"The Legacy"
published by the
Milam County (Texas) Genealogical Society
Rockdale, Texas

The Legacy

The Newsletter of the Milam County Genealogical Society

c/o Lucy Hill Patterson Memorial Library
201 Ackerman St.
Rockdale, Texas 76567

August 1994

President – Rusty Thomas
Vice President – John Guillote
Secretary – Joy Kornegay
Treasurer – Joy Kornegay
Newsletter Editor – Sybil Chapman
Program Chairman – Caroline Kibodeaux
Publicity Chairman – Eugenia Newton
Ways & Means – Barbara Valek
Library Chairman – Bob Narvaez
Purchasing – Lucille Towery

Our July speaker was Mary Cooper. Her topic was “Making Sense of the Census.” According to Caroline Kibodeaux, Mary Cooper recovered from her illness, which upset all of us, spent the night at the motel, and returned home Friday morning.

We received Barbara Valek’s resignation as treasurer due to her husband’s heart attack and elected Joy Kornegay to the office of Treasurer. We hope that Barbara’s husband’s health has improved.

In the basket

A past due bill from Wal-Mart.

A brochure from J & D Distributing, 1160 S. State, Suite 220, Orem, UT 84058, telephone 1-800-847-2890 containing fascinating information about the rapidly changing world of CD-ROMs. Their original Social Security set as 10 CDs at $69.00 per disk. Now the information is on 2 CDs at $35.00 for the set.

J & D’s CD-ROMs use The Genealogical Research System (GRS) and require the use of GRS Software which costs $10.00. The newsletter contains several helpful things about Searching Techniques while using the disks and examples of success with a Master Name Index ($20.00) for the whole set.

I asked “one of the people there to give the name of a person they were having difficulty with. We started with the Master Name Index. It showed that the name did, indeed, occur on a number of disks. One of those was a possibility, so we then went to that disk for the details. We found the person, and she wrote down the information. She had been looking for about 5-years, and had never thought to look in this particular spot. She discovered that he had been an orphan and this other family had raised him. The total time between the two searches was under two minutes.”

“You are now able to search for your ancestors directly on the equivalent of the microfilm on your home computer . . . Microfilm costs about $20.00 per roll. However, our new imaging CD-ROMs will contain from 5 to 20 rolls of microfilm. They will be priced at from $20.00 to $69.00 each. This could lead to improved access too much genealogical information for remote sites. It will also help out libraries with limited budgets.”

From the Victoria County Genealogical Society quarterly, Summer 1994 by Judy Duer:

From the Texas State Library, Austin, Texas via the Austin Genealogical Society . . . “for those of you who have been frustrated by the fact that the Vital Records Indexes stop in 1976, I have good news and bad news. We have recently received updates to the Death, Marriage and Divorce indexes, which bring us up through 1991. That’s the good news. The bad news is that I am told there will not be any updates to the Birth Indexes. The updates are on microfiche . . .

Back to the good news, the fiche of the Death Indexes look particularly usefull (sic). There is a single alphabetical listing for the years 1965-1988 (the rest are separate for each year). Also, many (not all) entries include such goodies as social security number, date of birth, age, and even maiden name . . . ”

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