Milam County, Texas

Newspaper Clippings related to Gause, Milam County, Texas


The following names and news are excerpts that were taken from surviving old Caldwell, Burleson County, Texas newspapers.

The Gause community, as did other small neighborhoods and communities, often had someone to contribute their local "goings on" to be printed in the local newspapers. These items were located in the weekly paper, The Burleson County Ledger. Later the paper was called the Burleson County News.

Not every week of 1897 had a column from Gause printed.

Please do not take spelling as fact. Remember also, this was second and third hand news.


Issue of July 16, 1897

Correspondant is telling about Gause, in this letter, they wrote:

GAUSE, [MILAM CO] TEXAS had ~~ Two churches, One school, Four dry good stores, One drug store, Two blacksmith shops, One butcher shop, a barber shop, a Hotel, a Depot, a Lumber yard, a Stock pen, a Large cotton platform, a Cotton gin, Two baseball grounds, International & Great Northern railroad line

Issue of July 23, 1897

One of the blacksmiths ~ H. C. HATSFIELD

Capt. F. M. ADAMS is adding on to his residence to make a hotel.

The foundation is being laid for the Baptist Church.

B. F. POOL ~ lumberman.

Depot agent was Mr. GRACY.

W. J. PORTER, town carpenter is working for contractor, THAXTON on Baptist Church.

John R. FRAIM ~ spot cash merchant.

Morgan DICKINSON ~ cottonseed buyer.

B. F. POOL ~ merchant.

Miss Telitha HASTY, is visiting her sister, Mrs. KEMP

Issue of July 30, 1897

Robert BEVERLY, formerly of Gause, later of Hearne died Monday with black jaundice.

Issue of August 6, 1897

Gause has a telephone office.

Neel WHITE ~ deputy sheriff

J. J. ELY is going to open a beef market

J. ROADES has the 1st bale of cotton, raised on the J. A. ELY farm.

J. A. JACKSON bought the bale.

Walter DITTO, of Hamilton Co. is visiting.

J. R. FRAIM, of Fraimville is visiting.

Rev. J. M. RANKIN of Niles, Texas is visiting two sons at Gause.

W. J. GAUSE, J. M. DIXON and J. C. DICKINSON took oath of office.

Clerks elected: W. F. NABORS, W. J. PORTER, J. J. PORTER and J. A. JONES

Presiding officer was T. L. WATTS

Issue of August 13, 1897

Blacksmith ~ Col. John "Jack" Franklin STORY

J. A. JACKSON ~ merchant

Mr. ANDERSON, formerly of Birmingham, AL is visiting his sister, Mrs. GIDLEY.

Miss Ora TIDWELL of Rosebud is visiting

Mrs. FRIDGE of Cameron is visiting her sisters, Mrs. TIDWELL & Mrs. FORBION.

Issue of August 20, 1897

Mr. GRIGSBY ~ merchant

Charley MOORE ~ clerk

R. E. WATTS ~ salesman in John FRAIMís merchandise store


Issue of August 27, 1897

Sheriff WHITE arrested Will PALL, Negro.

Mrs. James LITTLE, of Rockdale is visiting her sister, Mrs. McARVER of Gause.

Mr. & Mrs. KABELL of Kerr Co. are visiting Mrs. KABELLís parents; Mr. & Mrs. HOLT.

Issue of September 3, 1897

Bro. BROWN ~ minister

Bro. GEORGE ~ minister

Rev. LAND ~ evangelist

Rev. BOYD ~ evangelist

Dr. PORTER ~ physician

W. J. PORTER ~ carpenter

Little Fay, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. A. ELY is sick.

Mr. & Mrs. WILSON of Oklahoma neighborhood were in a wagon accident.

Bro. TREADGILL is visiting in community.

Capt. John SMITH is visiting.

Jack COOK is visiting.

Newton GRAHAM is visiting.

Mrs. BRIGGS & daughters, Lula and Bessie are visiting.

Mrs. T. L. WATTS, is visiting.

Clarence VARNER is buying seed for J. R. FRAME.

J. A. JACKSON is shipping cattle.

Issue of September 10, 1897

Girl born to Mr. & Mrs. J. A. ELY.

Mr. & Mrs. WILSONís baby died from injuries in wagon accident and was buried at Gause.

Bob McARVEN moved to Rockdale.

Dr. MAHAN of Marshall is visiting Mr. WATTS.

Guy BUNION of Cherokee County is visiting his uncles, I. L. & R. E. WATTS.

J. M. DIXON ~ postmaster

Ly TIDWELL ~ constable

James PITTS is building a new house.

Oscar FORBION is buying lumber.

Issue of September 17, 1897

Dr. MAHON of Marshall stays and gives Gause three doctors.

Mrs. COVINGTON is building a house.

Cleburn VARNER is visiting.

James STEWART is visiting.

Joe FOWLER is visiting.

Bob COCHRAN is visiting

Mr. JENNINGS is visiting.

Issue of September 24, 1897

Dr. John D. PORTER built a barn.

H. C. HATFIELD built a barn.

J. A. JACKSON had a house paper & painted by V. A. WARREN of Coryell County.

John C. PORTER took a trip.

Dr. DOLLAR hired W. J. PORTER to work on his house.

Issue of October 8, 1897

Mr. STEPHENS of Cameron is visiting.

Charley PORTER of Fraimville [Burleson Co.] is visiting.

Mr. HILL, nephew of John D. PORTER is visiting.

Maj. W. J. GAUSE is building tenant houses.

Allen VARNER is sick.

Sheriff WHITE & Constable TIDWELL working.

Manuel ELY ~ farmer

Andrew MINTER ~ farmer

J. F. STORY ~ blacksmith

Bob COCHRAN is buying seed for J. R. FRAME

R. W. WATTS is selling lumber.

James PITTS is building large house.

Issue of October 22, 1897

Lee RUSE is visiting.

Mrs. John TIDWELL is sick.

Liby, daughter of Mrs. CUNNINGHAM broke her leg.

T. L. WATTS ~ druggist

Dr. DOLLAR has dengue fever.

Mrs. LITTLETON has dengue fever.

Mr. GRAY ~ depot agent

Mrs. B. S. DICKSON is visiting her daughter, Mrs. J. A. ELY.

Morgan DICKSON quit job and is seed buying.

Mr. J. D. FOWLER sold his stock of goods to Capt. Geo. ADAMS.

Allen VARNER is visiting.

Prof. WRIGHT ~ professor

V. A. VARNER & Thomas H. CALDWELL, of Coryell County is visiting.

Issue of October 29, 1897

Mr. GRAY has dengue fever.

John TIDWELL has dengue fever.

Robert WATTS has dengue fever.

Mr. HENRY ~ new agent

Prof. PERVIS ~ professor

Clarence VARNER has dengue fever.

Mr. KING of Fraimville [Burleson Co.] building for J. W. PITTS

Liby CUNNINGHAM dislocated her hurt leg.

Paul WILLIAMS [Negro] stole a hog & was arrested.

Dan FOWLER building a house.

Mr. B. S. DICKSON has dengue fever.

D. D. TINDLE of TINDLE & MURPHY ~ ginning

Lilly NEEDHAM has dengue fever.

Mr. & Mrs. BALLARD is visiting Mrs. Ballardís parents; Dr. & Mrs. DOLLAR.
James BLAKELY went home to Mississippi.

J. L. STEWART will be building.

Issue of November 12, 1897

John R. FRAME, Jr. has dengue fever.

Prof. WRIGHT has dengue fever.

Charlie MOORE has dengue fever.

Mrs. Allen VARNER has dengue fever.

J. A. ELY has dengue fever.

Mrs. J. C. DICKINSON has dengue fever.

T. H. TABOR is selling his cotton.

William GRIGSBY is visiting.

W. J. PARNELL is visiting.

William H. ELY is visiting.

Cyrus HATFIELD is traveling.

Will MOORE is traveling.

Chance KELLEY [colored] had his cotton stolen.

Issue of December 10, 1897

Mr. KING ~ bricks

Perry KING moved to Gause.

Little baby of Mr. & Mrs. Pete RYAN was buried in Gause graveyard last Sunday .

Issue of December 24, 1897

Gould ELY is sick.

H. P. JACKSON & John C. PORTER are visiting.

The babe of Mr. & Mrs. Charley McCABE is very ill.

Mrs. George DEAN is not expected to live.

R. B. HASTY is selling cotton.

Issue of December 31, 1897

Mr. Lowery of Atlair County [?] and Miss Jennie LITTLE were married.

J. C. GIDLEY bought meat market at Calvert.

Miss Marshie HORTY is visiting.

Ed. FOWLER & Miss Kate GAUSE were married at Franklin.

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