"The Legacy"
published by the
Milam County (Texas) Genealogical Society
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The Legacy

The Newsletter of the Milam County Genealogical Society

c/o Lucy Hill Patterson Memorial Library
201 Ackerman St.
Rockdale, Texas 76567

January & February 1997

President – Charles Hubert
Vice President – John Guillote
Secretary – Joy Kornegay
Treasurer – Barbara Valek
Newsletter Editor – Sybil Chapman
Program Chairman – Jim Baker
Publicity Chairman – Eugenia Newton
Ways & Means – Barbara Valek
Library Chairman – Lucille Moss
Purchasing – Lucille Towery

NEXT MEETING: Feb. 6th, 7 p.m., Community Room, NBC Bank. Agenda: Installation of 1997 Officers, business meeting & program.

You have just received the first bi-monthly newsletter the Society has ever published. It is our intent to be able to publish a larger and better newsletter than our previous monthly one. Several factors including the Internet pages, a book published, some newspaper and radio advertising and the diligent work of each of our members has doubled our distribution. We have had requests from some libraries, several Societies including the State Genealogical Society, for all past and future copies of The Legacy. Libraries pay for these but the Societies do an exchange with us.

At the present time we have a membership of 48 (this includes family, individual and supporting members). Last month 42 copies of The Legacy were mailed to members, prospective members and those who had queries published.

1997 Membership Dues:

Individual Membership $15.00
Family Membership $20.00
Supporting Membership $25.00, plus
Special Membership $10.00 (age 65+)
Organization Membership $25.00 (or more, non-voting)

Dues are paid annually one or before the February meeting date. Special rates after June 30th beginning 1997.

CEMETERY DAMAGE: From The Gravestone Speaks, Jan 1997 - String Prairie Cemetery, Milam County - Vandals overturned all the tall obelisk-type gravemarkers in this cemetery located on CR258 in eastern Milam Co. The cemetery dates back to 1882 and most of the damages was to older stones. The cemetery association will be spending all of its savings to repair the damage. This cemetery damage was only one of several mentioned in this newsletter published by Save Texas Cemeteries, Inc., P. O. Box 202975, Austin, Texas 78720-2975.

SOME FINAL WORDS FROM YOUR PRESIDENT - Charles Hubert - As we close the 1996 term, I would like to thank all members for their excellent support and help. A special thanks goes to all officers and standing committee chairs. It has been a year of some great accomplishments and certainly without their leadership and perseverance it could not have been possible. We saw our membership almost double from 25 in 1995 to 48 in Dec 1996.

We certainly owe a debt of gratitude to Gloria Martin and the ones who worked with her in assembling, typing and publishing our book, Some Central Texas Obituaries. Also to our member Roy Pinkerton of Long Beach, CA, who donated his collection of obituaries. We have all appreciated the work of Rusty Thomas in getting our webpage. It has generated an interest in Milam County and our Society, resulting in new memberships as well as queries.

Also many thanks to Lucille Towery and Eugenia Newton for their work in insuring another very successful annual dinner and meeting. Bill McDaniel has worked long hours and has done a great job on research and query response.

It has been an honor and privilege to serve as your president the past 2-years. As I hand the gavel to our new 1997 president, I am looking forward to supporting and working with her and all the new officers. Together we can build the Milam County Society into one of the State’s very best.

MEMBER OF THE MONTH: Bobby Gene Martin was born in Blum, Hill County, Texas in August 1930 to Norah Hester Duncan and William Edgar Martin. He was the 8th of 14 children and the first in his family to graduate from high school. After his graduation from Blum High School in 1947, he enlisted in the Navy (on his 17th birthday) and was discharged just prior to his 22nd birthday in August 1952.

Bob met Gloria Randall (Secretary of the Milam Co. Gen. Soc.) in 1949 while he was stationed with the Navy in California prior to shipping to the east coast. She was living in Richmond, CA. They were married in Cleburne, Johnson Co., Texas on Dec. 11, 1951. He returned to Norfolk, VA at the end of December as his tour of duty was extended due to the Korean War. Gloria moved to Dallas. [Note: Gloria Randall Martin died on 23 May 2001]

After his discharge they lived for a while in Dallas, then moved to Ft. Worth where their two sons, Billey E. Martin and David Gene Martin were born. Then to Chadron, Dawes Co., NE in 1955 to help care for Gloria’s grandmother. It was there he graduated (in 3-years) from Chadron Teacher’s College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education with teaching fields in Math and Chemistry and nearly one in Physics. In Aug. 1958, they moved to Eldorado, Texas.

After teaching for 2-years in Eldorado, he had the opportunity to move to Rockdale to teach chemistry, physics and math where he remained for 13-years. Bob enrolled at Texas A&M Univ. in a Physics Institute in 1963. In 1973, they moved to Cameron where he was Elementary Principal until his retirement in 1894. He received his Masters Degree in Education and a Certificate in Administration from A&M, finishing in 1976 with less than 18 hours needed for a Ph.D. Bob had attended school for 22 years!

Gloria had been working for Alcoa since 1968 and retired in 1994. While working at Alcoa, Gloria worked with Rusty Thomas, who was at that time, President of our Society. Through Rusty, she became interested in researching her family and she and Bob both joined in 1993.

Through Bob’s research, he has located his Martin Family to 1740, when John Martin sailed from Ireland with a shop load of Irish indentures. He was suppose to sell the Irish men and women and they were to pay him for their passage. With the money he was to buy flax seed. Flax seed was in short supply and instead he spent the money and never returned to Ireland. He opened his own school in Pennsylvania which was such a success that he was requested to form a school in the Clover Bottoms of Virginia. The family was located in South Carolina in the 1780s. John Martin had three sons, Robert Martin, Samuel Martin and David Martin (who was Bob’s g-g-g-grandfather) all three serving in the Revolutionary War. David had several children, one of which was Sherood Martin, (Bob’s g-g-grandfather). Most of the Martin Family were located in South Carolina, Mississippi and Texas.

He found his Duncan Family through five generations in Tennessee and Collin Co., TX and his Shelton Family through four generations in Kentucky, Tennessee and Texas.

Recently, he found a first family of Texas ancestor, Isaac Hicks. The family was located in 1846 in Panola and Rusk Counties. He still has more information to establish First Family status. He has also found a Wiley Hicks family that married Aaron Bryant’s sister, Mary Jane Bryant, Aaron Bryant’s daughter, Elizabeth Bryant, married James Polk Duncan (his g-grandfather). Bob has only research since 1994, but has become addicted and enjoys, like all genealogists, talking genealogy. He say’s, “I only wish I had started 20 years ago before the older generations passed away, at least the younger ones will have my research to refer to.”

QUERY: From Stirpes, Dec 1996 - Don Hayes, 35 Sunneyside Rd., Poole Dorset, BH12 2LB, England - Descendants (or any information) sought about Alex William Parker, b. 1860, Milam Co., TX & Cynthia Gott (Cherokee?) b. 1863, Johnson Co., AR. Parker was a sheep rancher in San Angelo, TX in 1890 when daughter Ada Elizabeth Parker was born. She married Don Hayes (by grandfather) in Mountain Home, AR and later moved to Oklahoma and New Mexico.

QUERY: Sandra LaTrelle Walker, 4705 Shoalwood Ave., Austin, Texas 76756 [Note: In Dec. 2002 she moved from this address - She died August 13, 2003.] - She is interested in Black Jack Cemetery. Her families in Milam County are: Walker and Baker.

QUERY: Marion Donaldson, Rt. 1, Box 232, Lorenzo, Texas 79343 (new member) - She is interested in the following Milam County families: John Donaldson, Urian McKinney and later families of Grays and associated families.

QUERY: Donna Mendelsohn, Box 98, Ft. Assiniboine, Alberta Canada TOG 1AO - Seeking information on her g-grandfather, John Alfonso Shapard, who lived most of his life in Rockdale. Needs to know his parents. Was born 31 Aug 1850, Richmond, Ft. Bend Co. He married Nannie Saphronia Beall, daughter of Elizabeth K. Grundy and Otho Beall in 1882 in Rockdale. He was associated with the old Rockdale Messenger, and later was with the Reporter after the two merged. He gave up newspaper work after becoming Postmaster in 1913. He was in that position until his death on 18 Jan 1918 in Rockdale. Nannie was appointed to take his place for several months until a permanent Postmaster was appointed. She moved to California in 1919. Their children were: Joe Rowland Shapard, Sr., Albert Shapard, Frank Shapard, Daniel Shapard, Jimmie Shapard, Johnnie Ruth Shapard, Nannie Gertrude Shapard, Louis Shapard, and Eulah Shapard.

QUERY: Linda Ponder, 601 Green Meadow St., N. Colleyville, Texas 76034 - Linda is a member of the Society and has also purchased memberships for her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Barney L. Clendennen, 9503 Cole Creek Dr., Houston, Texas 77040. She has sent along a Clendennen Family Association newsletter requesting all descendants of James Monroe Clendennen and Lucy Ann Cave / Caves to meet April 12th & 13th (1997) at the Confederate Reunion Grounds, Ft. Parker State Park, Holly Church & Cemetery in Ridge, Texas. In the late 1850s, James (b. 1841, MO) met and married Lucy Ann Caves (b. 1842, MS) and they settled in Sand Grove, Milam Co. In 1867, he purchased land and farmed in Milam Co. for 25-years. In 1894, it was necessary for them to move to Limestone Co. and after 1900, they moved to Ridge, Robertson Co., They died between 1905 and 1910. The descendants of Marion Franklin Clendennen, second youngest son of James & Lucy have been meeting yearly for over 10-years. This year, they are trying to locate as many descendants as possible to attend. There will be a “white elephant” sale to purchase new gravemarkers for James & Lucy.

QUERY: Mary Shular Hopper, 3745 Inspiration Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80917 (new member) - She is researching the following Milam County families: Butts & Freeman. Her g-grandfather, Henry Lucas Butts, moved from Pike Co., AL to Maysfield. She knows some of his children and their families were already in Texas. He is buried in Little River Cemetery. She would like to discover the parentage of Sue Butts who wrote an article “A History of Milam County” in the 1930s. She believes she might be an ancestor.

QUERY: Dr. Willie Peterson, 17311 Dallas Pkwy, #238, Dallas, Texas 75248 - He wants information on the parents of Willie Peterson and Eula Mae Judie (b. 28 Aug 1919, Milam Co.) and married oct 1936. Grandparents were: Clark Peterson & Fannie Franham.

QUERY: Marilyn Mason, 2619 Oak Leigh, San Antonio, Texas 78232 - Missing Milam County Ancestor - Josephine Jeffcoat Fannin b. AL, children: Albert Fannin & Elbert Fannin (twins), Cora Fannin m. Unknown Stephens and Zonie Fannin. She thinks mother’s name was Irene Holmes.

QUERY: Ronald D. Pogue, 1111 Caroline, #2511, Houston, Texas 77020 - Would like to find original deed to J. F. Guthrie land grant (only typed copy at Courthouse because of earlier fire). He has information on John Franklin Guthrie, William Lawson Locklin, Samuel Colvin Pogue, James Robertson, Thomas Edward Jenkins and J. L. Brock.

QUERY: Caroline Heckathorne, 1615 Hauser Circle, Thousand Oaks, CA 91362 - Looking for information on her g-grandfather, Thomas Jefferson Eubanks. He married Caroline Anderson and was living in Milam Co. in 1850. He died in Jan 1877, age 31 and was buried in the McCann Cemetery at Rogers, Bell Co. They had 10 children. He remarried after Caroline’s death (1865) to Emily Puett on 7 Jun 1865 and they had one child, Emily Eubanks.

QUERY: Patrick K. Williams, 2647 Quail Cove Rd., Corona, CA 91719 - Looking for information on g-g-grandfather, Leonidas E. S. Williams (b.ca. 1831, AL) who lived in Milam Co. from at least 1860 until his death. He appears on the 1860, 1870 & 1880 Milam Co. census and his wife is shown as a widow in the 1900 census. He is looking for death records, etc.

QUERY: Teresa Green - e-mail: < weagre@itlnet.net > (no address given) - Looking for information on Richard Perry Whitworth (b. 14 Jan 1854, MS) and wife, Julia Palmer (b. 10 Aug 1855, MS) They had 8 children: (1) John Madison Whitworth (b. 1875, MS) m. Katrina Koop (could be Katherine or Katy); (2) Oscar/Oskar L. B. Whitworth (b. 1878, MS); (3) George Walker Whitworth (b. 1880, TX); (4) Alice Whitworth (b.??); (5) Quitman F. Whitworth (b. 1882, TX) m. Emma; (6) Garrett Colvin Whitworth (b. 1886, TX); (7) Scion Edgar Whitworth (b. 1889, TX) m. Bessie Maybell Phifer;(8) Emma Whitworth (b. 1891, TX) m. Edward Emsweiler; & (9) Richard Pearson Whitworth (b. 1898, TX) m. Lela Mae Caulkins.

QUERY: Joe B. Williams - e-mail: < JoeKate@NOL.NET > (no address given) - Looking for information on J. A. Williams or A. J. Williams or any other Williams families in Milam Co. He is also researching the Garner family.

QUERY: Wynell Simpson - e-mail: < Wynellgen@aol.com > (no address given) - Looking for information on Richard Wilhelm and wife, Sarah Seymore. Richard came from Adams Co., IL and before then, Rhea Co., TN. He died in Washington Co., TX in 1833. His father was Tobias Wilhelm who lived in Jackson Co., AL about 1825. Sarah lived in Milam Co. on the Sarah Wilhelm land grant. Their son, Jeremiah Monroe Wilhelm m. Emily Jan Rogers.

QUERY: Bobby McDaniel - e-mail: < bmcdaniel@bscn.com > - Research descendants of David J. McDaniel of Goldthwaite, Mills Co., TX and wife Elizabeth. Children: (1) Benney McDaniel; (2) David Jeff McDaniel; (3) Martin Van Buren McDaniel m. Sarah Fox; (4) Francis L. McDaniel; (5) Nancy J. McDaniel (6) Rhoda McDaniel; (7) Susan McDaniel; (8) Marion Thomas McDaniel m. Mary Elizabeth Ballard; & (9) Jonathan McDaniel. Known residences: 1870 - Milam Co.; 1880 0 Hamilton Co. and 1900 - Mills Co.

QUERY: Elizabeth J. Collins, 2387 Lee Rd 241, Salem, AL 36874 - Seeking information on William Buchanan (1848 - bet 1900-1910) and wife, Lula House (1833- May 1910) moved to Milam Co. from Alabama bet 1880 and 1884. Children: (1) Walter Buchanan (b. 1878) m. Maggie Unknown; (2) Abbie V. Buchanan (b. 1884) m. Charlie C. Mitchell, son, William Mitchell; (3) Willie T. Buchanan (b. 1889) m. Ella May Barnhill; (4) Annie Lou Buchanan (b. 1893) m. Frank Slocomb. She will exchange information on the Williams Family in Alabama.

QUERY: Robert Daniel, Jacksonville, FL - e-mail: < rcdann@jax-inter.net > - looking for information on his g-g-grandfather, Frank Hutson (b. Nov 1839, KY - d. 1927, San Gabriel). He is buried near San Gabriel but doesn’t remember the name of the cemetery. There is a grave marked killed by Indians. I think it is San Andrea Cemetery. On Memorial Day his grave was marked with a U.S. Flag. Does anyone know where he served in the Civil War or have information on him or his family?

QUERY: James Walker, P. O. Box 314, Giddings, Texas 78942 [Note: He moved in 2002 to Milano, Milam Co.] - Looking for information on all individuals buried in Pin Oak Cemetery located between Hanover and Gause in Milam Co.

QUERY: Denise Lipscomb, Cedar Hill, Texas - e-mail: < Klipscom@msn.com > (member of MCGS) - Seeking information on Parker, Gott and Hayes families. She is also looking for information on Alexander Black. His daughter, Nancy Black was married to Henry Parker and they lived next door to each other in the 1850 Census.

SEMINAR: March 15th - Georgetown - Williamson Co. Spring Seminar with Paula Parke and include internet basics.

SEMINAR: April 12th - Austin - 1997 Austin Genealogical Society Seminar at the Univ. of Texas Alumni Center with Patricia Law Hatcher.

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