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Milam County, Texas - Communities

Salty, Milam County, Texas
(Researched by Mrs. Dow Caffey)

Salty is an agricultural community 10-miles southwest of Rockdale. It was named for nearby Salty Creek. This creek received its name from salt deposits left on its banks after overflowing.

The first church at Salty was called “Thomson Chapel.” In 1871 a new church was built. It was called Salty Methodist Church. Joseph and Sarah Frasure deeded two acres of land for this new church. The first trustees were Saaburn Stiles, Meblor Cropper, Whittington Ford, James Frasure and John Thomson.

In August 1896, H. J. and Mattie Frasure sold one acre of land to the Salty Methodist Church. Trustees at this time were A. J. Jackson, B. F. Williams and G. M. Jinks.

Also, there was a Baptist church at Salty. In 1924 this church was sold and the money was given to Buckner’s Orphans Home.

In 1950 Salty Methodist Church was rebuilt on the rock foundation of the old church. It is now called Salty Community Church. The pastor at the present time is Reverend Howard Buchanan.

Mr. A. J. Jackson, a pioneer citizen of Salty, organized the Salty Singing Convention. This convention was carried on by his son, a granddaughter and a grandson about 70 years. It was called “The Milam County Singing Convention.”

At one time, two doctors, Dr. Brown and Dr. Harkness, lived in the Salty community. Salty had a parsonage, two gins, and a barbershop. A Mr. Amason had the first grocery store. There was a post office and a switchboard for a telephone party line.

In 1886 Salty was made a voting precinct. In 1897 Salty was served by a rural mail route.

Some pioneer settlers were Frank Clement, N. Cooper, E. C. Caffey and a Mr. Ralston.

At some time, Walter Ramsel gave one acre of land for the Salty Cemetery. In 1959 Mark and Lucille Towery gave one acre of land to the cemetery. Today this cemetery consists of our acres.

In 1878 the old schoolhouse at Salty was one long building. In 1918 a new schoolhouse was built. It consisted of three rooms and an auditorium.

In 1949 Salty school was consolidated with the Thorndale school system.

In 1955 a Salty Homecoming was organized to be held on the second Sunday in August. This has been an annual event since that date.

Salty celebrated its Centennial August 8, 1971.

SOURCE: Marshall, Ida Jo (ed.), Rockdale Centennial: A History of Rockdale, Texas, 1874-1974. Rockdale, TX: Rockdale Reporter, 1974. (p. 106-107)


Salty, is located midway between Farm Road 486 and Farm Road 1786 and 8-miles southwest of Rockdale in southern Milam County.

It was settled in 1860 and named for nearby Salty Creek.

Thompson Chapel was the first church at Salty, but a new church was built in 1871. Salty became a voting precinct in 1886, and a post office was in operation there from 1894 to 1909.

In 1903 Salty had a one-teacher school for 28 black students and two one-teacher schools for 78 white students. The schools were consolidated with the Thorndale Independent School District in 1950. The church at Salty was rebuilt in 1950, and an annual homecoming celebration was initiated in 1959. In the 1980s county highway maps showed a church, a community hall, and a cemetery at Salty.

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