"The Legacy"
published by the
Milam County (Texas) Genealogical Society
Rockdale, Texas

The Legacy

The Newsletter of the Milam County Genealogical Society

c/o Lucy Hill Patterson Memorial Library
201 Ackerman St.
Rockdale, Texas 76567

May 1996

President – Charles Hubert
Vice President – John Guillote
Secretary – Joy Kornegay
Treasurer – Barbara Valek
Newsletter Editor – Sybil Chapman
Program Chairman – Jim Baker
Publicity Chairman – Eugenia Newton
Ways & Means – Barbara Valek
Library Chairman – Lucille Moss
Purchasing – Lucille Towery

Meetings: 7:30 p.m., 1st Thursday of each month at the Lucy Hill Patterson Memorial Library


Our April meeting was a success! After a short business session, we proceeded with out “Show & Tell.” We had so many talented members who were ready to present their “life work” for us. If was very hart to close at 8:30 p.m. So hard in fact - that we decided to continue the meeting for May. If you missed that meeting, you can still participate on May 2nd. Any remaining time will be used to view a film.

The meeting in Lexington on April 19th with Maxine Alcorn, recently retired from the Clayton Library of Houston, was very interesting and informative. Ms. Alcorn is an accomplished speaker and leader. She lead the Clayton Library to be one of the best libraries in the United States for genealogical research. Milam County is fortunate to be near such a facility. We thank the Lee County Society for inviting us to attend. We also met 2 or 3 prospects for our society there and hope they will attend our next meeting.

The Executive Board of the Milam County Genealogical Society met April 25th at the Patterson Library to discuss several matters of business. A decision was made to present a proposal to the society concerning the publication of the book Some Central Texas Obituaries complied by Gloria Martin.

PUBLIC TELEVISION - I noticed in a recent publication that PBS will air a genealogy series titled Ancestors in 1996. It is an introduction into genealogy and the 10 episodes will cover all aspects of research with strategies and tips for “aspiring” family historians. In Rockdale, PBS is Channel 18 and Channel 46. Since these stations do buy the programs that are shown it would be good to call and ask if they will be presented and then support them with your pledge each year.

7.5 SERIES OF TOPOGRAPHICAL MAPS FOR US - When Bill Dollarhide spoke to us in Lexington several months ago, he mentioned a government telephone number 1-800-USA-MAPS, you could call and get recorded options about various things concerning maps. In Mr. Dollarhide’s Jan-Feb issue of Genealogy Bulletin, in the column "Genealogy, Etc." by Donna Potter Phillips, she states “But if you call 1-800-435-7627, you get a live, breathing person answering the phone and can order the free catalogs and indexes or buy the wonderful 7.5 series of topographical maps for the entire US. There is no better map for genealogy purposes - they show every mountain, valley, town and many churches and cemeteries, plus any other place with a name.”

CORRESPONDENCE - Charles Hubert received an interesting letter recently from Linda ACORD of Irving, Texas, as follows:

Last year I wrote to your society requesting help in researching my ROPER family in your genealogy section at the Rockdale Library. At that time, I did not get a response and assumed no one was available to help me.

On Friday, April 5, 1996, I received an envelope from you with your letter dated July 25, 1995 and several pages of information enclosed. The envelope was canceled in Waco, Texas on July 28 1995. Will wonders never cease to happen! I have no idea where the post office kept this envelope hidden for so very long, however, it was found and finally reached me. It was even in good condition.

Please find a check for $5.00 to cover the research fee as you stated in your letter. I would apologize for the lateness of this fee, however, it is being pad in a timely manner when you take into account the “snail mail” delivery service by the postal service. Don’t you agree? Now if they would just find the envelope I mailed to a cousin in Milam County with an original marriage license enclosed I would be even happier.

Mrs. Accord goes on to thank the society for the research and of course we are glad to be of assistance in some way BUT it does bring to mind that our work and papers are very important and extreme thought and care must be used in determining the delivery of original and irreplaceable documents. Although our mail service is usually reliable, things do and can happen like the above.

QUERY: Albert Fulton, P. O. Box 10, Florence, Texas 76521 - Wants to know if the Miss Nettie Bounds that married Richard Gause on July 19, 1920, is the daughter of John & Mollie Bounds. If not, who are her parents?

QUERY: Claudine Mulhern, 950 Lazy Trail, New Braunfels, Texas 78130 - Wants to know where her great-grandparents are buried: Robert Kyle Wilson, died June 1870 in Cameron at the age of 49 and Nancy Fleming Wilson, died Nov 1869 at the age of 38. Both were born in Tennessee.

QUERY: Annette Harkey, 520 N. 12th, Crystal City, Texas 78839 - Is seeking information on the Carr family of Milam County in the mid-1880s, specifically: Henry Barryman Carr, born 24 Oct 1850 and his brother, James C. Carr. Their parents were D. & Mary Carr.

QUERY: Mrs. Teddy Noye, 40-935 Avenida Arcada, Palm Desert, CA 92260 - Is seeking information on James E. Williams in 1850 Milam Co. Census (Milam & Williamson District). Also in the same household are listed Nancy Williams who was 13-years his senior and Nancy Beck, age 2-years. On the same census was Ruben Queen (Milam & Williamson District), in the same household are Ruben’s daughter, Hulda Queen Davis and two daughters from previous marriage. In 1851 Hulda married James E. Williams. They had two sons, one named Milam Williams and one named Williamson Williams (Named after the counties?) James E. Williams bought land in Milam Co. in 1847 but moved to California in 1854. Also, a John Beck and Amanda were listed in the same 1850 Census as neighbors and later they were also listed as neighbors in California.

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