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In February 2004, Norinne Holder Holman granted permission to use the driving directions found in her book, "170 Years of Cemetery Records in Milam County, Texas" on this website. For information on how to purchase her book, go to:



-- A -- F --

Alford-Eads Cemetery (See: Davison Cemetery)
Allday-Jones Cemetery
Allen Cemetery
Allison Cemetery
Applegate Cemetery
Baldridge-McQuary Cemetery (See: T. K. Wilson Cemetery)
Barber Cemetery
Bates-Robbins/Massey Place Cemetery
Battle-Castillo Cemetery
Beal Cemetery
Ben Arnold Cemetery
Bentsch Cemetery
Big Lump Cemetery (See: San Antonio Cemetery)
Bingham Cemetery
Black Bridge Cemetery (formerly No Name Cemetery)
Blakely Cemetery
Bozeman Cemetery
Branchville Cemetery (formerly Old Providence Cemetery)
Brewer-Slocomb Cemetery
Brown's Rose Garden Cemetery
Bryant-Blassinggill Cemetery
Bryant Place Cemetery
Bryant Station Cemetery
Burlington Cemetery (White)
Burlington Cemetery (White)
Burns Family Cemetery
Bushdale Cemetery
Caddo Cemetery
Cameron Pioneer Cemetery a/k/a Old Pioneer-Cameron Cemetery
Cameron Rest Cemetery
Cervantes Cemetery
Clarkson Cemetery
H. H. Coffield Cemetery (See: Graham-McQueen Cemetery)
Connell Cemetery
Conoley Union Cemetery
Corinth Cemetery
Cox's Providence Cemetery (Coxes)
Craddock Cemetery
Crayton-Richards Cemetery
Cross Roads Cemetery
Culpepper Family Cemetery
Cunningham Family Cemetery
Dansby Cemetery
Davilla Cemetery (White)
Davilla Cemetery (Black)
Davidson Cemetery (formerly Alford-Eads Cemetery)
Detmold Cemetery
Dockery Cemetery
Dotson Cemetery
Eagle-Holliman Cemetery
East Lawn Cemetery & New East Lawn Cemetery
Elm Grove Cemetery (See: Ben Arnold Cemetery)
Eagle-Holliman Cemetery
East Lawn Cemetery & New East Lawn Cemetery
Elm Grove Cemetery (See: Ben Arnold Cemetery)
Fagan's Pasture Cemetery
Felton Cemetery
Forest Grove Cemetery
Foster Cemetery
Fowler Cemetery
Freezout Cemetery - a/k/a Millerton Cemetery a/k/a Snodgrass Cemetery
Friendship Cemetery
Fulcher Cemetery

-- G -- L --

Gary Cemetery
Garza Family Cemetery
Gause City Cemetery
Gause Family-Armstrong Cemetery
Gelner Cemetery
Gest Family Cemetery
Gilliland Cemetery
Hernando Gonzales La Familia Cemetery
Goodwill Baptist Cemetery
Graham-McQueen Cemetery (formerly H. H. Coffield Cemetery)
Grantham-Miles Cemetery
Graves Cemetery
Graveyard Hill Cemetery (see: Pond Creek Cemetery)
Griffin Cemetery
Hairston Family Cemetery
Ad Hall Cemetery
C. A. Hamblen Cemetery
John W. Hamblen Cemetery
Hamilton Chapel Cemetery
Hanged Man's Cemetery
Harlin Chapel Cemetery
Harmony Cemetery
Harrell Cemetery
F. A. Hernandez Cemetery
Herndon Cemetery
Hickory Grove Cemetery
Hilge Cemetery
Hirt-Braun Cemetery
Hobosn Cemetery
Holliman Cemetery (See: Eagle-Holliman Cemetery)
Hollis Cemetery
Holtzclaw Cemetery
Hope Lutheran Memorial Park Cemetery
Dick Hurt Cemetery a/k/a Hurt-Graham Cemetery
International Order of Odd Fellows (IOOF) Cemetery
Isaacs Cemetery
Jeter Cemetery
Jewish Cemetery
Keen Cemetery
Lamkin's Cemetery
Laughlin Cemetery
Lawson Cemetery a/k/a Six Mile Cemetery
Lebanon Cemetery (See: San Andres-Lebanon Cemetery)
Ledbetter Cemetery
Lee Garden Springs Cemetery
Lewis Cemetery
Liberty Cemetery
Liberty Hill-Springfield Cemetery
Lilac Cemetery
Little River Cemetery
Little Rocky Cemetery
Locklin Cemetery
Long Family Cemetery a/k/a Two Mile Cemetery
G. A. Love Cemetery

-- M -- P --

MarakCatholic Cemetery & Marak Methodist Cemetery
Marlow Community Cemetery
Marlow Community Cemetery
McCann Cemetery
W. J. McDonald Cemetery (see: Poor Farm Cemetery)
McFarland Cemetery
Milam Grove Cemetery
Milano City Cemetery
Miller-Cross Roads Cemetery
Miller Cemetery on Alcoa
Millerton Cemetery a/k/a Freezout Cemetery a/k/a Snodgrass Cemetery
Minerva Cemetery
Mision de Cristo Jesus Cemetery
Moore Cemetery
Morning Star Cemetery
Moss Cemetery (formerly Ragsdale-Davis Cemetery)
Mount Homer Cemetery
Mount Zion Cemetery (White)
Mount Zion Cemetery (Black)
Mumford Cemetery (also know as Taylor-Mumford Cemetery)
Murray Cemetery
Nance Cemetery
Nashville Cemetery (Old Nashville Cemetery)
New Salem Cemetery
No Name Cemetery (See: Black Bridge Cemetery)
Norman Valley-Crossing Cemetery
North Elm Cemetery
Oak Hill Cemetery
Oak Lawn Cemetery
Oakville-Rohdes Cemetery
Old City-Rockdale Cemetery (White)
Old City-Rockdale Cemetery (Black)
Old Lilac Cemetery (Black)
Old Nashville Cemetery
Old Pioner-Cameron Cemetery (See: Cameron Pioneer Cemetery)
Old Providence Cemetery (See: Branchville Cemetery)
Old Sanders Graveyard (See: Sanders Cemetery)
Oliver Cemetery
Oxsheer Smith Cemetery
Peaceful Rest Cemetery
Pearson Cemetery
Pebble Grove Cemetery
Phillips Cemetery
Pin Oak Cemetery
Pleasant Grove Cemetery
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Pleasant Retreat Cemetery
Pond Creek Cemetery
Poor Farm Cemetery (Cameron) - (see: W. J. McDonald Cemetery)
Port Sullivan Cemetery (White)
Port Sullivan Cemetery (Black)
Prospect Cemetery
Pruett Family Cemetery
Pyatka Cemetery

-- R -- Y --

Ragsdale-Davis Cemetery (See: Moss Cemetery)
Ray Cemetery
Renshaw Cemetery
Resley Cemetery
Rice Cemetery
Richards Cemetery (White)
Richards Cemetery (Black)
Riddle Cemetery
Riverside Cemetery
Rogers Ranch Cemetery (See: Taplin View Cemetery)
Santana Ruiz Cemetery
Saint Joseph Cemetery (See: San Jose-Witcher Cemetery)
Saint Michael's Catholic Church Cemetery
Saint Paul's Lutheran-Thorndale Cemetery
Saints Cyril & Methodius Catholic Church Cemetery
Salem Cemetery
Salty Cemetery
Salter Chapel Cemetery - Minerva
Salty Cemetery
San Andreas-Lebanon Cemetery
Sanders Cemetery
Sand Grove Gardens of Memories Cemetery
Sandow Cemetery (See: Millerton Cemetery)
Sand Point Cemetery
Sandy Creek Cemetery
Sandy Point Cemetery
San Jose-Witcher Cemetery
Santa Monica Catholic Cemetery
Santa Monica Mausoleum
Scanlen Cemetery (exact loction unknown - lost cemetery)
Sefcik-Kohut Cemetery (See: Tomacik Cemetery)
Server Cemetery
Sharp Cemetery
Shelton Cemetery
Simmons-Jones Cemetery
Six Mile Cemetery (See: Lawson Cemetery)
Smyrna Cemetery
Sneed's Chapel Cemetery
Snodgrass Cemetery a/k/a Millerton Cemetery a/k/a Freezeout Cemetery
South Elm Cemetery
Springfield Cemetery (See: Liberty Hill Cemetery)
Stewart Cemetery
Stoneham Cemetery
Story Cemetery
Strelsky Cemetery
String Prairie Methodist Cemetery
Taplin View Cemetery (formerly Roger's Ranch Cemetery)
Taylor-Mumford Cemetery (also know as Mumford Cemetery)
Thatch Cemetery
Thomson Chapel Cemetery
Thorndale City Cemetery
Tomacik Cemetery (formerly Sefcik-Kohut Cemetery)
Tracy Cemetery
Turnham-McCown Cemetery
Tyson Cemetery
Urban Cemetery
Val Verde Cemetery
Varner Cemetery
Vogelsang Cemetery
Waddle Cemetery
Walker's Creek Cemetery
Watson Cemetery (See: Mount Homer Cemetery)
Watt Farm-Mexican Cemetery
Westbrook-Walker Cemetery
Sam White Cemetery
Wilson Cemetery
T. K. Wilson Cemetery (formerly Baldridge-McQuary Cemetery)
Winston Cemetery
Wolf Cemetery
Yager Farm Cemetery


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