"The Legacy"
published by the
Milam County (Texas) Genealogical Society
Rockdale, Texas

The Legacy

The Newsletter of the Milam County Genealogical Society

c/o Lucy Hill Patterson Memorial Library
201 Ackerman St.
Rockdale, Texas 76567

March & April 1997

President 末 Peggy Wright
Vice President 末 Bill McDaniel
Secretary 末 Gloria Martin
Treasurer 末 Jon Cook
Newsletter Editor 末 Marie Hubert
Program Chairman 末 Charles Hubert
Publicity/Cameron 末 Melba Wells
Publicity/Rockdale 末 Francie Herring
Ways & Means 末 Florene McDaniel
Publicity/Thorndale 末 Lucille Towery
Library Chairman 末 Melba Wells
Purchasing 末 Eugenia Newton
Research Chairman 末 Jeanette Jewart

NEXT MEETING: April 3rd, 7 p.m., Community Room, NBC Bank. Agenda: business meeting & program.

Notes from the February & March Meetings: The motion was made and passed to purchase all of the available Milam County records of birth, death, marriage and probate minutes on 52 rolls of microfilm for the Genealogy Section of the Lucy Hill Patterson Library from the Family History Library in Salt Lake City for $625.00. The approval from the County Clerk has been granted.

Review of the Steering Committee痴 goals was made and emphasis will be placed on: (1) Support and encourage the local LDS Family History Center; (2) Actively partner with neighboring Societies; (3) Broaden our publicity with all Milam County communities; (4) Collect pedigree charts and family history for our research files; and, (5) Establish and maintain a permanent form research committee.

We had a report from our Webmaster, Rusty Thomas, that we have had over 600 visits to our website since its beginning.

Bonnie Bell Holder of Cameron, widow of Perry Holder, was guest speaker March 3rd. She told of his work in preparing his book 150 Years of Cemetery Records in Milam County. He was 82 years old when he started the project and recorded over 22,000 tombstone inscriptions before its completion. (copyright 1991) Mrs. Holder and their daughter prepared and published a 1982-1992 Supplement in 1993 and both books are available for purchase from Mrs. Holder. All of our local genealogists appreciate the Holder family痴 wonderful contribution to Family History. Their work will be sued by future researchers for generations to come.

HELPFUL PAMPHLETS FROM LOCAL FAMILY HISTORY CENTER ON FAMILYSEARCH - FamilySearch is the name of the computer program that contains several large genealogical databases and the entire library catalog of the Family History Library in Salt Lake City. You can use this program for free at any Family History Center [FHC] (or small local branches of the main library such as the one in Rockdale) on their computers. To help patrons better use the resources located in the Family Search program, the Library has made available a series of helpful pamphlets. Each database in the FamilySearch program has a descriptive pamphlet, so we need to use this fantastic resource. Visit the local FHC and ask for one of these free pamphlets to take home and study.

One of the recently published such pamphlet is Scottish Church Records. This pamphlet explains the database that is Scottish Church Records is an index of nearly 10-million names listed primarily in the Church of Scotland (Presbyterian) parish registers. The entries date from the late 1500s through 1854, with a few later entries. Information in this index includes names, parents or spouse, gender, birth, christening or marriage date and place, and the source of the information. These Church of Scotland records are an excellent source for information on early Scottish ancestors. This database may include information on as much as 60% of the population at that time. (from Nov-Dec 1996 issue of Genealogy Bulletin article by Donna Phillips)

Jon Cook, Treasurer of MCGS, is also over the Rockdale LDS Family History Center and he invites all persons researching their ancestry to visit the Center and use their facilities.

MEMBER OF THE MONTH: Gloria U. Randall Martin was born in Chadron, Dawes Co., NE on Nov. 7, 1931 to Wilma M. Blundell and Francis Edy Randall. Her childhood was spent in the Oakland, Albany, Richmond area in northern California. Gloria graduated from Richmond High School in June 1949. She went to work as a secretary in Richmond, doing modeling in the evenings and working as an airline hostess for charter flights on the west coast during weekends. [Note: Gloria Randall Martin died on 23 May 2001]

It was in 1949 she met Bob Martin and they were married in Texas in 1951. Gloria is the mother of two sons, Billy E. Martin and David Gene Martin.

She has worked at West Texas Woolen Mills in Eldorado, Texas as an accounting Clerk. Then in Rockdale for Coffield Fruit Sales, IGC temporarily and then as a Secretary for the First Baptist Church in Rockdale in 1963 where she was a member until 1967. She first began working for Alcoa as a temporary in 1968 and became permanent in 1969. At the time of her retirement in March 1994, she was an Administrative Secretary and Telephone Communications Coordinator.

When Gloria痴 mother passed away in 1993, she realized that she knew very little about her ancestors and it was a little late to ask her parents. Fortunately, as many of us have been, she had a second cousin who was very involved in genealogy. With her encouragement and Rusty Thomas, a co-worker who also happened to be President of the MCGS, she started down the path hunting for her father痴 family, the Randalls. Gloria was again very fortunate by being able to obtain through the genealogy society in Akron, OH the information she needed to locate the Randalls and Piersons cemetery records. Since that time she has been able to secure census data, obituaries, marriage licenses and wills from the Summit County Probate office.

With the help of the Dawes County Museum and Genealogy Society in Chadron, NE, she has been able to document five generations of Randall and Pierson families. The book, William Randall Family by Frank Randall has provided six more generations through William Randall who arrived in America on the 摘xcepicion in 1635 from England. Gloria is continuing with work on the Randall family and will soon be able to place her g-grandfather, Edy Randall, in the Civil War Families of Ohio.

Gloria made the following statement, 的 am honored to be the Secretary of the Milam County Society. It has been my goal to help our Society become a progressive group for the purpose of researching family history and developing public interest in genealogy.

Any advice I might give would be to keep hunting for your families. Never give up, your ancestors are all around you. You will find them in books or papers at the courthouse, library, Family History Center, family papers, and most of all your living relatives. Ask those questions while you can!

Our Society is indebted to Gloria for compiling our Milam County Society痴 new book Some Central Texas Obituaries. It has been through her encouragement, zeal and perseverance that it was published. The funds from the sale of this book will make possible the purchase of reference materials for the Genealogy Section of the Lucy Hill Patterson Library.

We have a few copies of Some Central Texas Obituaries. A second printing request has been made. This is a thick soft-cover book with over 4,000 obituaries. These records are from the Rockdale Reporter and other nearby newspapers. It covers much of the southern part of Williamson and Lee Counties. It covers several generations of deaths in many families. They are $57.50 including postage. Anyone doing research in our area must have a copy. It is just a great book! We also have some indexes left that we will sale for $10.00 including postage. Send a check and your request for either to the address on the front of your Legacy.

VERTICAL FILES FOR SURNAMES: According to Peggy Wright, President of the MCGS, one of the projects of the Society will be working on this year is setting up 鉄urname files in the library. All inquires we have researched will be assigned a folder along with the pedigree charts and family histories we have been requesting and be placed in a file for researcher痴 use. If you do not have the above but have family information, you would be willing to share with us, please give us your name and we will contact you. You might meet a relative you did not know who is looking for information on your family.

WILLIAMSON COUNTY GENEALOGICAL SOCIETY担 ANNUAL MEETING: Five members of the MCGS attended the WCGS Seminar. Some census books for Williamson County as well as Williamson County, Texas: Its History and Its People were purchased for the Patterson Library.

INTERNET SERVICE IS NOW AVAILABLE IN ROCKDALE AND CAMERON: Majik Computer Co. in Rockdale is now offering Majik Net. Southwestern Bell is completing the installation of the equipment this week and on April 1st, those who have signed on should be able to access the Internet. You may use the browser of your choice, one time connect fee is $25. and the monthly fee is $29.95. It is not unlimited service but the limit of 150 hours monthly should be sufficient. E-mail will also be included.

Cameron is also setting up a service similar to Majik. It will be INTEX. Ted Curried, telephone: 512/697-3959 is the contact person. This should be available for service about mid-April. Fees are $29.95 per month. Gloria & Bill Martin may have information at our April 3rd meeting.

NEW MEMBER: Caroline & Robert Heckathorne, 1615 Hauser Circle, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362. They will be visiting Rockdale on April 8th. Caroline is looking for records on her g-grandfather, Thomas Jefferson Eubanks. (see her letter last month) He was in the Texas State Troops, enlisting on Aug. 7, 1863 at Willow Springs, Bell Co., TX in Co. C, 1st Regiment, 27th Brigade. Caroline especially wanted some military records. On March 20th, Caroline said she had received the copy of The Legacy and noticed Sandra Walker痴 name and contacted her. Sandra was able to get the information for her and she was delighted. We are very happy to have Sandra in our Society and realize she is going to be a great asset to us. Thank you Sandra.

NEW MEMBER: Katherine E. Magolske, 3113 Flower St., Hungtington Park, CA 90255. She thanked the MCGS for sending her Helen Halford痴 address regarding the query on the Locklin name. It is great we are being able to help in this way. Through the e-mail, Internet queries and newsletters we have been able to do several in the past week! Katherine is also wanting any information on Sterling P. Robertson Land Grant. Does someone out there have some information on it? The names she is researching: William Lawson Locklin; Nancy Mercer Locklin; Alteman Livingston Locklin; Mary Fokes Fulcher Locklin; Abigale McLennan; Catherine McLennan & Joseph Addison Kirkman. The last issue of The Legacy, Ronald Pogue, 1111 Caroline, #2511, Houston, Texas 77010 has information on William Lawson Locklin.

QUERY: Anna Harbison - e-mail: < fiestav@flash.net > - Is researching her father痴 family, g-grandfather was George Hewlett Davenport who came to Milam area in 1888 per his request for a Confederate pension in 1913 (at age 76). His wife was Cannas Ann Criddle. This probably matches up with a letter Bill Cooke, Editor of the Rockdale Reporter, received and was forwarded to the MCGS. Ann has been sent a copy. The letter was from Ann Davenport Lockman, Rt. 1, Box 78C, Avery, Texas 75554 requesting copies of six obituaries. Since the library, newspaper and the MCGS does not have the equipment to make a hard copy from microfilm, we always have a little problem with these requests, but that is another story we will address at another time. Someone in the MCGS will look these up and give her handwritten copies if they are available. The obituaries requested are: G. H. (Hugh) Davenport, death unknown; Candis Criddle Davenport, July 1929; W. T. (Bud) Davenport, March 1938; Bell Criddle Davenport, March 1934; Bobby Davenport, Aug. 1976; Willie Mae Martin Davenport, Aug. 1985.

QUERY: Jeff Ferguson - e-mail: < ferguson@csd.uwm.edu > - Looking for information on Dollie Varden Faulkner (or Falkner). I was told she was born in Milam Co. on 23 Feb around 1900.

QUERY: Joan Fortune - e-mail: < dvje31@prodigy.com > - Working on following Milam Co. surnames: Evans, Hardcastle & Peoples.

QUERY: Jan Greer & Cynthia Moore Greer, Rt. 6, Box 4069, Nacogdoches, Texas 75964 - e-mail: - Surnames: Cloer, East, Ingram, Moore, Parvin, Price, Roundtree. Seeking information on descendants of George Anderson Moore (b. Feb. 1863, AL - d. 1920, Milam Co., TX, burial: Marak Cemetery). On 16 Oct 1887, he married Martha Belinda 溺attie Moore Roundtree (b. 19 July 1865, AL), daughter of Seaborn Leonidas Roundtree (b. 30 Dec 1841, AL) and Mildred Parvin (b. 1844 - d. 1890, Milam Co., TX, burial Marak Cemetery). In 1891, Seaborn m. 2nd to Sarah A. Price (b. 1850 - she was a widow who was married previously to Mr. Gayler and Mr. Dodd) Seaborn and Sara A. are listed on the 1900 Milam Co. Census. Seaborn and Mildred Roundtree had nine children. George and Martha Moore had seven children, all born in Milam Co. George Anderson Moore, a twin, (b. 16 Jun 1888 - d. 5 Dec 1965, Cleveland, TX, burial: Woodlawn Gardens Memorial Cemetery, Houston) m. Cecila Cloer (b. Jan 1900 - d. 12 Jan 1943, Houston), daughter of Wm. Jonas Cloer and Viola Elizabeth East. Other children born between 1888 and 1900 were: Walter Lee Moore; Golden Moore; Mildred Olive Moore; William Jesse Moore; Henry May Moore; Rueben Jasper Moore.

QUERY: D. Collins, 2729 Posey Dr., Irving, Texas 75062 - e-mail: < user290012@aol.com > - Trying to locate the family of Jefferson Benjaman Applin and his wife, Georgie Eller Wilson. Family found on 1900 Milam Co. Census. They had several children, one of which is my grandmother, Cora Applin. Their children: Sada-sh壇 Sada/Sadie Applin, Ada Applin (Sada & Ada were twins), Nora Applin, Cora Applin (Cora & Nora were twins - Nora died ca. 1899), Andrew J. Applin; Bud Applin & Guy Applin (older). Will pay for copies and research fees.

QUERY: Bob Cryer - e-mail: < cryer@netrant.net > - Looking for information on grandfather, Jasper Rome Shelton (b. 22 Oct 1855 - d. 10 Feb 1971) m. Ada Belle Liles (Lyles) (b. 13 Dec 1887 - d. 12 Jun 1974). Both buried in Friendship Cemetery and lived 40+ years on rural route in Buckholts, Milam Co.

QUERY: Brenda Morgan - e-mail: < jdmorgan@iinet.com > - Research Adams in Milam, McCulloch & San Saba Counties. My g-g-grandparents were John Harvey Adams (b. 1852, KY - d. 1927, TX) m. Serena Ellen Warren (b. 1861, KY - d. 1916, TX) Both buried in Rochelle Cemetery, McCulloch Co., TX. May have been married in Lincoln Co., KY abt 1878. Children: (1) Walter H. Adams (b. KY); (2) Morris Adams; (3) Teddie Adams; (4) Bertie W. Adams; (5) Charles Thomas Adams; (6) Etta Adams (b. 1890, TX) m. George Harp; (7) Virgil Adams (b. 1896, TX) m. Lorena Neal; (8) Gracie Flora Adams (b. 1898, TX) m. Floyd H. Roudon, Sr. & (9) Cora Adams (b.abt. 1901, TX) m. Joe P. Campbell. Gracie and Floyd Roudon were my grandparents. Family is found in 1900 Milam Co. Census and 1910 & 1920 McCulloch Co. Census. Gracie was possibly born in San Saba Co. My grandfather, Floyd Roudon痴 father was Thomas Roudon and he also had an uncle who might have settled in this area named Henry Roudon.

QUERY: Kay Bradley - e-mail: < kbradley@flash.net > - Seeking information and/or descendants of William A. Sewell m. Mary E. Davis in 1848, Marshall Co., TN. They were in Milam by 1860. Wm. must have died before 1880, but Mary lived on till abt. 1920. Known children: (1) Amanda Jane Sewell m. A. A. Hill; (2) Emma Sewell m. Unknown Choate; (3) Minnie Sewell; (4) Annie Sewell; & (5) Lula Sewell. One of the daughters may have married an Unknown Cone. William may have had a brother Joseph Sewell who came to Milam Co.

QUERY: Saundra - e-mail: < noblex@pop.frontiernet.net > - Search the following Milam Co. families: Holliman, Tyler, Whitely, Tuma.

QUERY: Donna Lane - e-mail: < mlane6427 > - Seeking information on Joseph Hook (b. 1840, PA) m. 1st Amanda Odom & 2nd, her sister, Lydia Odom (b.abt. 1854). Seeking information on anyone with Dodson surname in Milam Co.

QUERY: Jack Scarborough - e-mail: < sixft2@icsi.net > - Need information on Sid House (possibly Sidney) m. 撤hoenicia Harmon. Their son, Eugene Hause (b. 22 Feb 1886/1887, Cameron) m. Martha Jane Springer (b. 8 Apr 1890, Cameron) whose parents were Ren Springer (b. Mar 1850, AR) and Emily Butler (b. Apr 1864) who had these children: (1) Andy Springer (b. Mar 1884); (2) Samuel Springer (b. Nov 1886); (3) Benjamin Springer (b. Apr 1888); (4) Martha Jane Springer (b. 8 Apr 1890); (5) Fred Springer (b. 1894); & (6) Lesey Walker Springer (b. Jan 1900).

QUERY: R. Bangsand - e-mail: < rlanebl@aol.com > - Surnames: Nance, Allen, Smith, Wilburn. Seeking information on James Nance (b. TN) m. Celia 迭ebecca Allen (b. AL). They lived in Milam Co. from 1860 to 1880? Their children: (1) Margarith 溺aggie Nance m. Mr. Wilburn; (2) James Nance (d. bet age 16-17); Josiah Charles Nance, and possibly another daughter. Celia痴 father was John Allen and they lived in the Marlin, TX area. Also living in Milam Co. around this time were Sam Smith and Frances (Sullivan). They came from Atlanta, GA. Their children: (1) Pearlie Smith; (2) Minnie Smith; (3) Otha Smith; (4) Albert Smith & (5) Eva Smith m. Josiah Charles Nance. Eva & Charles had a large family and lived in Paducah, Cottle Co., TX around 1900 and later. They also spent time in McCurtain, OK around 1910.

QUERY: Dr. Willie Peterson - e-mail: < brother@ixnetcom.com > - (additional to Jan/Feb Legacy reference) We know that in 1884 Clark Peterson & Fannie Franham were married in Milam Co. Their son, Peter Peterson was father of Willie Peterson, my father. We believe Clark and Fannie lived their entire lives in association with a plantation owned by the Wright & Claude Ellison family. We would welcome contact with blacks or whites with roots in this are from that period. We want to know how the Peterson Family arrived in South Texas, were their parents lsaves of the Ellisons?

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