livingston, S. E.05/26/1874 white
MarshallM. M.11/09/1875Female Marshall, Geo.Marshall, A. E.11/30/1875 white
MickleUrsula07/06/1874Female Mickle, AndrewMickle, Mary T.08/06/1874 white
MooreHenry Young01/23/1875Male Moore, James B.Moore, Dora P.01/26/1875 white
NaboursFlorida (?)??/13/1873Female Nabours, W. A.Nabours, Eliza08/03/1874 white
NaboursJeremiah01/16/1875Male Nabours, W. A.Nabours, Eliza01/18/1875 white
NaboursW. G.12/03/1873Male Nabours, J. E.Nabours, R. J.08/03/1874 white
PopeThomas McCown12/01/1874Male Pope, ThomasPope, Mattie A.05/22/1875 white
PruettAgnes Naomi05/15/1874Female Pruett, J. W.Pruett, Margaret A.03/29/1875 White
PruettW. E.11/01/1875Female Pruett, W. H.Pruett, Mrs.11/30/1875 white
RaneyA. C.08/23/1876Male Raney, J. C.Raney, J. P.11/17/1876 white
RaneyIda Jane09/15/1873Female Raney, JohnRaney, Joan P.05/26/1874 white
RobinsonNeppie or Nappie D.11/07/1874 FemaleRobinson, C. K.Robinson, Eugenia 01/19/1875white
RogersJefferson08/23/1874Male Rogers, Jeff C.Rogers, Martha09/21/1874 white
ScottMary J.12/29/1874Female Scott, Geo. A.Scott, Sarah J.05/25/1875 white
SimmonsMartha C.09/10/1874Female Simmons, M. G.Simmons, Sarah E.03/29/1875 white
SimmonsMary E.12/21/1874Female Simmons, StevenSimmons, Dolley12/22/1874 white
StoneNathaniel Calbreith01/11/1875 MaleStone, A. J.Stone, E. H.02/06/1875 white
StoryWillie Etta09/23/1874Female Story, JamesStory, Mattie12/28/1874 white
TurnhamThomas (canít read middle name) 08/30/1875MaleTurnham, S. R. Turnham, M. F.05/07/1875white
TuttleJosephine01/07/1874Female Tuttle, W. P.Tuttle, E. H.06/23/1874 white
WashbornAnna10/7/1874Female Washborn, W. A.Washborn, Mary 01/18/1875 white
WellsMary H.11/07/1874Female Wells, J. R.Wells, M. J.04/05/1875 white
WhiteCary Imogene02/15/1874Female White, WilsonWhite, S. J.08/17/1874 white
WileyMary06/05/1874Female Wiley, R. M.Wiley, Martha10/23/1874 white
WileyRobert Jones03/05/1875Male Wiley, James A.Wiley, Lee H.05/08/1875 white
WilliamsJames Jackson07/23/1874Male Williams, J. H.Williams, Mary E.02/19/1875 white
WilliamsMartha Elizabeth10/01/1874 FemaleWilliams, Jas.Williams, Catherine 12/01/1874white
WolfThos. Motan04/23/1875Male Wolf, J. B.Wolf, Agnis06/03/1875 white
YoungAlbert J.10/17/1873Male Young, J. J.Young, S. J.05/16/1874 white


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