"The Legacy"
published by the
Milam County (Texas) Genealogical Society
Rockdale, Texas

The Legacy

The Newsletter of the Milam County Genealogical Society

c/o Lucy Hill Patterson Memorial Library
201 Ackerman St.
Rockdale, Texas 76567

April 1996

President – Charles Hubert
Vice President – John Guillote
Secretary – Joy Kornegay
Treasurer – Barbara Valek
Newsletter Editor – Sybil Chapman
Program Chairman – Jim Baker
Publicity Chairman – Eugenia Newton
Ways & Means – Barbara Valek
Library Chairman – Lucille Moss
Purchasing – Lucille Towery

Meetings: 7:30 p.m., 1st Thursday of each month at the Lucy Hill Patterson Memorial Library

MEETING: First Thursday of each month

Our last meeting was held on March 7th. This was a “work” meeting with many good ideas and program suggestions presented. Gloria Martin gave the report of the Steering Committee to the Society. They have been working for several weeks deciding what we need in CD-ROMs and the following recommendations were to be submitted to the Library: Social Security disk; 8-10 marriage disks or the marriage disks for Texas; then as money permits, buy Texas Census and other surrounding state’s census disks. Gloria has donated several disks in recent weeks to the Library and we thank her for her generosity.

Peggy Wright, Publicity Chairman, has asked for members to help provide family histories for the Rockdale Reporter. They will be publishing two each week prior to the “Rockdale Expo” in June. If you have an interesting “family member” that has resided in this area in the past why not tell the story? Pictures would be great also!

Remember it is “Show & Tell” at the next meeting on April 4th. Everyone bring something! It can be how you keep yourself organized, your favorite genealogy computer program, if no computer, how you keep your records, your most interesting find, your current work, your trip to Salt Lake, the family history you have prepared or a book that you have in your possession that you consider the greatest help. We will see you the 4th!

NEW MEMBER: Susie E. Piper, 5904 Collbrook Dr., Austin, Texas 78724

REMINDER: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) at 310 Calhoun in Rockdale will have the Family History Library open again on April 13th & May 18th. Call Bill Wiggins to arrange for a time.


Genealogy Seminar at Lexington on Friday, April 19th, 7:00 p.m. at the Memorial Fellowship Hall of the First Baptist Church. Guest Speaker will be Maxine Alcorn, recently retired Librarian of the Clayton Library in Houston. The Clayton Library is rated as the BEST anywhere, largely due to Miss Alcorn’s leadership. There is no charge for this seminar. This is one we should not miss! Nancy Perry, Lexington (Lee County Genealogical Society)

The Williamson County Genealogical Society will hold their 3rd Annual Genealogical Seminar at the Elks Lodge in Georgetown on April 27th from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Guest speaker is Peggy Fox from the Confederate Research Center, Hill College. Her topics are: “Locating Your Confederate Forebear” and “Union Prisons & Those Within” There is a $20 pre-registration fee or $22 at the door. Lunch is included. For information call Jerry Barton. Also, we have several registration forms available.

QUERY: No queries this month. Bill McDaniel still has some work on the ones from last month but did report that Mrs. Burd and Mr. Diggers have made contact. Our queries last month were interesting as in some way or another two of our members are related to some of the names queried. Bill has found out about some of his ancestors that he had so far been unable to locate and Peggy Wright has Diggers in her family. This can be a small world indeed.

NAMING PATTERN - from Ozar’kin, Vol. XV, No. 4, Winter 1993 - Nancie Todd Weber

The 18th Century Anglo-Saxon naming pattern bears scrutiny because although the pioneers only adhered to it loosely (and it never seemed to apply when you really need it!), early Americans were generally aware of the concept, and it just might be that vital clue to your earliest known ancestor’s heritage. Traditionally ...

first son was named after his father’s father (the child’s paternal grandfather)

second son was after his mother’s father (the child’s maternal grandfather)

third son after his own father

fourth son after his father’s oldest brother, and so forth

first daughter was name for her mother’s mother (the child’s maternal grandmother)

second daughter for her father’s mother (the child’s paternal grandmother)

third daughter for her own mother

fourth daughter for her mother’s oldest sister ...

Variables abounded, naturally! It was helpful if the new brood presented a nice gender mix. Gaps in the children’s lineup likely were the result of infants, names unknown, dying young. Larger than life figures - the Protestant Reformation leader, Martin Luther (1483-1546); Revolutionary War General Francis “Swamp Fox” Marion (1870s-1795); evangelist, Lorenzo Dow (1772-1834), preeminent frontiersman, John Sevier (1745-1815), plus of course the enduring George Washington, Ben Franklin, etc. – were early 19th Century naming favorites – ,/P.

Many babies reflected the names of their midwives, probably in gratitude for a successful delivery and some names, particularly for the girls, were just plain popular!

WWI BURIALS - from The Family Historian, Vol. 1, No. 2, Winter 1995

Overseas burials in France during World War I were made in about a dozen cemeteries. There were other cemeteries in Belgium, and one in England. The AMERICAN BATTLE MONUMENTS COMMISSION will upon request of relatives, provide: 1) Military Unit, 2) Time of Death; 3) Place of Burial; and other information. They will also provide photographs of headstones and cemeteries for a fee. You will need to provide the full name of the veteran and other vital details and may need to explain your relationship. A booklet, American Memorials & Overseas Military Cemeteries is available from them which lists, maps and describes the cemeteries. The address is:

American Battle Monuments Commission
Pulaski Building (Room 5119-5120)
20 Massachusetts Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20314

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