"The Legacy"
published by the
Milam County (Texas) Genealogical Society
Rockdale, Texas

The Legacy

The Newsletter of the Milam County Genealogical Society

c/o Lucy Hill Patterson Memorial Library
201 Ackerman St.
Rockdale, Texas 76567

March 1996

President – Charles Hubert
Vice President – John Guillote
Secretary – Joy Kornegay
Treasurer – Barbara Valek
Newsletter Editor – Sybil Chapman
Program Chairman – Jim Baker
Publicity Chairman – Eugenia Newton
Ways & Means – Barbara Valek
Library Chairman – Lucille Moss
Purchasing – Lucille Towery

Meetings: 7:30 p.m., 1st Thursday of each month at the Lucy Hill Patterson Memorial Library

Due to the “ice” our Feb. 1st meeting for the installation of new officers was held on Feb. 8th. We are preparing a Year Book and filing out the program assignments for the year. Try to be prepared with your “preferred date” and suggestions. Jon Cook is the new program chairman.

DUES REMINDER - Membership dues are payable for the year each January. If not paid by March, those names are dropped from active membership. Individual membership is $15, Family $20 & Special $10 (age 65+ or under 18). Each member will receive a monthly newsletter from the Society (there was no newsletter for February).

EDITOR NOTES: Your newsletter editor is Marie Hubert, 512/446-3937. Send any news or suggestions within a week of the next meeting date and it can be included in that month’s letter. It may also be placed in the society’s mail basket at the library.

NEW MEMBER: Claudine Wilson Mulhern, 950 Lazy Trail, New Braunfels, TX - surnames: Wilson, Lawler, Dockery, Hudson, Fleming, Hewitt, Howard, Rankin, Kyle, Brooks & Campbell. Some locations mentioned are: Cameron, Thorndale & Ad Hall.

HOW MANY GENEALOGISTS? Selected notes from Genealogy Bulletin No. 31 - “Genealogists: A New Survey Reveal the Numbers of People Actively Involved in Genealogical Research” by Bill Dollarhide - American Demographics retained Martiz Marketing Research of Fenton, MO, to conduct a survey for persons over 18 years of age concerning their interest in genealogy. Of the 765 persons who responded (70% were over 30 years of age and 371 were male and 394 female) the interest level was as follows:

According to the latest Census Bureau figures of 262 million people in American (1995) 74% are age 18 years or older or 194 million adults. The 7.1% of 194 million would be 13.77 million people who are “involved a great deal” and 38% represents another 73.72 million who are “somewhat” interested in genealogy for a total of 87.5 million people!

Now folks, that’s a lot of genealogists. According to the 1994 estimated Milam County census, we have 22,946 people. Using the same percentage figures above, we should have about 1,206 people who are “a great deal” interested and 6,452 “somewhat interested” making a total of 7,658 people. If this is true, Milam County has the largest group of “closet genealogists” (that was Mr. Dollarhide’s term for them). Wouldn’t it be great to be able to enlist the interest of just a few dozen of them to our society. It could really make a great year for the Society as well as benefit our genealogical efforts for the library. We will have opportunities with Peggy for displays and posters later this year so be ready to “lend a hand” in this effort.

CONFEDERATE ANCESTORS: The Confederate Research Center seeks copies of Civil War letters, pictures, diaries, journals and any other Confederate memorabilia. They are also compiling data on the burial location of Confederate ancestors, including name of cemetery, his name, company and regiment, and any other biographical information about the individual. Contact: Petty Fox, Confederate Research Center, P. O. Box 619, Hillsboro, Texas 77645. Source: The Family Historian, Vol. 1, No. 2, 1995

CONFEDERATE BURIAL SITES: Another project to document burial locations of Confederate soldiers is being conducted by the Sons of Confederate Veterans. They have located approximately 300,000 individual grave sites. Data forms are available from: Dennis E. Todd, 1113 Pine St., Cayce, SC 29033. Source: Heart of Texas Genealogical Society Quarterly.

ROCKDALE REPORTER RESEARCH: The Rockdale Reporter offices has bound newspaper copies from 1948 through 1995 that we may look at for research. Most of the newspapers prior to that date are becoming unstable, show some signs of deterioration and probably will not be available. We have a volunteer to help with the "Reporter News Obituary Index' that we have been working on. This requires only the name, newspaper date, date of death and page number. It will take some time to do and we will be working from 1950 to the present in the first phase using the bound newspapers. This index when completed will be available in our library for researchers as a public service


President - Charles Hubert
Vice President - Rusty Thomas
Secretary - Gloria Martin
Treasurer - Peggy Wright
Newsletter Editor - Marie Hubert
Program Chairman - Jon Cook
Publicity Chairman - Peggy Wright
Ways & Means - Barbara Valek
Library Chairman - Melba Wells
Purchasing - Lucille Towery
Research Chairman - Bill McDaniel

LOST, BORROWED OR MISPLACED? - If you know the whereabouts of the Library’s copy of the book “150 Years of Cemetery Records in Milam County” by Perry C. Holder, please return it. Perhaps it was accidently picked up with other articles and has not yet ben discovered. It has been missing for nearly 3-weeks. It could be dropped in the “night depository.” The Library is just interested in its return.

UPCOMING EVENTS - The Lexington Society invites us to bring a lunch and join them on March 18th at the Lutheran Church at Serbin. There will be a Church tour and Church records explained. This is a Wendish Community and has much history. If you happen to have Lutheran ancestors from this area, you will find this interested (time will be announced at our March 7th meeting).

Also in April (date to be announced), the Lexington Society has been able to secure Maxine Alcorn to speak. She was the Librarian for the Clayton Library of Houston and is now retired. She is a noted speaker and will speak on a genealogy topic. There is no charge and it is a great opportunity to learn more about genealogy. We appreciate being invited to attend. There will be more information on this next month. per Nancy Perry - Lexington Society.

QUERY: Nancy Burd, Georgetown, Texas - Looking for the grave of John L. HOLIDAY. He was married to Amanda CARVER who was born in Bell County and they lived in Rockdale, ca. 1880 to early 1910. Her sister was Molly CARVER DRIGGERS. She is also looking for information on the FULFER family. [Note: Peggy Wright has been given a copy of this query as her grandmother was a DRIGGERS.]

QUERY: Lee DRIGGERS, 217 Harris Dr., Sunnyvale, Texas 75182 - Researching James M. DRIGGERS, listed as J. S. Drigers in the 1900 census, wife not listed. He had children, several born near Rockdale. They were: Maude, Walter W., Maggie, Bessie, Loula, Burton, and granddaughter, Easedore RILEY. James was born in Fannin Co. in 1860, married Martha in Hunt Co. in 1880. Also mentioned FULFER surname. [Note: Both Mr. Driggers and Ms. Burd will get this newsletter and may be interested in corresponding. Both letters have been referred to the committee for handling.]

Linda CRITCHFIELD of Van Nuys, CA has renewed her membership and states she would like to purchase a used copy of Matchless Milam. Melba Wells, heavily involved in the first printing, has little hope of a second. She will check further on it. There are quire a few of us that would certainly buy any available copies. Keep an eye out at garage sales, etc. [Note: The book was re-printed in 2002 by the Milam County Historical Society.]

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