"The Legacy"
published by
Milam County (Texas) Genealogical Society
Rockdale, Texas

The Legacy

The Newsletter of the Milam County Genealogical Society

c/o Lucy Hill Patterson Memorial Library
201 Ackerman St.
Rockdale, Texas 76567

January 1993

President – Eugenia Newton
Vice President – Rusty Thomas
Secretary – Barbara Valek
Treasurer – Francie Herring
Newsletter Editor – Sybil Chapman
Program Chairman – Tom Underwood
Publicity Chairman – Ben Worrell
Ways & Means – Dorothy Allen
Library Chairman – Gene Kornegay
Purchasing – Caroline Kibodeaux

At our December meeting we had a short, effective lesson on using the Soundex system to locate ancestors in the census records. We also discussed the nomination of officers for the second year of our society. According to the copy of our Constitution in the library basket, we will elect new officers at our February meeting.


Copies of worksheets for each Federal Census

QUERY: A letter from La Nell Perkin, 3974 Wilshire, Abilene, Texas with an inquiry about the WITCHER family. She asked specifically about Elizabeth WITCHER who married Henry FRAZIER. If found several listings for members of the Frazier and Witcher families in the book, 150 Years of Cemetery Records in Milam County, Texas.

Also in the basket was a suggestion that index cards of obituaries be typed showing birth, death dates and newspaper citation to aid people looking for obituaries.

Magazine Southern Queries, Nov/Dec 1992

What’s new at the Lucy Hill Patterson Memorial Library?

State Census Records by Ann S. Lainhart given in memory of Marie (Boyd) Caraway by John & Pat Schell.

From the Introduction: “Many state or territorial censuses were taken in 1885, 1892, and 1895 and can fill the twenty-year gap in the federal censuses (1880-1900). Examples of some of the states with censuses for these years are Colorado (1885), Florida (1885, 1895), Kansas (1885, 1895), New Mexico (1885), New York (1892), North Dakota (1885), Rhode Island (1885), South Dakota (1885, 1895), and Wisconsin (1885, 1895). The 1850 Census is missing for a few California communities, but there is an 1852 California State Census; and the 1870 Census for Arapahoe Co., KS, is missing, but there are state censuses for both 1865 and 1875 … some of the more recent state censuses are already available to researchers. The following states have such censuses: Florida (1935, 1945), Iowa (1925), New York (1925), North Dakota (1925), Rhode Island (1925, 1935), and South Dakota (1925, 1935, 1945).

From the book jacket: State by state, year by year, often county by county and district by district, she shows researchers what is available in state census records, where it is available, and what one might expect to find in the way of data.

1885 Map of Kentucky & Tennessee with Alphabetical List of owns and Counties

1885 Map of Texas with Alphabetical List of Towns and Counties

Map Guide to the U.S. Federal Censuses, 1790-1920 by William Thorndale and William Dollarhide. This is a fascinating book. Each map shows the counties for which censuses are missing. Several counties are missing in different years and in different states. On p. 337 is the Texas map with this information: “Census availability 1890 lost for all counties except small parts of Ellis, Hood, Kaufman, Rusk and Trinity.” On the maps for the early years the counties that are created later are shown in outline in the earlier counties. Much interesting history is included in the accounts of changing boundaries.

Our next meeting is February 11, 1993.

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